I Feel Inferior

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am a boy of 14 and in Form Two. I can't approach my mates who are girls to talk to them because I always feel inferior, compared to other male friends of mine who freely chat with them.

Some of them try to be friends with me but I feel they will not like me. I, therefore, try to avoid them though I really want them as friends too.
What is wrong with me?

Joe, Bibiani.

Dear Joe, I think you have a problem with your self esteem. You have to believe in yourself and understand that though you may have some shortcomings, you also have so many qualities which are enviable and wonderful.

So be proud of what you have now and use it to move forward, while you do your best to improve upon those qualities you do not like about yourself.

If you are able to search yourself and do this you will appreciate that you are richly blessed, sometimes even more than some of your pals in school.

After all this, you have to take a bold step and try to mix by making conversation with your mates. You can start by discussing topics you studied in class and, with time, you will get over the problem.