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The Christmas season is here and it is usually the best time to get together with your close ones and fully enjoy the best of the season.

It's not always simple, though! All things that we need to do in preparation for this great celebration - the shopping, the cooking, the planning - can all be too much.

When Christmas approaches and you feel it is time to go out and shop for Christmas gifts, you may often find that the task is a lot harder than you expected and it may not be such a straightforward matter as you had anticipated.

There is always the milling crowd, the pick pockets, hiked transport fares and goods coupled with the pressure to buy the perfect Christmas gifts which will increase your stress levels.

When shopping at the last minute you may become unsure about the effect of your gifts on the recipient, and since the occasion is so important, you do not want to risk getting it wrong. The key for the success of a perfect Christmas celebration is to be organised and start preparations early.

The trick may be to prepare for buying your Christmas gifts well before the great day arrives and an organised shopper should even consider doing his or her shopping very early which will give enough time to seriously consider various options and thus get it right.

On the other hand, those who are given to ‘last minute’ rush buying and who are often unorganised will usually leave buying their Christmas gifts to the very last moment and often pay more or not have much luck with their purchases.

You should not place yourself in a position where you will begin to spend more or panic when buying your Christmas gifts.

Staying cool, calm and collected is something that you must consciously strive for, and it may even pay you rich dividends if you plan ahead before you buy that perfect Christmas gift.

The following practical tips will help you avoid common hassles.

Don't wait until the last minute
Are you one of those people who add to your own stress level by doing last minute Christmas shopping? Do you know better, but it seems to happen anyway?

Look at it this way... When you shop on Christmas Eve you're going to have to fight the milling crowds, the pickpockets, choose from limited and expensive merchandise, and wait in long queues.

The solution? Buy your gifts little by little, beginning this month, November, and you can avoid last-minute shopping fiascos.

Plan your shopping
You should have a clear picture in your mind about the recipient of your gifts and know that person’s likes and dislikes and even consider the type of person they are, whether active or are just happy reading a book.

If you know about their hobbies, it would make it considerably simpler to buy Christmas gifts for them. A good novel for students, educative toys for younger children and a golfer would certainly appreciate being gifted with golf balls. Shirts, neckties, wax cloth, scarves, perfumes (if you know the recipient’s taste), handkerchieves (everyone uses them).

The trouble is that some people do not have hobbies and thus buying them their Christmas gifts can prove to be much more demanding though you could find an easy way out by purchasing things like a pair of socks for them.

There is certainly a case for first doing some amount of window shopping to get an idea about what different items to purchase for your Christmas gifts, and not settle for the safe option of simply buying a book.

Basically, all that buying the perfect Christmas gift calls for is that you exercise patience and use your imagination in a productive manner so that you can choose a novel as well as an unusual gift that need not break the bank and at the same time is beautiful and which will be sure to be appreciated.

Shop in off-peak hours
Most stores or market stalls aren't very busy early in the morning or late evening. Shop at slow times and you can forgo the crowds and long queues.

Take a list
Start your Christmas list early in the season. When the holiday is near, keep a pen and paper handy to write down all of your gift ideas. Always take that checklist with you when you go shopping This way, you'll know exactly what you need to buy and you'll be less likely to forget anything.

Set a budget
Do you still pay for Christmas gifts and expenditure in January and February? That shouldn’t be so. Work out a budget and stick to it.

Buy only affordable gifts and plan affordable events you'll find easier to pay off.

Buy extra gifts
Find some 'generic' items on sale that can be for a man or a woman, and purchase a couple of extras. Wrap them up and put a sticky note on the box stating what the item is. This way you'll always be prepared if someone unexpectedly gives you a gift, and you can avoid any embarrassment or hurt feelings by returning the favour.

Reward yourself
Finally, treat yourself to a special lunch or buy a small token for a job well-done. Christmas shopping isn't near so bad if you acknowledge your accomplishment and reward yourself with something inexpensive and fun. Share Your Thoughts on this article Name Email Location Comments Graphic Ghana may edit your comments and not all comments will be published