No One And Nothing Beats A Web Connection

By ghanamma
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German twenty-somethings would give up their spouse or car if they had to choose between them or an Internet connection or a mobile phone, according to a study conducted by German broadband association Bitkom.

About 84 percent of a thousand respondents aged 19 to 29 said they would do without their current partner or car rather than relinquish their connection to the web. Living without a cell phone was also out of the question for 97 percent of the people surveyed.

However, Bitkom president August-Wilhelm Scheer said that the findings don't mean that that “the Web is an anonymous medium that leads to social indifference.” Half of the respondents said they had made a new friend on a chat forum or web community. And 8 percent had found love on the Internet.

Would you dump your guy or automobile if it meant you could keep your web connection? What else would you be willing to give up? Let us know in the comments.