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By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
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The defamatory and futile attempt to disparage the good image of Prince Tonye Princewill by some faceless junkyard dogs through their paymasters because of the Rivers State2015 general election has been brought to our attention and we wish to clarify the falsehood contained in the report alleging that the Prince influenced the emergence of Miss Sylvia Nduka as the 2011 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria because of his relationship with her and in the process gave her expensive gifts including a duplex in Garki and a BMW X6. We wish to let the entire world know that there is no element of truth in the report as it was cooked up by mischievous and deluded minds aimed at destabilising the family of the Prince and maybe scuttle his yet to be unravelled political agenda for the people of Nigeria.

The fact remains that though Prince Tonye Princewill was one of the Judges that decided on the emergence of the 2011 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, it was a common knowledge among family and friends and those in the Face Book that Prince Tonye Princewill was totally against her emergence knowing very well that she was not the most beautiful girl in that competition. Immediately after the competition he posted and expressed his reservation about her emergence in his Face Pagebook

He said and I quote, “I was a judge at the recently concluded MBGN competition but before you crucify me or praise me on the result, just know that I was just as surprised that Taraba won!”. The Prince went further to state while answering comments from friends that made their opinions known on that very day after the MGBN event and listen to him, “Prince TonyePrincewill, Thank you for your comments. Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. To be fair toSilverbird, the process of selecting a queen is more than meets the eye. People (me included) think that judges are the deciders. Think again. Rightly... or wrongly, the attitude in camp, the inner beauty and their natural look have a lot to do with it. Just wish someone had told me that before now.

If Taraba wins Miss World, all of us will shut up and Kingsley and my media chief will be proved right. I want to think Silverbird know what they are doing. I like the brothers too much to believe they will choose someone who can't win. For the record Agbai, Lagos was my choice. Kogi grew on me. Ondo was amazing but in the end what does my opinion have to do with anything? I was only a judge. Lol” Find attached the link so you can read it for yourselves: 27, 2011 at 12:30am,

So from where did these shameless idiots got their findings that Prince Tonye Princewill established a relationship with a lady he doesn't know and thereafter bought a house and a BMW car while Tonye himself does not even have a block in any part of Nigeria talk less of owning a house while using the little that God gave him to offer scholarships to our indigent students and to empower our women to be better mothers at their various homes whilst providing succour to orphans and creating a great future for our youths through training and empowerment. Must politics be played in this form to run down a bright future of our country just because of most of his likely opponents' lack ideas and vision on how our country can be governed? Who is afraid of Prince Tonye Princewill? Time will tell as the culprits behind this dastard, sad and unfortunate fairy tales will soon be exposed!

We are hereby issuing a 48 hour notice to all the blogs and websites that published this trash without cross checking with us to remove such a blatant falsehood from their sites to avoid a court case against them while we have asked our Legal Team who have identified the culprit to institute a legal case against the deluded mind that allowed himself to be used for such a futile exercise. Their duty is to ensure that he will live to regret the blood money given to him for character assassination. Assassins of character using the pen are just as wicked and cold as their common criminal assassin counterparts who use the gun.

We now have it on good authority that this was just the first step by this misguided group to attempt to embarrass the Prince. They have also planned to follow up this with other malicious reports linking the Prince with some of the failed Private Public Partnership (PPP) Initiatives in Rivers State and a host of other events that have nothing to do with him. They cannot stand the love he attracts from young and old people. We are watching these idle minds and will tackle them as they unfold their wicked plots against a man of vision whose future success is directly linked with ours as a country. If they did their homework they would know that this is an exercise in futility. Going by this recent attempt though, we expect them not to.

This attempt is called yellow journalism only practiced by idle minds. His report runs contrary to the ethics of the journalism profession as he failed woefully to the name the alleged victim, the police station where he is been held, and other loopholes begging for answers. Sadly for him and his paymasters Prince Tonye Princewill is currently on holidays with his beloved and beautiful wife and his wonderful three kids. The writer should get a real job and forget this blackmailer's hatchet job given to him by his pay masters and haters of the prince. Let me end with a quote from Gandhi;” First they ignore you (Prince), and then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then he (the Prince) shall win.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
Media Chief to Prince Tonye Princewill