More trouble for Emeka Rising

By Actors Guild Of Nigeria Lagos State Chapter

AGN BOT GIVES NOD ON EMEKA RISING'S REMOVAL EMEKA RISING IMPEACHED After a long wait for Actors Guild of Nigerias Board of Trustees [BOT] to give its approval on the proposed removal of its embattled Lagos state chairman, Emeka Rising Ibeh, the BOT has finally given its nod to his impeachment. This decision of the BOT followed a letter of Vote of No Confidence passed on the embattled Rising and recently sent to the Board of Trustees for its sanction. The Letter of No Confidence is dated February 1, 2012 and signed by six executives except the financial secretary Lizzy Ibeh and the assistant secretary Stella Maris Nnaji. The letter also contained the signature of 37 non – executive members. In the aforementioned document, those who are calling for Emeka Rising Ibeh to be impeached listed 9 offences that are impeachable, some of the offences include; that he [Rising] has been running the state chapter like his private business, that the chairman has refused to allow donations, levies and registration to be paid into the state AGN Account, hence he collects all registration money from the financial secretary Lizzy Ibeh and spend as he pleases without recourse to the other EXCOS and lastly, that he has told the general house in clear form that no Chairman or AGN President including the last regime of Segun Arinze has ever accounted to anybody and it can not start with him. He is not accountable to anybody.

The letter concluded by saying, the public image of the guild is being further jeopardised as his presence makes nonsense of the supposed model and society mirror life of the guild, all from his actions.

Meanwhile in a telephone interview with the acting chairman of BOT, Emma Oguguah, he confirmed the impeachment. According to him “the state executives have met the constitutional requirements for the impeachment and we at the BOT have since approved it. Right now we are waiting for the national president Mr. Segun Arinze to advice us if the impeachment should commence immediately of wait till after the national election in March”. He said As for the embattled chairman Emeka Rising Ibeh, "Im not distracted by all these. The BOT and the national have not notified me of all this nonesense. I have their backing because of my good works... please ignore them." He posited Watchers of this scenario believe that until the BOT does the right thing quickly we may not see the end of the trouble of Lagos AGN.