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By Mecky Peter
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I want to clearly state that the Trans-Atlantic case is not going any where. It is just an attempt to distract or put the Akpabio's thorns in flesh and tormentors like the duo: Ikpafak Thompson Essien and Nicolas Edet (AKA OduduAbasi) on hold and prevent them from speaking out the truth which the bastial government of Akpabio abhors a great deal! It is just a goose chase. The only regret is that the und so disposable in the wasteful effort could have been used to better lot of the 3 three million people who are suffering from stomach famine!

Congratulation to Ekpenyong Ntekim for his new appointment and the killing his brother, Pastor Oyong Asuquo, two weeks ago in order to clear the political coarse that will see him as the political leader in the Oron Political landscape. He is free to do any odd or thuggery job for the governor to enable him climb the highest political echelon in Akwa Ibom State. Time will, no doubt tell!

But as it is, we will not rest on our oars to see justice done in Akwa Ibom State, so that our brothers and sisters will enjoy their God given home where they have been denied peace, love, unity and tranquility since a cannibal known and called Godswill Obot Akpabio erroneously took over government.

I will advise Aniekan Umanah to hold his breath and know that no matter the weight of the lies he as a well trained rogue and liar will want to put against the defendants, it will undoubtedly not hold water. Trying to frustrate criticism with lies is another way of drawing criticism. We will continue to expose the criminal government of Akpabio to the world, even if all the media houses in Akwa Ibom or Niger Delta are shut down.

Again, I learned from Philosophy that the worst form of stealing, is that of intellectual property! Commissioner Aniekan Umanah has been heavily accused by his former friend and ally, Mr. Clayton Udoh of stealing his intellectual property. This accusation is published in various media with eloquent proofs; but my good friend Umanah has not deemed it necessary to debunk such allegation of phenomenal significance. He is now trying to make a cover up of the allegation putting up the unsubstantiated case of suing the duo of Ikpafak Essien and OduduAbasi as anything significant.

Umanah should tell us as a commissioner of Information and Social Reorientation if stealing of intellectual property is another form of reorientation. The truth is that most serving crooks in Akpabio's administration never had the time to study in their chosen field while in school. They spent more time in frivolity and cultism which never gave them opportunity to arm themselves academically. Hence, the perpetual stealing of intellectual property.

A case in point is the revelation that Aniekan Umanah was on a rustication list of the University of Uyo for secret cult activities and and exam malpractice but for the timely intervention of former HOD Department of History, University of Uyo, Pro Clayton Udoh, he would would been rusticated and charged for criminal activities.

Umanah's case is just a drop in the ocean of other cult members of Akpabio's administration. If one digs deep more, he is bound to see more half-baked literate in cult infested administration of Akpabio. At a point, I seem not to blame Umanah for the continual theft of Intellectual property, but sympathize with him for commuting this kind brain lazy crime, given the antecedent of his porous nature of his class room background.

I was in touch with one Assam Assam's PA this morning who confided in me that though Assam Assam initially signed the trans-Atlantic case but has since develop cold feet in it, and may not even be aware of what is happening now since he knows the case is not a weighty one as is just going be a mere academic exercise or an attempt to intimidate other unrepentant critics of Gov Godswill Obot Akpabio. He added that for Umanah to bring in SAN Assam at this moment where the man is busy with his new appointment is really ludicrous; as he wants his press release to have undeserved strength and substance.

Finally, looking at the title, it can clearly be deduced that the main criminals cannot be Thompson Essien or OduduAbasi but Godswill Akpabio, Aniekan Umanah and the rest of the cult members of Akpabio administration.

Mecky Peter
Akwa Ibom State must be ridden of Criminal Elements!

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