RE-NOPRIN Want Imo Police Boss, Abubakar Probed

Source: State Communication Officer, Owerri.

I wish to react to the above editorial in general news (The Nigerian Voice) of 14 February 2012, with the above captioned by Network on Police Reform in Nigeria, and described the write up as fallacy, seditious and indeed filamentary. Factually, the issue in questioned is before the law court of competent jurisdiction on appeal. The plot number 273 Ikenegbu was handed over to the Police officially in 1999, certificate of occupancy No. 98, page 98 volume 334 are relevant, the matter from the available records, shown that it has been on since before the assumption of office of Abubakar as the Commissioner of Police Imo State in June 2011.

The below Summary of action in suits are vividly made categorically for authentication: suit no: HOW/177/2001, appeal no: CA/PH/302/2004 in respect of 273 Ikenegbu layout Owerri.

1. An appeal was made by the Attorney General Imo State in 2004 against the High Court Judgment against Police.

2. Motion on notice filed by the Police Command legal Department for an injunction restraining the respondent from any action on the said land pending the appeal against the High Court Judgment.

3. Today 29 February 2012, the matter was called up in the Court of appeal Owerri, but the Ministry of Justice sent in a letter of adjournment due to the burial or Court session of the late Judge of High Court (Retired)

The Police Command urged NOPRIN to come up with constructive criticisms not flogging dead horse. As the Police Command has absolute respect for court order and human rights accordingly.

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