By NBF News

Worried by the rising spate of insurgence of Boko Haram Sect, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has tasked President Goodluck Jonathan to reinvent and rethink Nigerian security agencies.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sun shortly after this year's annual thanksgiving service and awards ceremony of The Sun Publishing Limited in Lagos, he lamented that investigation had shown that some top officials of various security agencies in the country are supporting activities of the sect.

Oritsejafor warned that if the security agents who have compromised were not relieved of their duties, every effort to nip the menace in the bud might not yield positive result. The compromised officials, he said, might be the one leaking government's information to the people behind Boko Haram.

'There is a serious problem in the sense that a lot of them are polarised along religious lines. There are some in the security agencies that are loyal and committed to their religion than to Nigeria and they need to identify such people, especially those in the higher cadre of the security agencies.

'They must identify them, take them out and remove them so that neutral people will take those positions, sensitive positions of information and all kinds of things because a lot of their plans always get to Boko Haram through such persons,' he stated.

Oritsejafor maintained that any security information that comes to such compromised officials would not be treated in order to shield because they love their religion more than their country.

His words: 'When they get such information, they sit on it instead of sharing it and using it. To them, they are protecting their religion. These things I am saying are very hard things. I believe the Muslim elites, especially those who are clerics, must look for people who know these people. I have been saying it for a while.

'I was shocked when I read in newspaper few days ago that the leader of Boko Haram was saying the reason they have not bombed Kano all these while is because some clerics have been pleading with them.'So, who are these clerics who have been pleading with them? That is what I am talking about. They need to know them. I am not talking of government; I am talking about Muslim religious leaders. They need to identify these clerics; get to them, talk to them and get them to work with these boys because it is a problem of ideology.