He Has Vanished Into Thin Air

By Daily Graphic
I have been in a relationship with a guy who is also my friend. We got romatically involved this year and plan to marry next year.

My problem is that, I have not heard from him for the past month. I have tried calling his mobile phone but I do not get through to him. It looks like he has vanished from the surface of the earth.

I don't know his house because he used to live in my area but moved to Adenta recently. He took me there once but it was in the night and I don't think I can find my way there again. I believe he does not love me that is why I do not hear fromm him.

Before he disappeared, he always told me of his whereabout so I am surprised he has just vanished into thin air.

I called his grandfather who also told me he had not heard from him. Does it mean he does not love me anymore or something has happened to him. What should I do?

Pat, Accra

Dear Pat, how old are you? Just listen to yourself that you do not know where he lives because you went there in the night.

Granted you can't find your way there what about where he works? I say this because you said you were going to get married next year which means he must be doing something to earn a living. Or maybe he is in school so you can check out his school.

Well, his grandfather doesn't seem to know where he is. What about other family members and friends.? Did he live by himself when he was in your neighbourhood or he lived with other family members?

Your letter makes me believe you are in the dark about many things so how come you even considered marriage? I just don't seem to get it.

You have been together for only three months so all I can say is that, your man's 'Houdini' tricks maybe mean he has had what he wanted from you.

I mean he just used marriage as a bait to get into your pants. Or just maybe something has happened to him which I doubt very much.

All the same I suggest you contact others who may have an idea of his whereabouts to make sure he is okay.