How Do Bees Make Honey?

By Daily Graphic

Honey Honeybees are the bees that make honey. They live in a colony led by a Queen Bee.

The Queen lays eggs which will hatch into worker bees (underdeveloped females), queens and males (or drones) whose job it is to fertilize the queens. (Later, these queens will form their own colonies).

Honeybees make honey with nectar (liquid) sugar and the pollen from flowers.

During the hot weather, each worker bee uses its tongue, called a glossa, to suck nectar and pollen from the flowers, both of which it keeps in its stomach. When its stomach is full, all the bees return to the hive.

Here, other worker bees are waiting to collect the liquid and mix it with secretions from their mouths, which they then deposit in the cells of the honeycomb.

After three days, this substance is transformed into honey. The cells are then sealed with plugs of wax, so that the honey is kept safe, ready for the cold season.

— Credit: The Big Book of How? When? Why?