Is it possible to grow taller after puberty?

By Mixey Blob

Millions of men and women from all walks of life are unhappy about their height. Some want to be shorter and some want to get taller.

Save for resorting to surgery, it is almost impossible to reduce one's height -- but is it possible to increase one's height and get taller?

Well the short answer is: it is almost as difficult to get taller as it is to get shorter.

One's height is, to a large degree, dictated by hereditary genes from our parents. The next strongest influence is diet; but in the Western world these days, most people have a good diet that allows them to grow to their full potential height. So, after puberty, there is not usually a lot we can do to get taller.

The myth about the Acai berry and drugs ...

Many people attempting to get taller have tried drugs and natrual supplements like Acai berries and Maqui berry some have even resorted to steroids to solve their dilemma but sadly to no avail. Steroids are a short-term method for increasing body mass such as muscles, but they are medically dangerous and they will do very little (if anything) to increase your skeletal height.

However, although there is no practical way to actually increase adult height, there are some things we can do to make us appear 2-3 inches taller.

For example, when you are standing in an upright position, check whether you have a slight stoop or your head is slightly craned forwards. If so, it is possible by training your posture for you to stand in a more upright position -- which in turn will add a few extra inches to your apparent height.

Another great way to appeared taller is to check your weight, as this affects the way people see your height. Have you ever noticed that overweight people look shorter than they actually are? So if you are carrying some excess fat, a good diet plan may be of great help to you in making you look taller.

The third obvious way to increase your apparent height is to choose your clothing to emphasise a tall silhouette. There are many books available which analyse body shapes and suggest fashion styles and particular items of clothing to make you look slimmer and taller. Simple choices such as vertical stripes or long trousers with heels (for men too!) or even a shorter or 'piled' hairstyle will all help you gain a few inches in other people's eyes.