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It is no longer news. The game is up. The Rubicon is already crossed. The hen has come home to roe. Cry no more. Goodluck Ebelemi Azikiwe Jonathan has murdered sleep, he has destroyed the rest of Nigerians. Suffering continues. Bombing and killing of Nigerians, to wiz: Christians continue in the churches. Goodluck Jonathan has achieved his aim. Goodluck Jonathan has lost focus. He has lost bearing. Goodluck Jonathan knows that the problem of this world is islamic religion. The problems in: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, UAR, Bhuttan, Indonesia. Jordian, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Morrocco, Libya, Tunisia, Somalia, Sadan, Mali, Senegal, Niger, Chad, Algeria, and the host of others is islam.

Ahmadu Bello boosted to deep quoran into the Atlantic by way of islmaization process of forced conversion by conquest. Murtala Mohammed and Idiagbon wanted to islamize Nigeria. IBB smuggled Nigeria into OIC. Buhari does his political campaigns in Igbo land inside mosques. Which one is better among them? They are all bokoharam. Doesn't Goodluck Jonathan know this?

The skewed Division of Nigeria, who did it for personal and religious reasons? Why does Goodluck Jonathan pretend that he doesn't know that Nigeria's problem is islamic problem? The so called 13% Derivation the far Northern lands of muslim are complaining about is a distraction from reality. Each Local Government Area is collecting monthly allocation from the Center. That means Kano State is collecting 44 times and Abia, Enugu, Bayelsa, Ebonyi and the rest are each collecting three times less and 2½ times less than Katsina and Borno and Adamawa and Sokoto and Niger. Is that democratic? What is the population of each of those States? Does Sahara Desert of grasses and goats, sheep and donkey substitute for human beings? How many are they? Why does Goodluck Jonathan live in deceit that islamic brothers are law-abiding?

Goodluck Jonathan once said that “bokoharam are in my Government”. Who are they? Could they be Igbos or South South or Yoruba Christians or Northern Christians? Are they not the satanic islamic North? Does Goodluck Jonathan not know that every muslim has primary duty or allegiance to his islamic faith and not to the patriotic Nigeria? Every muslim keeps secret from “unbelievers” called “arunas” whom Goodluck Jonathan is one. Yes, Goodluck Jonathan is islamic aruna because he is not a muslim. He said “bokoharam are in my Government”. Who are they? Is it Nemadi Saubo? Who are the bokoharam in his Cabinet?

The fact is that Goodluck Jonathan is fearing islamic lords such as the fathers of bokoharam and sultan of Sokoto, shehu of Bomo, emir of Kano, emir of Katsina, emir of Damaturu, emir of Fika, etshu Nupe, emir of Zauzzau (Zaria) and the host of others. For bokoharams caught in group of large members, sultan of Sokoto would intervene for their release claiming it is a disgrace to islam to prosecute them. Those brought to the court, prosecutors would be technically lacking so that after 2 – 3 appearances in court, they would be discharged for lack of evidence. The judges that discharge them are carefully selected bokoharam judges.

Recall that the same islamic conquering by sword has monopolized Nigerian Judiciary from Federal High Court to Appeal Court to Supreme Court. Any bokoharam arraigned is discharged because there will be no prosecutor. Ones prosecuted would be sentenced to chicken feed of 2 – 3 years for massive mayhem of murder, for setting precedence from pit of hell. Imagine bokoharam murderer caught and prosecuted was sentenced to a minuscule 3 years in prison. What a hell of abuse and encouragement to bokoharam?

Does Goodluck Jonathan claim ignorance of this? Let the Christian world in Nigeria sorry for Goodluck Jonathan. It's a pity.

The Mistake of Aguiyi Ironsi
Goodluck Jonathan should have learnt from Aguiyi Ironsi. History is there for didacticity, if you don't learn from history, what created that history would consume you. Ironsi was clearly warned by Ojukwu of surrounding himself with bokoharam agents as sultanic agents of Sokoto caliphate. Recall that caliphate means power. Hence, Sokoto caliphate means islamic power of Sokoto. Aguiyi Ironsi was warned of the influence of Sokoto caliphate, not to play into the hands of muslims, especially those from the North. But note that all muslims are the same wherever they come from. An Igboman who converts to a muslim in the North will kill a fellow Igboman Christian found in the North when trouble starts. This is because allegiance, primary or initial allegiance is to religion and not to tribe or government or democracy or other considerations. That is why a muslim friend will kill his Christian friend first when trouble starts. No muslim, no matter who he is, is a true friend. The religion expands by blood shed and forceful conversion. So, a muslim friend sees a Christian friend as aruna or unbeliever whose blood when spilled would please allah and Mohammed. More so, killing “unbeliever” is 100% allowed in islam.

So, Aguiyi Ironsi was clearly warned of surrounding himself with muslims while in Power. Recall that islamic faith goes for power by all means: murder out rightly, deceit, hypnotizing, marabouting etc. What they want is power, no matter how it comes. That is islamic religion for you. Those who think that Yoruba muslims are better, are 100% mislead and do not know what islam is all about. The reference point in Africa not just Nigeria in Christianity, is Igbo Tribe. I have given example of an Igbo “forced” convert to islam in the North and how he sees his fellow Igbo person in the North, how much less a Yoruba Christian. The truth is that muslims are in the minority in Yoruba land, and so, cannot ferment trouble. If they do, the sizeable number of Yoruba Christians with large number of Igbos and other tribes will crush them. So, Yoruba muslim claims to be mild. In essence, no muslim is mild in his faith. No matter how small they are, they want to dominate and rule. That is why despite they are less than 20% population of muslims in Lagos, once in power through Jakande, they vowed never to allow a Christian govern Lagos. Why, you may care to ask? The reason is that muslim faith does not brook opposition in power.

Hence, Aguiyi Ironsi was clearly warned of surrounding himself with Sokoto caliphate (power) – selected lieutenants such as: Gakubu Gowon, Martin Adamu, Theoplilus Danjuma, Murtala Mohammed and Hassan Katsina. The Christians among them were thoroughly grilled by Sokoto caliphate to submit to their authority under the satanic maxim “One North, One Destiny” which is a formulation of islamization of Northern Nigeria. Today, is there anything like One North One destiny? Is that not a ruse?

That was why Gowon was thoroughly checkmated by Murtala Mohammed and Hassan Katsina who were planted to remote – control him even though he was obedient child of Sokoto caliphate, though a Christian. It is a taboo for a Christian to govern a muslim, but since Gowon was the most Senior in the Military, and since the Nation was already boiling, it was reasoned that taking Power from Gowon would worsen the already catastrophic condition. So, Sokoto caliphate reasoned that it was better to allow and control him as a surrogate. Theophilus Danjuma and Martin Adamu were over zealous to please Sokoto caliphate by killing Ironsi. But both are alive to see it themselves now that only their personal conversion to islam can ever please islam and not their zeal to please them from outside. Blood pour continues in the tribes of the Thoephilus Danjuma, Martin Adama and Yakubu Gowon until tomorrow. muslims will keep killing them and their tribes until they realize that there is virtually no connection between the two religions. Yakubu Gowon is going every where saying “Nigeria Prays”. In which Name is Nigeria praying? In Jesus Name or Mohammed name? Which one? Yakubu Gowon answer. Yakubu Gowon had in early 2012 agreed that “Igbos were right fighting to exist”. The question is why didn't Gowon say it then, when it mattered most, when that could have saved the lives of millions of people in both Nigeria and Biafra? The answer is that Yakubu Gowon was pussilanimous to face the truth he knew, just the same way Goodluck Jonathan who has clearly admitted verbally that “bokoharam is in His Government” is fearing to dare Sokoto caliphate despite the fact that he knows that nothing will happen if he stands his ground.

Aguiyi Ironsi was clearly warned of the foot-soldiers of Sokoto caliphate in His Government or presently called bokoharam in Jonathan's Government. There is no difference. Igbo proverb says “when the fly wants to die, he does not hear the smell of shit”

Aguiyi Ironsi never cared to smell the smell of shit around him, just as Goodluck Jonathan has closed his ears to the smell of shit of bokoharamic Sokoto caliphate in his Government which he admitted. Soon then, Aguiyi Ironsi was lowered because it was an open secret. He was told of the Coup, he neglected. I, Comrade Kindness Jonah, has told Goodluck Jonathan that Sokoto caliphate wants to destroy him and his Government and take over, but he has ignored. They planted Gowon and Murtala Mohammed beside Ironsi to finish him surreptitiously, and they truly finished him. So, they have planted Nnamdi Sambo, Adegbite, sultan of Sokoto, emir of Kano, emir of Zauzzau, and similar imams in positions of authority around Goodluck Jonathan to finish him off either the Ironsi way or otherwise.

Shakespeare says “Cowards die many times before their death, but the valiant never tastes death but ones” Goodluck Jonathan told the World that “bokoharam is in His Government” Police are part of His Government. Army are part of His Government. Is he admitting that bokoharam, is in Police or Army or Navy or Airforce or SSS or in all security outfits?

The truth is that EVERY MUSLIM IS A BOKOHARAM IN A WAY because of primary allegiance to islam, and not to Constitution of the land. So, for a muslem to head action against bokoharam insurgence in Northern Nigeria is a clear misfit and left-handed. Why is it that when they are caught in large numbers, sultan of Sokoto and Nigerian islamic council would seek for their release legally or otherwise?

Plateau Christians have been shouting that muslim army join the bokoharam in killing them. Some people have been denying. It is an open secret. Igbos that ran into barracks in 1966 – 1967 were slaughtered by the army. In any chaotic religious situation, you there not run into a muslim army or muslim police or muslim navy or muslim sss or muslem airforce for safely. Instead, go to the open field, to the sheep cage, and sleep with goats inhaling the odour to save your life than to run into the hands of muslim security personnel. It is disastrous. Their primary allegiance is to islamic faith and not to Nigerian Constitution when both are marshaled out for a choice of one.

Hence, Aguiyi Ironsi played into the hands of enemies and he was gone. Why should Goodluck Jonathan make a muslim National Security Adviser when the religion is the problem of Nigeria? Who are the non-indigenes of Plateau and what is the problem? What is the problem in Kaduna State? Why is Goodluck Jonathan pretending he doesn't know? The problem in Kaduna South and Plateau states should have informed Jonathan well of what muslims are when it comes to power play? Despite the fact they are less than 30%, Nasarawa State and in power, they don't want any Christian in power. Why? Besides, are Hausas and Fulanis indigenes of Nasarawa State? Doesn't Goodluck Jonathan know this? Is he waiting when they kill him (GOD forbid) before he take action?

If there is any post a muslim should hold in this fragile peace in Nigeria, it is not National Security Adviser (NSA) because of their proximity to or inseparability from any form of islam – inspired insurgence. Quote Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah against this statement anywhere, anytime. muslims are the causes of any religious uprising in the world. They should not hold any post concerning security when they are the problem of security. How can it work? Can you shoot yourself in the leg? When the chips are down, he will protect his bokoharam brothers or use diplomacy to free them from the hangman.

Why is it that about 70% of footsoldiers in Nigerian Army are muslims, especially from Hausa – Fulami or Far North? How can they keep peace in a religious – inspired Warfare? How, I ask again? Shame should be on Goodluck Jonathan and his ceremonial Army Chief of Staff – Ihejirika for not restructuring the Nigerian Military to balance it and free it forever from Hausa – Fulani – muslim domination. Ihejirika is simply a ceremonial Army Chief of Staff because he shies away from restructuring the Army to balance it and free it once and for all, from Hausa-Fulani – islamic – Ahmadu Bello – inspired domination. His name is “imam” Ihejirika because he doesn't want to face Sokoto caliphate to the face and save Nigeria from religious domination. This “imam” should never dream of coming to Igboland because he is “imam” of Sokoto caliphate. Simple.

Clarion call to Goodluck Jonathan and Ihejirika

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Goodluck Jonathan together with General Ihejirika should sit down together, both of them, and fashion out policies, programmes of action and tactics that should free Nigeria, once and for all, from the stranglehold of islamic military and domination, and never to wishfully think that NSA of islamic order would do it.

Public Notice:
I lost my brother to bokoharam, A final year student of Mass Communication, University of Maduguri. He was killed right there in the School Compound when he had finished defending his project to come down the following day.

My Resolve:
I must fight, therefore, islamic insurgence in this world not only in Nigeria with the last pint of my blood. I must win this battle in Jesus Holy Name. The main reason for my fight is not just the death of my younger brother, but salvation of the souls of my lost muslims brothers.

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