By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
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Associates and followers of Atiku Abubakar the immediate past Vice President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and AC National Leader, read with indignation the recent press statement credited to Mr Boni Haruna the immediate past Governor of Adamawa State in which he stated that “Most of the followers of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar are an assemblage of hangers on who are mostly illiterates and lack principle”. After due consultation with Atiku's supposed 'Hangers On', I was mandated in my capacity as the National Director of Media and Public Communication of the defunct Turaki Vanguard to respond to this sad and unfortunate statement credited to Haruna who from every indication happens to be the most outstanding beneficiary and Principal 'Hanger On' of Atiku Abubakar.

The fact remains that Boni Haruna was a poverty ridden political green horn prior to Atiku's benevolence in picking him to run as his deputy in the 1999 gubernatorial election in Adamawa state. As an ordinary staff of the Sahara Company, Publishers of the Source Magazine a company owned by Atiku Abubakar, he was chosen to the detriment of established politicians like Ambassador Wilbeforce Juta, a one time Deputy Governor of Adamawa State and Chief Joel Madaki a seasoned grass-root politician both strong contenders for the deputy governor spot with Atiku as flagbearer. For Atiku to have stood beside this neophyte politician, making him whatever he perceives he is today, only to have him turn around to bite the fingers that fed him, speaks volumes of a total lack of principle aimed at insulting the sensibility of those who have suffered under his misguided plot to run down Atiku's men in his efforts to establish his own political group to the detriment of Atiku's in Adamawa State.

To the unassuming and unsuspecting Nigerian Journalist, Boni Haruna was the last man standing in the fight and struggle of Atiku to free Nigerians from the despotic oligarchy and undemocratic tendencies of General Olusgeun Obasanjo during his futile 3rd term project. To some of us however, who have an in-depth knowledge of the Adamawa State political terrain, Boni Haruna stands as the greatest enemy of all that Atiku represents. While Atiku was busy at the Center (Abuja), thinking that he had a trusted ally in Boni, he, Boni was busy systematically dismantling Atiku's political structures in Adamawa State.

The fact remains that in the eyes of unsuspecting Nigerians, Atiku / AC, lost the last gubernatorial elections in Adamawa State to PDP/INEC while if the truth were to be told, Atiku / AC lost the last two gubernatorial elections in Adamawa State to Boni Haruna. How? You may ask, I will explain. The strategy Boni adopted immediately Atiku was elected the Vice President of Nigeria was to start witch-hunting all Atiku's allies who did not support his candidature as Atiku's Deputy. After he had finished dealing with them, he went after Senator Jibril Aminu in a futile and costly blunder of recalling an established Institution like Prof Aminu in order to create friction within the political family of Adamawa State. When he was through with the Prof, he went after Rear Admiral Murtala Nyako (Rtd.) the incumbent Governor of Adamawa State whom he appointed as the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Adamawa State University and went on air with the State Radio Station, ABC to unceremoniously announce the sack of the Admiral, without due regard to courtesy. He also went for the jugular through his single minded pursuit of General Marwa, by frustrating all Marwa's attempts to publicly declare for the PDP, thereby causing untold embarrassment to this seasoned Diplomat and gentleman. He threw vitriolic at Marwa, whom he dubbed a 'media creation' forgetting that this young man as military Governor of Lagos state, had left indelible marks in the sand of governance that are still being revered today.

Sad as it was, Boni Haruna's plot was to create as many enemies as possible for Atiku, in order to ridicule all that the great man had struggled for in the emancipation of the State. As if he had not accumulated more than enough enemies for Atiku, he set his sights on Chief John Manassah his SSG who just returned from an overseas medical trip, by unceremoniously announcing on air through his Press Secretary, the outright dismissal from his cabinet of this former classmate and consummate tactician. His Deputy, Alh Bello Tukur, a staunch supporter of Atiku was marginalised and treated as an outsider in a Government in which he was 2nd in command. The list is endless. Is it the present SSG in Adamawa State, Hon. Kobis Ari Thimnu whom his people mandated to contest for the Federal House of Assembly seat only to have his hoped dashed by Boni Haruna. Ultimately frustrating the poor young man thereby causing him to turn against Atiku. What of Chief Joel H. Madaki the erstwhile State Chairman of PDP whom Boni never differed to. Stories abound of his long endless waiting room sojourns, whilst the governor gives audience to other people. His sinister plot to destroy and dismantle all that Atiku built in Adamawa was through giving the impression that Atiku was behind all the witch-hunts and he was merely being teleguided and by so doing acting out Atiku's script.

Now, let us critically look at the composition of the present administration in Adamawa State and compare notes to see how deadly a tactician Boni has become, in successfully creating an administration that is anti AC and Atiku. Rear Admiral Nyako the Governor of Adamawa was the Chairman of Adamawa State University Governing Council under Boni, he set him against Atiku by an unceremonious dismissal. The present CGS and presumably the most powerful man in Nyako's administration was Boni's Deputy Governor; he successfully frustrated this Atiku's boy and turned him against Atiku. The present SSG was Boni's Commissioner for Agriculture, he frustrated him and turned him against Atiku. Chief John Manasah, Boni's erstwhile SSG was Atiku's political point man in the Numan axis, he rubbished this young man and turned him against Atiku. How can any body in his right sense think that with all these political bulldozers assembled by Boni against one man that such a man stood a fighting chance.

However, Atiku would have succeeded, but for Boni's strategy that ensured Atiku's total ouster from Adamawa politics. After finishing with the politicians, he went after the church; the backbone of Atiku's political strength in Adamawa State. He went to the Deeper Life Headquarters Jimeta, State headquarters of Redeemed Peoples Mission and the State Headquarters of the Living Faith Bible Church, promising to construct the roads leading up to their premises, which in turn endeared him to the different congregations. In a show of total disregard and a demonstration of lack of principle none of these promises had been honoured by the time of his exit from office.

Picture this, self acclaimed principled man Boni Haruna, an AC Chieftain to booth; who whilst the Rivers State AC was busy pursuing its tribunal case challenging the 'victory' of the then PDP Governor, Sir Celestine Omehia; was on his part frequently sighted in government circles in Port Harcourt in search of contracts from the same Omehia who his party was in contention with.

To adequately checkmate all that Boni has done so far and plans to do against Atiku, the states nascent democracy and his unfortunate administration in Adamawa State, a Committee has been set up to compile a dossier on all of Boni Haruna's activities and make it public in the event of his continued bashing of Atiku supporters. If he wants to join the PDP or any other Organisation, he is free to do so and should leave Atiku and his associates alone. To us his departure is good riddance to bad rubbish. We hope that Prof Jibril Aminu will have space in his political cabal to accommodate and rehabilitate him as he has lost every political relevance and has become a liability to Atiku as he can not win even a councillorship election in any part of Adamawa State if he decides contest any election in the State.

These lamentations in the eyes of some people are not necessary and may be regarded as an act of flogging a dead horse. Be that as it may, the harm has already been done, after all we were the forces that foisted Boni Haruna on the people of Adamawa State.

In taking full responsibility, we, on behalf of Atiku Abubakar hereby apologise to the people of Adamawa State, particularly those Churches and the people he frustrated and swayed against Atiku for foisting this neophyte on them. The fact remains that if there is any unprincipled and uncultured politician ever from Adamawa State; Boni is the best description of such a politician. For him to describe Atiku's associate that have produced policy documents and published books on how to move this country forward as illiterates' shows how unenlightened he has become - what a pity!

Finally, on the 2011 Presidential election trail, we must commend and congratulate President Yar'Adua and PDP for turning themselves into the main Campaign Organs for the realisation of the Presidential aspiration of Atiku Abubakar with their inept governance, characterised by a lack of direction and nothing to show for its two years of administration in the country. Let us emphasise for avoidance of doubt that it is PDP that needs Atiku to put back life to the fading party and not the other way round. By 1st October 2009, the new Turaki Vanguard will be launched and with it, Nigerians will hopefully begin to appreciate the leader poised to become the next President of Nigeria.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
National Director, Media and Public Communication,

Defunct Turaki Vanguard