What is Love?

By author: Janmay
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Have you ever stopped to think “what is love?” Most people today do not even stop to think about eating or being a friend to someone else let alone thinking about love and it's mysteries!
Such is life! Well, I happen to believe that LOVE is about being with that special man or woman and getting butterflies in the pit of your stomach when you meet for the first time?
Love is when you get flustered and cannot speak properly when talking on the phone----seems like your mouth has a mind of its own!
Love is-feeling a warm glow inside of you when you hear the voice of your loved one–
Love is-walking on air because you have the best friend in the world wanting to be with you -loving you so much it actually hurts!

I have encountered all of the above symptoms, if you can call them that- as I pursue the love of my life in Ghana! Even today, as I sit and write this article, I am already missing my true love because we have not yet spoken with each other today!
When giving your heart freely to your mate, you sometimes forget to carry on with the romancing part of a relationship.
Not just flowers and chocolates–I mean sending little Ecards to your loved one , or putting a chocolate in their lunch with a note that says 'I Love You” can have such a profound effect on your relationship!

Hands up all the men and woman that are experiencing these emotions right now! I suspect there are millions of you out there that are in tune with your heart !!

I for one always try to make my man feel special in ways that only I know how!

To make him feel that he is the only man on this earth- nobody else matters!

I constantly find ways to tell him how much he means to me and he reciprocates all the time!

Love is about two people whose lives are intertwined by the ribbons of time–

The ties that bind us together are deeply rooted in each others hearts–with each day a new branch seeks out the new buds that are growing deep within your very soul.

Love flows freely through your veins-overflowing into your heart----leaving you with the feeling of euphoria!

Time turns into dust-cry if you must, but love is the answer when you dream.

So, when you find that special someone out there- make sure you take the time to let them know just how much you are in love with them–after all what is a life with LOVE?