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National Conscience Party (NCP)

By Kola Edokpyi

The National Conscience Party (NCP) is a child of ideology charged with the responsibility and philosophy of standing for what is right, even if standing alone. It is describe as the last man standing of Nigerian filthy politics because of the political ideology of Chief Gani Fawehinmi and the modus operandi of the party.

Today, the reverse is the case, suffer me to say “Ichabod” The glory is departed”

The National Conscience Party (NCP) Edo State Chapter has now metamorphosed into an ideologically bankrupt and reactionary political movement who practiced chimpanzee politics of rancour, exacerbation, vendetta and frustration.

The NCP under the ruler ship of Comrade Victor Ogba, the Edo State chairman of the party is now running the party from his bedroom without the secretary, Vice Chairman, PRO and other members of the executive council because of his genuflecting sycophancy of hallelujahism, fear of the unknown, insincerity, insensitiveness, and deficiency of vision. He decided to whip up his running dogs to chase the radicals away from the party thereby maintaining the status quo ante bellum of politics with bitterness, and acrimony. With the ten care programme of NCP, it is a socialist party, the party has now been hijacked by some champagne socialists, yes-men, pseudo & bogus comrades, lackey and genuflecting Uncle Toms who are chorus boys of the chairman who suffer from deputephobia and dread criticism like poison although NCP is a child of a criticism.

The fons et origo of the problem is when the Chico who is the Chairman of NCP openly supported the comrade Governor of Edo state on the pages of the newspaper and later went to discuss “Alliance” with ACN under the leadership of Hon. Thomas Okosun, they failed woefully because there is no pragmatic structure only imaginary structure. Can you build something on nothing? Ex nihilo nili fit.

After the debacle of entering into Alliance with ACN they initiated a failed plan to sell the National Conscience party without a price tag, it was resisted by the great men who believed in the vision of the founder. Gani Fawehinmi would be weeping in the grave by now. Can the boy be the father of the old man? NCP is the oldest political party in Nigeria

Out of desperation in taking part in the sharing formula of the state kpomo, they invited an old man who has not been a member of NCP to be the party gubernatorial candidate. For those of you, who watched the governorship debate on AIT, can attest to the fact that he has nothing to offer Memo dat quod non habet. During the course of debate, he was licking his lip and chasing imaginary mosquito and fly, out of agoraphobia, claustrophobia, and phobic phobo. The governorship candidate who has no single poster in Benin, except the one in his house and the one secretariat in edo state, has not even mounted the soap box one day to campaign disgraced the party coram populo.

People that called me that day were in a state of metagrabolized melancholia that NCP the ideologically sound party would field a mediocre as its candidate.

NCP is now all-is-well” façade of a happy-go-lucky party. Things are fallen apart ideologically in NCP Edo and the ideological centre can no longer hold, mere mediocrity and sycophancy is lose upon the party. Nan so we go dey dey? we must speak against injustice and join hands together with sincere vision of moving the party forward without political mephistopnelianism. As Solomon implied, the vissionaries have their place in the world and where there is no vision the people perish.

In 1963, president John F Kennedy, in recalling the words of the author of the epic poem “The Divine Comedy (1321) told a west German audience, “Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality” That same year while speaking to the united nations Emperor Haile Selassie (1892 to 1975) said and I quote “Throughout history, It has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice justice when it mattered most that made it possible for evil to triumph”

Those at the helm of affairs in NCP should learn to do what is right to avoid public ridicule.

Balance of power should be adhered to by all the executive members not balance of corruption by the chairman and his co-travelers.

From the blind passion of those that worship power, May Allah extricate our party from psychological immaturity, ideological confusion, spiritual complacency and mental stagnation

Marxist Kola Edokpayi