Now I Can Dream Big — Thanks To Plan

By Daily Graphic

I am Augustine Lartey, 15, and a member of the Kwaman Rights of the Child Club in Plan Ghana's Bawjiase Programme Area.

I have learnt so many things from being a member of the ROC Club. Now that I know my rights and responsibilities, my colleagues and even some adults in the community treat me with more respect.

Before I became a member of the ROC club, I wanted to be a driver because I like cars very much and thought driving would be fun. But through the club, I have learnt that I can pursue any career and still buy a car. As a result, I decided to be a teacher so that I can teach other children and help them to know their rights.

Following my decision to be a teacher, we had career guidance sessions and our Curious Minds facilitators and other partners told us about how to choose careers and work towards them.

Now I know that in order to realise my goals, I need to be serious in school and avoid the company of those friends who are not interested in school. I can also advise my friends about teenage pregnancy and other things that can prevent them from reaching their dreams.

A close observation of my community has made me realise that being a lawyer will help me protect the rights of children and women.

As a lawyer, when I offer advice I know that those in the community will listen to me so I now hope to become a lawyer. The facilitators told me that I need to complete university and then go to a law school. It seems difficult but I know that if I work hard I can do it.

I am happy that we had the session on career guidance and I hope we will have more of them. I am grateful to Plan Ghana, Nokia and Curious Minds for making me dream big. I promise to work on my dreams.