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By Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
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It was a shame and a surprise to read the punch news paper on May 16th,2012 to discover the true situation of the power sector in the speech of the vice president of Nigeria,Arc Namadi Sambo.

Vice president Namadi Sambo reportedly said: the illness and eventual death of late President Umaru Yar'Adua denied Nigerians the benefits of being led by a leader who saw himself as a servant. This statement implies that the next president (Goodluck Jonathan) after Yaradua does not see himself as a servant leader as he has been claiming,despite being the vice president under Yar'adua.

The most shocking revelation is the part were the Vice president said: Yar'Adua's seven-point agenda and the emergency he declared in the power sector would have solved the lingering electricity problem in the country if not for his death.

I do not want to believe the Vice president said this,because the now president is the Vice president during Yaradua's tenure,they were working together on the power project i suppose,and having assumed the post of president after his boss,it should ordinarily translate to a continuous project since he Goodluck also declared an emergency on the same sector. But the Vice president said the contrary,which means that this administration did not follow the path of its own promise and declaration and neither did it follow the solution supposedly created by Yaradua which would have solved the power problem as the VP put it.

I do not know if i am mistaken, but what this statement simple means to me is that, no hope for Nigerians on the power sector,at least for now,contrary to what the FG have been saying.

According to president Jonathan “By God's grace, by December 2012, Nigeria will not only celebrate one day of uninterrupted electricity supply, but we would celebrate one week, one month and so on of uninterrupted electricity supply,” President Goodluck Jonathan assured his audience, at the inauguration of The Road map For Power Sector Reforms, on August 26, 2010 in Lagos. Ever since this declaration was made,the power situation has been getting worse by day,only for the FG to announce its intention to increase the electricity tariff.

The statement of the vice president confirmed that there is no hope for any change in the power sector, everything the Fg had been saying is a mere word to impress the citizens,because if the statement is to be well interpreted, it means that the FG can not fix the power problem.

If the Government can indeed deliver on its promise,the VP would not say Nigerian were denied the benefit of being lead by a servant leader,neither would he talk about the death of Yaradua as a set back to solving the lingering electricity problem in the country since Yar'adua was succeed by his Vice. Abdul AOH

By: Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
[email protected]

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