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The Position of Genuine Nigerian Students on the Appointment of Mr. Jude Imagwe as the Senior Special Adviser on Student’s and Youth’s Matter to the President.

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We strongly go against the appointment of Mr. Jude as the SSA to President on Students and Youth Affaire and we wish who so ever is following our story including those who favour the unacceptable appointment to be objective in their analysis. A new age is reached in students struggle when some cabal can no more manipulate the stand of millions of Nigerian students. These people represent the interest of their political godfathers and their willingness to grow like politicians who we pray desert our country. They represent not the Nigerian students in any way.

We wish to inform the presidency that he is only been deceived by the crops of people he relates with as students leaders in Nigeria. We are aware of many dramas that transpired in the past like the manner in which these professional students were paid to declare support for removal of fuel subsidy. These same professional students did declared the support of Nigerian students for the candidature of Ebele Jonathan, a ridiculous game etched by the Mr. Jude Emague when he was apparent (fake) president of NANS. This make him not qualifies for such a sensitive post. We do not subscribe to evil ideology of getting what you want anyhow. We believe in merit and intellectualism and legality.

We are disappointed in the Mr. President for using some nonstudents to manipulate the interest, future, and spirit of Nigeria students. Mr. Jude Imague was not elected by anybody as a NANS president and legally, he fit not to be identified as one and not to be treated as one. Meanwhile, the political class in Nigeria has corroded every sphere in our country including student's world, as you know that they do anything to stay in power perpetually.

The point is simple! A man was never one but declared himself the president of NANS when he was not elected as one anywhere, any day, he is not qualify to be appointed as S S A on Students and Youth Matters in this country. Unless the services he is to render is confusion, manipulation, criminal misrepresentation and others.

When he said the Nigeria students declared support for Ebele Jonathan candidature, it was a ridiculous lie that went a long way to stain the structure of Nigeria students. He fooled the genuine Nigeria students all because of his political ambition.

Base on the forgoing, If Mr. President is interested in a successful administration, he needs to search for a better person for the post.

Let him and other Nigeria not be deceived by anyone. Nigerian students are reasonable, responsible and futuristic than to support such a kangaroo appointment.


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