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Somaliland (North-west Regions Of Somalia) Security Forces has arrested Abdilahi Husein Darwiish

By Ahmed Farah
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Somaliland (North-west Regions Of Somalia) Security Forces in Erigavo town,Sanaag Region has arrested yesterday noon a well known reporter whose name is Abdilahi Husein Darwiish who was a popular journalist in Erigavo,Darwish works for Somali speaking channel based in London Royal TV and also waaheen newspaper in Hargeisa.

An eyewittness in Erigavo comfirmed me today that the arrest took place yesterday noon at central part of Erigavo town after a number of police forces armed with guns told the journalist they want to capture him without informing any reason of his detention, and currently he is in central Prison of Erigavo in the second day.

Regional governor of Sanaag Aadan Dirie Egal ordered to arrest the journalist after he accused that the journalist published reports about correption of a food aids but many contacts we made with the governor demanding to release the journalist he totally denied our request.

Many Attempts aimed to release the jounalist are failed, so we hope that you will actively participate how we succeed that Darwiish to be free