Young People Speak Against Teen Parenting

By Daily Graphic

Teenage pregnancy has become a societal problem and governments, religious bodies and civil societies are working hard to curb this menace. These young people share their views on whether it is right to be a teen parent.


To be a teenage parent? no. You stand the risk of having unhealthy kids, and you won't be a senior citizen by the time they become adults, if you had a child at 16.

I personally don't think it's necessarily wise. At age 16, you cannot support yourself and therefore, you shouldn't be bringing people into the world you cannot support.


Hi All, Most countries have a law known as the age of consent. It varies from country to country. In Jamaica that age is 16 years. That doesn't mean it is OK for every 16-year-old girl to get pregnant. It simply means that the man who fathers the child will not be imprisoned!

However, the more important consideration for me is the mental readiness of the girl. Getting pregnant and carrying the foetus is a very big responsibility. This process should not be undertaken willy-nilly or as a fad.

Those girls who were not prepared mentally for motherhood will soon wake up to the reality of dirty diapers/nappies and sleepless nights! And then they will realise what a huge mistake they have made.

But the most important reason to prevent teenage pregnancy is the danger of AIDS getting out of hand. Has anyone checked out how many of those girls were infected with HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, etc? Unsafe sex is going to lead to a world health crisis.

Finally, if only they had read, respected and accepted the good old book as it relates to having sex in marriage they would not have become pregnant. Since most teens are not married if they are having sex then society has a big problem on its hands.


In Ghana teenage pregnancy cannot be good under any circumstance. It mostly ends the education of the mother, very few teenagers, even with a wealthy background are able to further their education after delivery.


Teenage pregnancy does no one any good—the girl or the baby. Both are often the losers in the long run. It shows the declining moral standards where standard family values have taken a back seat.

It makes no sense under any circumstance for a young girl to get pregnant. In Nigeria, where I currently reside, teenage pregnancy is viewed as an abnormal situation and treated as such.

Unless the girl is from a rich home, her education is likely to come to an end. And in nine out of 10 cases the guy in question doesn't take responsibility for his action.

On the contrary, the guy continues his education, does not provide any support and mother and baby are left on their own to fend for themselves.

There is also stigma attached to teenage mums and the whole family in Nigeria because it runs contrary to strong family values.