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Why Godswill Akpabio is Discreetly Killing Akwa Ibom People

By Ikpafak Thompson Essien
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The crumbs-from-the-table-eaters of Godswill Akpabio want everyone to believe that Akwa Ibom State is the Biblical Canaan on earth. They talk of the e-library (whatever that means); they boast of road construction (as if the basic function of a government does not include provisions for road construction, or as if the money used in constructing the roads are returns from personal investments of Godswill Akpabio). The funniest joke is their cling to a useless phrase, which makes no sense to anyone; the “Uncommon Transformation.”

Even the crumb-eaters have no idea what it means. Every time I hear this phrase, it would remind me of the past one---"Akwa Ibom ado

OK"--- which had been extinct a long time ago into the abyss, because Akwa Ibom State is not OK, and will never be OK, as long as Godswill Akpabio continues to loot the treasury of the people.

It is clear that Akwa Ibom State is not as blissful as the crumb-eaters would want us to believe. For several months now, unknown to many due to a clamp-down on the media, there have been systemic killings in Akwa Ibom State, under the direction of Godswill Akpabio.

I call it systemic because the order for such gruesome acts comes directly from Godswill Akpabio. The killings cut across all ethnic lines in the State, though majority of the dead are men and women of Ibibio extraction.

For instance, just a few days ago, reports have confirmed of several killings in Etim Ekpo and at least 10 people were killed in Oruk Anam alone. The mainstream media could not report all these heinous crimes because of threats to their lives and livelihood by Godswill Akpabio.

Needless to mention, all the killings are camouflaged to make it appear as political conflicts, as it re-surfaced in the recently concluded State-wide Councillor Primary Election.

Fortunately, once in a while, information about the discreet killing would filter out to the public. A couple of days ago, a frequent contributor to the social fora by the name of Mr. Clayton Udoh wrote; "Mr. Mfon Effiong is dead. Mrs. Ikwo Nkereuwem was beaten to a pulp in Orue-Offiong, Oruku. The list of casualties goes on and on. However some people have come into the forum to give the State Chairman of PDP a pat on the back, "for the most transparent and credible primaries/elections so far". I called home yesterday and asked how is the elections going. My beloved family member said it is a thug affair and that honest citizens stay in their homes and forget the democracy BS."

In my inquisitive mind to uncover why Godswill Akpabio is doing all the killings, I have received several information from those who are close to Akpabio. In order not give a clue which would lead to any of my sources, or informants, I will try to be cautious as I narrate here what I have been told so far.

None of my sources know who, but they all say that Akpabio had been hinted by someone within the hierarchy of the federal government that as soon as he leaves the office, various human rights organizations, and at least one Nigerian agency (probably the SSS) may put Akpabio on trial for all or some of the major allegations leveled against him for human rights abuses (as in the death of Paul Inyang and the arrest of Chief Ononokpono), corruption (including the US$3.1 million, which was intercepted at an Abuja Airport), and money laundering, which includes using various construction firms as a conduit to transfer his stolen loots to foreign accounts.

Sources say Akpabio has been confiding to a few of his confidante of his fears regarding what awaits him as soon as he leaves the office during which he would no longer be covered by the Immunity Clause. It is said that some, with whom he confided in, recommended that he should begin now to deal with (eliminate) those who may be invited as witnesses to testify against him in the court of law. In other words, Akpabio should kill those who have been killing for him. This may explain the root causes of the recent quiet waves of killings in Akwa Ibom State.

Moving on.....
Oyong Asuquo Oyong and Why Godswill Akpabio killed him

Those who knew Oyong Asuquo Oyong say he was a terrible man, who had committed several crimes for Godswill Akpabio. One source said that only God, Akpabio, and Oyong Asuquo are the only ones who know how many lives he snuffed out for Akpabio.

Oyong Asuquo Oyong was a criminal, whose life of crime was nurtured and sustained by Godswill Akpabio. On March 5, 2009, at the funeral ceremony of Chief Emenyi at Oron, Oyong Asuquo Oyong, then a Commissioner for Rural Development in Akpabio's Government, was reported to be behind the incident which nearly caused ethnic war between the Ibibio and Annang on one side and the Oron nation on the other side.

Commenting on the incident, on March 5, 2010, I wrote the following; “According to reliable sources, the main reason people chartered buses (as many as 70 of them) full of people to attend the burial of Emenyi was because they knew that Obong Victor Attah was going to be at the funeral. But Akpabio's thugs, led by the Commissioner for Rural Development, Oyong Asuquo Oyong, did not want Attah's people to attend the funeral because of the fear that Akpabio would be booed by Obong Attah's supporters. According to reports, Obong Attah himself was not yet at the funeral when the busses arrived--he was on his way from Abuja.”

A further report on the incident was a write-up, which was posted on both Ibom and IbibioNation fora by an eye-witness to the event, who was also a contributor to the fora, by the name of Emma Udoekong. This is what he wrote on March 5, 2010; “The Commissioner (Oyong Asuquo), who was seen brandishing an AK -47 gun, mobilized thugs and with men said to be with Army and MOPOL (Mobile Police) uniforms said to have been made by Akpabio for 2011 elections, blocked the entry of Victor Attah's supporters of about 4 luxurious buses, with over 300 supporters inside, as over 20,000 people were mobilized from all the

31 local government, including Cross River, Abia, and River states.”

No one knows exactly when Godswill Akpabio made up his mind to kill Oyong Asuquo Oyong. But sources say Oyong Asuquo Oyong, who is of Oron extraction, had tried to influence the outcome of the recently concluded Councilorship Election in his area by providing a list, which contained the names of those he selected as candidates. Reports say Godswill Akpabio opposed the list, but Oyong insisted on his choice.

The next day, at about 4 o'clock in the morning, someone placed a telephone call to Oyong with a message that His Excellency wanted to see him to discuss the list. Oyong was excited. He got up. Left his wife, dressed up, boarded his car, and drove out, leaving his security details behind, all to see His Excellency. Within few minutes, according to a very reliable source, Oyong Asuquo was shot, while still driving. The gun-shot cajoled him into losing control of his car, where he either hit a fixed structure, such as a tree or an idle car, or was hit by another car in motion, which was coming in the opposite direction.

It is not clear how exactly Oyong ended up at the hospital or who exactly took him for medical attention. But, according to reports, shortly after Oyong was admitted in the hospital, Godswill Akpabio paid him a visit---an unprecedented visit, ever, for anyone by Godswill Akpabio. Reports say when Akpabio visited, Oyong was still breathing, or at least still gasping for air. He wife was also by his bed-side.

Then his wife broke down and went on his knees begging when Godswill Akpabio ordered the medical attendants to remove Oyong's body (still

breathing) and transfer to the mortuary. Oyong's wife begged.

“Please,” she pleaded, “let's pray for him. He will wake up. See, he is still breathing. Please don't put him in the mortuary. He is still breathing. Please let's pray for him.” She wanted to place a phone call to the Pastor of her church. But Akpabio stood his ground and did not leave the hospital until he was sure Oyong Asuquo Oyong was thrown into the morgue and pronounced dead.

As soon as Oyong was pronounced dead, Akpabio ordered a press conference. In front of the hurriedly set up camera lenses, Akpabio sobbed and was pouring encomiums on Oyong Asuquo. What a devil incarnate!

The death of Oyong Asuquo Oyong is giving Godswill Akpabio the internal peace of mind (or so he thinks) that he has been able to get rid of another future witness who could have been summoned to testify against him for his crimes against humanity. A few weeks before Oyong was killed, another crook, which used to kill for Akpabio, was also killed. That was Charles Umana, who wanted to be the Chairman of his Local Government Area.

Akpabio can and will continue to kill those he used in the past to commit his diabolical acts. And let this message serve as a warning to those who were in secret deals with Godswill Akpabio that sooner or later, you will be targeted for elimination.

The truth is, no matter how much he kills, Godswill Akpabio will never be able to eliminate everyone. Hitler of Germany couldn't. The Shah of Iran couldn't. Momma Ghadafy couldn't. Saddam Hussein couldn't. None of the world's devils, including Abacha of Nigeria, was able to eliminate every tool of his or her destruction. Therefore, Akpabio will also not be able to eliminate every one of those he hired to do the killing for him in order for him stay in power. As he kills, God Almighty is watching. At the right time, God will take his decision, just as he did with King Pharaoh of Egypt, who thought he was the Alpha and Omega.

Essien writes from Portland, Oregon,

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Ikpafak Thompson Essien and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."