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By Sir Onyeka Mbaso
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APGA UK Chapter has been following the recent political activities taking place in Anambra State by Nwobu Alor and has been wondering if we do practice democracy in Nigeria. A situation where an individual Party member wakes up one morning and start attacking the National Chairman Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh is unacceptable and shows the level of desperation and indiscipline by Nwobu-Alor. He is not politically relevant and should not be addressed as one of the founding members of APGA because he was not one of them. He was rather a member of UNPP that was registered alongside APGA.

The interview granted to the Daily Sun by Chief Umeh was clear, direct and APGA UK Chapter supports the position of the National Chairman. There is no doubt that persons of Nwobu Alor should be arrested by the Inspector General of police to explain their activities in the killing of innocent citizens in Anambra State by the hoodlums called task force (NDI MPIAWA AZU). It is unfortunate that Nwobu Alor has replaced the proscribed dreaded Bakkassi with NDI MPIAWA AZU. Gov Obi should listen to the advice of the party that elected him in accordance with the Party's manifesto.

Sir Onyeka Mbaso the Gen Sec of APGA UK Chapter in his statement described Chief Nwobu Alor as a disgruntled man that lacks vision and should be sent to an old people's home for medical examination to check his mental status. This is the time for Anambra people to stamp their feet on the ground and caution him, as the State should not be singing praises for atrocities again in Anambra. The essence of steering tension in APGA is a way of diverting people's attention away from his atrocities he said.

The amount of money Nwobu-Alor claimed that is being made available to umeh every month to run the Party, even though its not correct its still laughable. That money is not enough to run a National party and Nwobu Alor should remain silent and stop ridiculing himself. He is not compatible with 21st century politics and that is why he finds it offensive in the advice the National Chairman of our great party gave to Gov Obi to conduct local government elections. Chief Umeh is not the only person in Anambra State that has advised Governor Obi to conduct local government elections as a means of rekindling the Party spirit and empower the people at the grassroots level.

All APGA Chapters in Diaspora have unanimously condemned Chief Nwobu Alor and hereby urge the National Working Committee to sanction and expel him from APGA for anti party activities with immediate effect. Where was he when Chief Victor Umeh was fighting in the Courts to regain Obi's mandate and the spirited struggles to save our great Party from the hands of our enemies through the various Courts in Nigeria?.It is regrettable that now that our Party has completely overpowered and silenced our enemies led by Chekwas Okorie,Nwobu Alor has emerged again to start destabilizing APGA. APGA UK Chapter is urging Gov Obi to call his Uncle to order because enough is enough. The APGA UK Chapter members are very grateful for the leadership roles of Chief Sir Victor Umeh, and has advised that Nwobu-Alor should be ignored, then focus more in mapping out strategies for APGA to win other States in 2014/2015.

APGA is more interested in capturing other South East States and beyond than listening to outdated people that have no future ambition for APGA. Chief Victor Umeh is not only a leader but a statesman with integrity and willingness to stand up for what is right. He should be commended for his courage to speak out about the situation in Anambra state and APGA UK Chapter would encourage other APGA stakeholders to follow suit. We all should stand up to defend democracy and if any Governor that does not like the voice of his people, then that person is not fit to be a Governor.

Anambra State is an APGA State and party members need to be carried along in every activity patterning the progress of the State. Chief Umeh has done very well in projecting the image of APGA in Diaspora. We have APGA Chapters all over the world and the impact they are making is enormous towards the progress of APGA. Gov Obi should not keep blind eye because he launched his political ambition from Diaspora, he knows the power of members in Diaspora and we have to call spade a spade.

APGA has a strong grip in Anambra State and we urge members not to be distracted by Nwobu Alor. APGA will produce a Governor in the State in 2014 that will manage the distribution of power and resources, able to build strong relationships with stakeholders and make decisions that can have great impact on the well being of the people they explained.