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Is Umar Kugama, So Called PDP Chairman Adamawa State Above The Laws of Nigeria?

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It has been three weeks now since the so called PDP Chairman in Adamawa State Mr Umar Kugama made those his provocative and inciting statements on Channels Television Lagos.

We waited to see headline news. 'Police arrest Adamawa State PDP chairman for inciting religious unrest' but up till this moment neither the Nigeria Police nor the State Security Service (SSS) has deemed it necessary to arrest him and question him for those inflammatory and inciting statements.

For those who may have not heard or read the statement, let me reproduce same here verbatim. 'Adamawa State would have been worse than Jos Plateau State if Engineer Markus Gundiri had won the gubernatorial election.'

Not only is the above statement provocative and inciting, it is also treasonable and felonious.

It is also prejudicial knowing quite well that the election petition is at the Court of Appeal on appeal. We are very certain that the Justices of the Court of Appeal will do justice in this election petition.

We expected Mr M.D Abubukar the Police Inspector General to ask Mr Umar Kugama his rational for inciting violence in Adamawa State in Adamawa State when Engineer Markus Gundiri eventually claims his freely people given mandate as governor of Adamawa State in the court of law.

The forensic counting of the ballot papers of the governorship election in Adamawa State clearly showed that Engineer Markus Gundiri of the ACN won the election while General Buba Marwa of the CPC came second while Mr Murtala Nyako the usurper was distant third.

Even the members of the governorship tribunal would have known that their conscience can never be clear as it will continue to prick them till eternity for upholding injustice.

Adamawa State is a diverse multiple cultural state where no one tribe can claim to be the majority. Not even the Bachamas, the Chambas, the Kilba, the Kamwes or the Lungudas can claim majority. The Fulanis can only claim Yola South local government. We there challenge the National Population Commission to conduct a census in Adamawa State to ascertain the majority tribe and what the percentage is.

While we wait on the judiciary the last hope of the common man to do justice in Adamawa State governorship election, we still wait on the police to arrest Mr Umar Kugama for inciting violence in Adamawa State. Unless he is above the Laws of Nigeria.

Naku N. Al-Babreek