My In-laws Are Cold

By Daily Graphic
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I have been married for the past six years with three children. Ours is a happy family but my problem is that my in-laws, especially my mother-in-law, is very cold towards me.

I don't remember offending her in any way but she is very cold to me anytime they visit or we visit them. What should I do to win her love?

Maame, Akosombo.

Dear Maame, you did not say whether your in-laws were cold to you before you got married to their son then I would have concluded that they did not want the marriage in the first place.

Has your husband noticed this too? Talk to him about it, perhaps he could talk to them on your behalf and everything will be fine.

I can understand that it must be very uncomfortable for you but do all you can with the help of your husband and I am sure things will work out because they remain your in-laws as long as you remain married to their son. Good luck.