I Love My Cousin

By Daily Graphic
My marriage is on the rocks and has been for a year. I don't feel I love my husband anymore. I have two boys who love their dad but he has ignored me in the past just to play on the computer.

I am getting interested in someone who is a lot younger than me and also he is a second cousin. He makes me feel like a kid again and when we are together all my problems go away. 

He says he will be there for me forever, but I know it's not right. We will never be accepted. I don't know what to do.
Do I end both or just stop the cousin one because it's just the fact that he is paying me attention? Please help me. I don't know what to do. 

Ewurabena, Tema

Dear Ewurabena, you should stop the relationship with your cousin immediately. I say relationship because you are cheating emotionally, if not physically, on your husband.

Your cousin is getting a kick out of having you show so much interest in him, and may be telling you that he will be there for you as family - not because he's in love with you. 

Would your relationship with your husband work better if you put as much effort into it as you put into the relationship with your cousin?

Both of you need to leave your other "relationships" alone and spend some time together as a family, and alone. 

Your kids deserve that both their parents give your marriage 100% effort. Sit down and talk to your husband, explain that you are feeling neglected for the other woman in his life (the computer).

He must stop ignoring you and you must stop all contact with your cousin.

Hopefully, once you and your husband quit looking to alternative relationships, you will turn to each other and rekindle the love that you had only a short time ago.