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Ekiti group blasts Onipede, Adesanya, says they are ingrates

By The Nigerian Voice
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Ambassador-designate from Ekiti State, Princess Jolaade Onipede and immediate past Zonal Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Ropo Adesanya are bunch of ingrates, whose rantings should be ignored, the Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) has said.

EJG, which was reacting to comments credited to the duo of Onipede and Adesanya in some newspapers today that "Oni was a dividing factor in the PDP in Ekiti State" said; "no one should be surprised that such comments could come from Onipede about Oni because she (Onipede) has history of treachery, which she demonstrated by betraying Otunba Niyi Adebayo under whom she served as commissioner for four years."

In a statement signed by its Coordinator, Dr. Tunji Oluwasanmi, EJG said; "Segun Oni is a great son and leader of Ekiti and we as a group will not take kindly to anyone disrespecting him for whatever reason.

"Today, the likes of Hon. Sola Omolayo, who worked assiduously for Oni's victory in the 2007 and 2009 elections in Onipede's ward have left PDP out of annoyance that Oni appointed Onipede, who did little or nothing during the elections as Special Adviser instead of one of them.

"And Onipede should even tell the public at what point Oni became a dividing factor in the PDP because we are aware that after Oni left government, she deserted him, but started coming to his house the moment the case challenging Oni's removal was filed.

"In the case of Chief Ropo Adesanya, it is on record that he did not play any role in Oni's victory in the 2007 election because he was sick during the election.

"When Prince Dayo Adeyeye was sponsored for ministerial post, it was this same people that masterminded series of petitions against Adeyeye, including the one claiming that he was a psychiatric patient.

"That notwithstanding, it was Oni that nominated Adesanya for ministerial appointment when Adeyeye was rejected. But Adesanya could not appear before the Senate because wife of late Dr. Ayo Daramola had mobilised women in the senate and circulated petition against him (Adesanya) alleging his involvement in the murder of her husband. It is on record that Oni was the one, who saved him (Adesanya) from the embarrassment he would have suffered then by preventing his appearance before the Senate.

"It was after this that Oni asked Adesanya what he wanted and in accordance with his request, he (Adesanya) was made Zonal Secretary of the PDP, without him lifting a finger and he was also appointed Chairman, Governing Council of the Federal Polytechnic, Ede.

"Therefore, it is our view that all these castigating Oni about SOCO should be honest enough to name members of SOCO that got appointments under the Oni-led government as against those of them who did little or nothing during the 2007 election, but still got appointments out of Oni's magnanimity.

"Was the current Minister for Police Affairs, Navy Capt. Caleb Olubolade a member of SOCO when Oni nominated him for appointment as a minister? Or was the former Minister of Energy, Hon. Tunde Odusina a member of SOCO when Oni nominated him for appointment as a minister? Most importantly, was Adesanya and Onipede members of SOCO when Oni made them PDP Zonal Secretary and Special Adviser respectively?

"Or if Oni had wanted to reward SOCO people like they are saying, would he have made Adesanya Zonal Secretary and Chairman of Federal Polytechnic, Ede and Onipede a Special Adviser?

"Therefore, to us, whatever they are saying is borne out of mischief and our advise is that they should purge themselves of their self-inflicted hatred for Oni, a man who is known to be too refined and progressive minded to be involved in acts capable of causing crisis in the PDP.

"Instead of wasting their energy and resources fighting people, whose credibility and integrity they cannot match, they should strive to build their name and integrity as already done by Oni."

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