He Showers On The Other Woman

By Daily Graphic
I am 21 and he is 27 We have been dating for the past two years. Everything was fine until recently when I got to know he had another girl in his hometown.

When l confronted him, he slapped me and afterwards pleaded for forgiveness. I love this guy and I know he also loves me but I am scared he is still seeing the other woman because they were an item before I came on the scene.

He finds it difficult giving me gifts but always sends the other woman provisions anytime he visits her. His parents know about their relationship. I love this guy with all my heart. What do I do?

Awura Ama, Dunkwa-on-Offin

Dear Awura Ama, what is your business with a man who is violent and stingy? If he slapped you once, he will do it again. This means you are dating a potential wife beater.

It would be difficult for you to simply pack up and leave this guy since you profess to love him but take into consideration the fact that he obviously cares more about his other woman.

I will suggest you think very carefully about your relationship with him. If possible, sit him down and have a chat with him. Let him know how his actions are hurting you.

If nothing positive happens after going through this, then I suggest you make a move as soon as possible.