The North, Boko Haram and the Blame Game

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The Northern elites and their cohorts are pointing accusing fingers in the wrong direction as an aftermath of the Boko Haram crisis. Boko Haram was and is a deliberate creation of the Northern elite especially with the introduction of the political sharia in 1999.

The greatest disservice Obasanjo did to himself and Nigeria was the imposition of Yar'adua in 2007. As today, Nigeria is neck deep in US$4 billion dollars in debt. When Obasanjo handed power in 2007, he had cleared Nigeria's debt with the IMF and World Bank. Barely two years, Nigeria has borrowed four billion US dollars. Probably by the time Umoru finishes his remaining two years it might go up to eight billion US dollars who knows. If Nigerians refused to guard their votes and PDP rigs itself and their Umoru back to power in 2011, then by 2014/15, the debt will skyrocket to 16 billion US dollars. It is clear that these money is borrowed and kept in foreign accounts as in the time past because there is nothing on ground to show for it except gangsterism and brigandry.

Coming back to Boko Haram and the blame game, one is wandering why the Northern commentators are blaming everyone but the Northern elites who created all the problems in the first place.

Let us face it, who has been in power since 1966? The Northern states receive the highest allocation from the Federation accounts. They have the highest number of local governments. They have had everything to their advantage since independent from Britain. All the opportunity they have been having they wasted it on breeding improvised miscreants called almajiri or whatever just to exterminate the Christians amongst them. Now that it has boomerang and is now consuming everyone of them then they start blaming everyone but themselves.

I remember writing last year about the fact that while Southerners invest in education and industries, Northerners invest in palatial mansions with mosques attached to it. They invite their poor neighbours to come and pray in those mosques and give them food or 'kunu' after the prayers and tell them that their reward is in Aljana. While the chicken has come home to roost now. My sympathy is with the innocent Policemen and Soldiers killed for no faults of theirs but purely because of providence of duty to protect us from an evil Holocaust created by the Northern elite.

The joy now is that some of the elite cannot know peace as was examplified by the Jubril Aminu interview recently. Bob Marley said you can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool everybody all time. Northern commentators must come to terms with the fact that it is the Northern elite that cheated the Northern masses no more no less. They say religion is good for the poor via sharia laws when people like late Sheik Ja'afar Adams says otherwise they simply kill him and that is it.

The only private university I remember easily North of the Niger apart from Church owned and state universities is the ABTI University Yola. Even at that I can recall some Islamic scholars kicking against that and calling Atiku Abubukar all sort of names for establishing it and modelling it after the American system. Ironically true and proper Arab Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia and Iraq have American Universities. The problem with Northern Nigerian Muslim elite is that they behave ''holier than thou'' as if Islam originated from Nigeria. Arabs the owner of the Islamic religion go to Europe and America to learn. America has the best 25 Universities on Earth as at today. They go to the moon like going from Asokoro to Maitama. They use unmanned drones to fight wars these days, yet a group in Nigeria is saying Boko or Book is Haram. What a pity. Why didn't they use bows and arrows and swords then to fight their 'Jihad' since that was what was used during the prophet's time. The only way out of such calamity is to subject everything to debate, that is the only way to wipe out ignorance and remove from people's eyes the wool being used by Islamic scholars in collaboration with their elite to hypnotise their blind followers.

The North has been in the so called power for 38 long years but they are backward in everything except Islamic fundamentalism? Do you still blame the South for that?

Check it out, Obasanjo has the Otta farms and Bell University to show for his own loot.

We may excuse Yakubu Gowon and Mohammadu Buhari since they did not learn the trade of looting while in office. But what of the others?

We can give Atiku Abubukar credit for the ABTI University. The others only built palatial houses and stashed the remaining loot overseas. Do Northerners still blame anybody else.

I know now after after reading this article some zealots will call me names and will call for my head for saying the bitter truth. While it is up to all of us in the 'North'

Sovereign National Conference is the only answer. Thanks for reading.

Ndiameeh Babrik
[email protected]

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