Job-Change Checklist

By Yahoo Jobs
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There are times in our career lives when we become stressed, tired and bored of our jobs. We dread the next morning, waking up, dressing up and going to work. Is it a matter of wanting to quit our present job and moving on to our other dreams? Or it is more of seeking for a new job role within the same firm? Both scenarios require a number of considerations. A major consideration is evaluating whether it is time to quit or move on to another job? Caroline Levchuck of Yahoo Jobs, outlines the following hints.

Caroline states that, if more than half of the following statements ring true for you, get your resume ready and start connecting with new opportunities today.
It becomes more and more difficult to get up for work each day, and tardiness becomes a way of life.

You cannot muster enthusiasm for anything related to work -- other than your paycheck.

You spend most of your time complaining to colleagues or about your colleagues.

You act defensive and even hostile in company meetings when there's little cause for it.

You interact less and less with co-workers, shutting yourself away in your office and avoiding
opportunities to socialize.

You've used up all your sick, personal, and vacation days -- and the year isn't even half over.

You're constantly putting off until tomorrow what you could (and should) do today. When you do actually commit to doing your work, you feel resentful.

You're bitter about the company's success or that of a co-worker.

You have no professional goals related to your job, and you have a hard time even making some up at your obligatory performance review.

You start to dread Monday as soon as you leave work on Friday.Ask youself... is it time quit?