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But today, Arab/Western/Jewish-based invisible slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism have successfully robbed 99% of today's Foreignized Continental/Diaspora Afrikans of their Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Concept, Definition, Practice, Power and Benefits of having Afrikapeople-oriented and based leaders/elite who are products of their Continental Afrikan Society and People who speak to their people not in Foreign but the native Languages of their people .

Instead, what we have today are nothing but foreign created and foreign-led-and-controlled leaders/elite with slave and colonial/neocolonial education, mentality, perspective, personality , cultures, values, needs, interests and causes to satisfy, protect, defend and promote for their benefits and the benefits of their Foreign creators, financiers, protectors and allies.

This explains why about 99 percent of Foreignized leaders in today's Continental/Diaspora Afrika and Islands are more Arabanized, Westernized or Jewicized or Foreignized than Afrikanized .

That is why they see no shame or crime in taking great pride in parading themselves as Eurocentric, Arab-centric or Jewish-centric instead of as Afrikacentric Afrika from head to toe or in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

Hence, they see themselves as products of the Arab/Western/Jewish/Foreign education, training , cultures and values rather than as Afrikacentric Products of their Afrikapeople, Education, Training, Culture and Value.

All because 99 percent of them in today's Foreign-Made Continental/Diaspora Continental Afrika could not, cannot and will not qualify let alone become Afrikan leaders without foreign education, training, degrees with Foreign tastes and support to lean and count on .

Without slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism, 99 percent of leaders in today's Continental/Diaspora Continental AfrikaWorld who now call themselves “ African” leaders are nothing but foreign manufactured puppets created, educated, trained, protected and financed by their Foreign creators to protect Arab/Western zones of influence in Continental Afrika for them at the expense of their population

This means , none of our present Westernized, Arabanized and Jewicized or pro-Foreign and Self-ignorant leaders in Continental Afrika today can be a leader if they dare try to criticize or challenge or change the slave/colonial/neo-colonial status quo, boundaries, state systems, institutions and policies left behind by their white/Arab masters for them to oversee, protect and perpetuate for them .

And as long as they do that, they are rewarded with Crumbs from their Foreign Masters' tables which are enough to keep them and their Yes-master Retinue in power

We see this truth manifested in the removal from power of any radical leader , past and present , in Continental Afrika who tries to challenge or criticize or change the colonial/neo-colonial Arab/Western Foreign political, economic and social order in Continental Afrika.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was removed from power by USA CIA-led coup for preaching a Continental Afrikan government that will save Continental Afrikans from the havoc of colonial/neo-colonial division, dependency and powerlessness.

Prime Minister Lumumba suffered the same fate for trying to be Kwame Nkrumah of Central Afrika.

Comrades Amilcar Cabral of Portuguese Guinea, Sekou Toure of Guinea, Ben Bella of Algeria, Nasser of Egypt, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, etc. all were killed for saying No to the Arab/Western colonialism/neo-colonialism in Continental Afrika.

Others like Chairman Rawlings of Ghana, Colonel Mengistu of Ethiopia, Prime Minister Mugabe of Zimbabwe etc. have to learn the hard way that the only way for them to survive as leaders in their various respective countries is to toe the line foreign powers have laid down for them or they will be removed from power.

In fact, all the past and present leaders we now call puppets of the Western/Arab world in today's Continental Afrika were one time radical and heroes to their people.

But no sooner or later, they all learn one by one that as Foreign educated and trained products of Foreign styles education and training, they cannot exist as leaders without protecting colonial/neo-colonial interests in colonial and neo-colonial Continental Afrika.

In other words, since Continental Afrika was opened up for penetration and contamination by foreigners of all kinds, Mother Continental Afrika has been without a Continental AfrikaHead to protect, defend and promote her interests, needs and causes in life .

By practising the philosophy of divide to conquer and thanks to their swords and guns or money , Western/Arab slave, colonial and neo-colonial powers in Afrika succeeded in destroying or containing most if not all the indigenous/traditional Afrikan leaders they came across in their bid to conquer, dominate , control and exploit Continental Afrika for her untold wealth.

With their introduction of guns into Continental Afrika, Arab/Western powers managed to replace the indigenous Afrikan leadership with their own created , dominated , controlled and exploited leaders to serve their needs, interests and causes.

That means, as long as these foreign created leaders are kept in power and protected by their Foreign creators to serve not Continental Afrikan but their foreign interests in Continental Afrika, they are rewarded with political, economic and social Crumbs, Leftovers and Surpluses from their masters tables they hail and die for as “ international aids, grants or development, progress, change etc.

And anytime any of them dares rebel or dissent or oppose or challenge the legality the current colonial/neo-colonial status quo, everything is done to isolate, discredit , isolate, bribe, buy or simply remove him from power or kill him and to replace him with more willing pro-status quo Yes Master leader who is totally committed to protecting and promoting the very slave/colonial/neocolonial status quo that exists to keep them and their people perpetually ignorant of and uprooted from their Continental AfrikaPower, Identity, Means, Capital, Security, Prosperity, Pride and Dignity .

This explains why leaders exist in today's Continental Afrika, not because they are products of their people or elected by them but because they have the support of all or any of the Western/Arab powers.

In fact, to be a leader in any of our Continental Afrikan country today, all one needs is to be able to have the support of France or Britain or USA or Portugal or be able to speak English or French or Portuguese better than their colonial/neocolonial masters a products and great admirers and beneficiaries of Western/Arab civilization, education, or culture etc.

In this way, 99% of leaders in today's Continental Afrika are closer in mentality, personality, taste, interest, perspective and ways of life and doing things to their foreign creators and protectors than they are to their own Continental Afrikan people they claim they represent.

On a continent where 70 percent of the Continental Afrikan masses do not speak or understand colonial languages such as English, French or Portuguese, the surest and quickest way to cut the governed from the governors in today's Continental Afrika is to make English, French and Portuguese the official languages of the governments, leaders and their puppets.

In this way, leaders in Continental Afrika are cut away from those they govern.

Because most of them can only speak in colonial languages to their people , 70 percent of them who do not speak or understand or can relate to their leaders talking to them and dealing with them in Foreign languages and Foreign ways of solving things the Foreign ways instead of in the ways of their Afrikan People.

In this way, Colonial powers have successfully programmed leaders in Continental Afrika to govern Continental Afrikans in alien languages instead of in the languages of their Afrikan People so as to make it impossible for them to have a say on how they are governed and to control their leaders and make sure they serve their needs rather than the needs of Foreign powers .

This ensures the powerlessness of the leaders in Continental Afrika who have been transformed into leaders without their AfrikaPeople Base, national unity, identity, cohesion, we-feeling etc.

It also ensures the powerlessness of the Continental Afrikan Masses who do not speak, understand or know the laws and regulations of the existing colonial/neo-colonial governments and foreign languages imposed on them.

This explains why 99 percent of today's leaders in today's Continental Afrika heavily depend on gun power, money power or bribe or corruption power to become or remain leaders in Continental Afrika.

None of them could survive as a leader without their foreign created and sustained standing armies, prisons, guns and rule of iron.

Simply because they are not the products of their people. They have no internal base. They lack "national" power, "national" legitimacy and raison-d'etre.

They know that they are usurpers of indigenous traditional Afrikan leadership and power they exist to replace, destroy or keep in check.

That is why foreign-made and foreign-protected leaders in today's Continental Afrika do everything to keep away and under check all the real indigenous Afrikan leaders.

Because they know indigenous Afrikan leaders they have kept powerless are the only products of the people of Continental Afrika. They are not.

They know sooner or later, the real people's leaders and representatives will rise up to claim back their lost or stolen Continental Afrikan power and leadership.

This is so because Foreign-made leaders in today's Continental Afrika have been deliberately kept self-ignorant, fragmented, dependent and powerless so as to make it difficult if not impossible for any of their individual attempts to break away from their colonial/neo-colonial dependency and powerlessness status.

Hence, they are "powerful" only to keep the colonial/neo-colonial

order in Continental Afrika alive.
But they are not powerful enough to mobilize their masses to solve

their basic needs.
Their individual armies are strong enough only to kill, torture helpless

innocent civilians or to stage coups d'Etat against any radical Afrikan leader.

But at the same time, armies and leaders have been carefully created and protected to be no armies when it comes to defending the continent against external attacks, conquests, control, domination, or the exploitation of Continental Afrika.

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