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Too late for Jonathan

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Editor:The dramatic turn that the current protest against the renaming of the University of Lagos is assuming is quite interesting. This is demonstrated in the desperate bid of Mr President and some members of the Upper House to hastily pass a bill legalising   their

hitherto illegal act. The fact however remains that no amount of such moves can change the perception of any right thinking person of the impropriety involved in the renaming saga. Not even the renaming of other similar Federal institutions of higher learning such as the Federal University of Agriculture, Umudike and the University of Technology, Yola respectively.

This move no doubt must have been informed by the criticisms in some quarters alleging an attempt by the President to reduce the   Abiola saga into a regional issue. What the President and his team of advisers however fails to realise however is that the case of the University of Lagos is quite different in the sense that it is currently an issue before a court of competent jurisdiction and as such it is subjudiced.

Hence, they may have to wait for pronouncements of court on their action before taking any further steps on their action either to perpetuate or revoke same. To do otherwise will amount to contempt of court, an aberration of the rule of law we claim is the pivot on which our democracy stands. While this may be the case for the University of Lagos, same cannot be said of its other two counterparts..

Olaitan Adeboye,