Celebrating Christmas With A Difference

By Daily Graphic
Christmas bells
Christmas bells
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The question that many parents usually ask their children during Christmas is what the children want as presents.

That is when they will give their parents long lists of items such as new dresses, shirts, gadgets, toys, among other things that may cost so much. Teens and Christmas tend to be a time of 'I want this, I want that.'

You can break that age-long tradition this Christmas and ask yourself what you can do for others this time round.

You can turn your focus to the origin of Christmas as the birthday of Jesus and what gifts you have to offer Him.

The best thing you can do this Christmas as a gift for Jesus is to give to the less fortunate in society and put smiles on the faces of many weary children.

You don't have to do something big; you can go out and share and play with them with your toys if you have any. You can also give them your clothes which no longer fit.

You can help them make a craft to give to their other friends.

It will be very exciting and meaningful if you come up with your own ideas to serve or give to others this Christmas. It is a blessing to give to people who need help, so don't be tired of giving.

At home, you and your older siblings can surprise your mum by cooking a delicious meal for the whole family so that she can take a break from cooking that day. If you have a number of teens in your area, you can also come together to do some community work to beautify your neighbourhood.

All this will put smiles on the faces of many and each year they will remember your deeds.

God will also bless you.