Write of Reply: Re- Femi Otedola`s Dirty Deals

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I am writting you based on one of your story on your website on Mr Femi Otedola the President and Chief Executive officer of Zenon Oil and Gas who through dint of hardwork rose to become one of the richest men in the world.

I want to state that the story was writen in bad faith and sent to you by the agent of those who are not happy with the success of Femi Otedola and are doing everything possible to destroy and bring him down at all cost.

The sponsor of the story had tried to eliminate him through food poison using his cook who had served Dangote when he was squatting in the house of Otedola for six years and when that failed they resulted to paint white black by telling the whole world that Otedola was raising false alarm over the poison attempt on his life.

When he couldnt kill him,he resorted to cripple his business by manipulating the shares AP.The million question which we must ask ourselves is why did SEC sanctioned NOVA SECURITIES and its boss if they are not found guilty but not to put the name of SEC into disrepute they didnt punish Aliko Dangote because he is the vice president of SEC.

Another tissue of lies in the story was that Otedola manipulated the shares of Sadiq Petroleum and colluded with Afribank registrars to withhold the shares certificates from investors.Otedola acquired AP in a normal way and after he had met all the requirements its just a tissue of lies by Aliko Dangote and his cohorts because thats his stock in trade and to discredit Otedola.Please ask him how he acquired Benue Cement Company.

Another tissue of lies is that Otedola sells adulterated diesel, Dangote from the onset was not in any way happy with Otedola because of the way he has been crashing the price of

diesel and kerosine.When Otedola wanted to start selling kerosine for N50,Aliko was then telling him not to do that because he hates Nigerians.If you are in doubt,despite his claimed that he employed so many people but he is busy sabotaging the efforts of Yar adua to crash the price of cement.When Federal Government issued licenses to different people,he was running up and down to thwarts the effort of the government but when he failed he blocked the ports with his vessels and prevent other people from bringing in their cement.If you are in doubt ask Samad Rabiu of BUA cement and IBETO.

Femi Otedola unlike Aliko Dangote who enjoyed sleeping with married women is a clean and decent young man that valued the institition called marriage and based on that he would never venture near another man's wife.

For those who dont know, Femi Otedola's wife Nana is one of the lucky woman on earth because her husband dots over her all the time, unlike Aliko Dangote who had suffered and experienced different break up in his numerous marriges and can someone asked him why he cannot live with his wives and the reason he always sent them to go and live with his aged mother in Kano.

He once said the 1billion naira donated by Otedola to PDP for the construction of the party sectretariat has nos not been paid by the young billionaire,any one in his right sense except someone like Aliko wuould not think that way,because those who were there that day can attest to this because the draft of 1billion was donated right in front of the whole world,the event was beamed live, up till now PDP has not come out to claim that the money has not been paid

Finally,everything said by the agent of Aliko Dangote is nothing but fabricated lies just to discredit Femi Otedola and Iam using this avenue to tell the whole world he is doing this simply because what he was unable to achieved in thirty years Otedola within few years of his incursion into business has surpassed him.

Segun Olanrewaju.
Media Consultant to Femi Otedola
Editor's Note:
We thank Mr. Segun Olanrewaju for his rejoinder. We make bold to say what we aspire in our reporting is to be professional. Put differently, Huhuonline.com reports the facts and let the readers be the judge.

While we are ethically obliged to publish all sides of this unfolding story, we however reserve the right to edit for brevity, clarity and libel. And we will do so without any malice. We thank Mr. Olanrewaju for his time and wish him and Mr. Femi Otedola all the best.


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