Stay Healthy!!!

By Daily Guide

HAVE YOU already penned down your New Year resolutions? Hope you have not forgotten to include the usual steps to take to stay healthy all through the year.

It is really heart-breaking to know that Ghana spends more than GH¢700 million annually on the treatment of Malaria alone; statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate.

Staying healthy is really not a difficult task as some people perceive it to be.

You can drastically reduce the number of your yearly hospital attendance by simply following these health tips:

Don't skip your breakfast (unless of course you are fasting); visit your doctor (regularly) to check your blood pressure level; drink plenty of clean potable water (at least 8 glasses a day); do frequent aerobic exercises; take enough rest; eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; think positively; quit smoking; go moderately on alcoholic beverages and reduce your intake of salt, sugar, oil and refined food products.

Complying with these tips would not only help you save lots of money but also go a long way to reduce unnecessary pressures on our doctors, nurses and other health workers who are almost always bombarded with preventable diseases.

Rulers of our beloved country would also be compelled to use the several millions of dollars spent in controlling Malaria to develop our nation, especially the deprived areas.

By Grace Eyram Dartey