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While only a very small/tiny percentage of "modern" Continental Afrikan women in Continental Afrika today prefer to be "white" women rather than Afrikan women, in the Diaspora Afrika today, we see a complete and total transformation of the Afrikan Woman into perfect photocopies and counterfeits of the "white" woman.

Their 400 years of Westernization have been so thorough, so successful and so fatal that about 99 percent of them do not even know they think, live and act as "white" women rather than as Afrikan Women in White USA .

This explains why the majority of Diaspora Afrikan women will feel insulted, ashamed, surprised or indifferent if called Afrikan women instead of American women or Black women or African American women but never as Afrikan Women.

As far as their slave/colonial masters were concerned, there is nothing in being Continental Afrikan woman. Being like a "white" Woman in thoughts, words and deeds is the only key to escape their hellish condition as Afrikan women.

So began the acceptance of the lie that Diaspora Afrikan women can only be accepted "modern," "civilized," "developed" etc. only when they become photocopies of the "white" ladies from head to toe .

So after four centuries of conditioning, Diaspora Afrikan women turned into successful students of slave/colonial lies and programming have started living, thinking and acting as photocopies or replica or counterfeits of the Western lady as their Standard to beat or emulate .

With the tragic and painful results that today about 99 percent of Diaspora Afrikan women in USA, South America, Europe and West Indies have become alienated from themselves as Afrikan women.

They think and define Woman from Foreign rather than Afrikan points of view.

They model their hair and ways of dressing after their "white" lady's hair and ways of dressing.

They call themselves "liberated," "emancipated," "modern," "civilized," and successful in the ways and manner of the "white" women.

They are called by "white" female names rather than their Afrikan names.

Like their "white" lady models, they become things-oriented rather than people-oriented.

They too have been taught to spend their lives, time, expertise, energy etc. chasing money and material things.

Like their "white" female models, most of them have no time to be mothers or wives with the end result that half of all them are not married and those of them dare marry, half of them end up in divorce the following year and half of them have families without men in their household .

Those of them who value career over anything else , have to time or energy left to raise children, to advise, train, guide, protect and defend their children they consider a burden rather than a blessing or gift from the Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

They are too busy making their careers or going to the "white" man's

schools, for the "white" man's degrees, for the "white" man's jobs, for the "white" man's salaries/money, for the "white" man's cars, radios, televisions, telephones, bungalows, promotions etc.

And consequently, they hate staying at home.
They hate being called mothers or housewives.
hate being asked to cook or wash plates considered the work of slaves.

But see nothing wrong in becoming worse slaves in the factories, offices and businesses for money which is never enough.

In spite of their feminist emancipation and liberation, they still have no say when to work, (8 am to 5 pm); how to work, how much work to do, how much money they must be paid, when to go on vacation, when to go on sick leave with or no pay, how often to go on maternity leave with or no pay etc.

All their fate outside their homes lies not in the hands of their husbands most consider as tyrants and oppressors but in the hands of the few government officials and company presidents.

And as soon as they "make" it to the top of material success, they proclaim they no longer need their Afrikan men to be successful or rich or free or independent and happy .

They call their men everything their "white" men taught them to call them.

As far as they are concerned the only people worth respect in our today's world are first the "mighty" white man/ woman.

For example, while their men were dying on the fields, most of them found "favours" in the masters' homes as "mistresses," "housemates," "house-servants" and "white" child raisers and protectors .

While their men were forbidden all access to education, some of them were taught by their "white" masters in return for zealous/faithful/noble services rendered.

By the time their men were allowed in the "white" Man schools, most of our Diaspora Afrikan women in USA, Europe etc. were and are still far ahead in "white" man's education than their men.

Even up till today, it is no secret to no one that Diaspora Afrikan women get quicker and easier government financial assistance for their education than their male counterparts.

With the result that Diaspora Afrikan women in USA, Europe etc. today are more and better educated than their men.

There are more Diaspora Afrikan female PhDs in USA for example than the Diaspora Continental Afrikan males.

They get jobs quicker and easier than their men.
They are more visible in USA, Europe etc. than their men.

They put themselves second to the "white" people and put their Afrikan men last, at the bottom of all the bottom dwellers.

In their eagerness to succeed in their "white" world by pleasing the "white" man, they forget or cannot see how their conscious or unconscious collaboration with the "white" Man since slavery up till now has contributed greatly in the castration of their Diaspora Afrikan men.

By allowing themselves to be empowered or favored by the "white" Man at the expense of their Diaspora Afrikan men, these Westernized and uprooted Diaspora Afrikan women have deprived themselves of the power, strength and unity of their Diaspora Afrikan men, most of whom have been reduced to zero in USA, Europe, South America and West Indies.

Evidence to support the above thesis lies in the fact that it is an open secret today in USA for example that Diaspora Afrikan women are thousand times favored by the "white" male establishment and are better off than their men.

They are more loved, less feared, listened to and respected by the "white" male power structure than their men.

This is a deliberate and calculated attempt on the part of the "white" Man to empower most Westernized and uprooted of our Diaspora Afrikan women in USA and to weaken or render powerless their men as a way of causing confusion, disunity, distrust and frustration among Diaspora Afrikan women and men.

That is why in USA today, most materially successful Diaspora Afrikan women and men find it difficult if not impossible to work together as members of one Afrikan family.

There are more divorces in the Diaspora Afrika in USA, Europe etc. than there are in other groups of people on earth.

There are more Diaspora Afrikan single families headed by Diaspora Afrikan

females than there are elsewhere in USA.
There are more Diaspora Afrikan females without boyfriends than there are elsewhere in USA.

There are more Diaspora Afrikan females who cry and sigh secretly for their strong Diaspora Afrikan Man but publicly proclaim they need no Man or they are doing fine and better in life without a man.

In this way, there are also more Diaspora Afrikan women suffering or dying from the curse of loneliness than there are elsewhere.

In other words, by allowing the white male-based power structure to deprive them of their strong Afrikan men, most Diaspora Afrikan women in USA, Europe etc. today have turned themselves into the most sexually starved and starving women on earth.

Their chronic and calculated lack of strong men to make them whole and fulfilled can only make them the most sexually hungry, the most sexually dead or dying, the most sexually aggressive, greedy, voracious, restless, abandoned, empty, and the most sexually pitiful women of all women in the world.

; The tragic end result of all this is that the Diaspora Afrikan Woman is no more the most fulfilled Afrikan Woman she used to be.

Slavery has deprived her of her strong and proud Afrikan man.

Like a river without fish, she is now a Woman without a Man to love, care for, understand, balance, complete and appreciate her as the Afrikan Woman: the first Queen of the Universe.

Instead of using their privileged positions and favors bestowed upon them by the "white" Man to pull up their castrated Diaspora Afrikan men to their level, most use them to keep their men down, tease, look down upon, dominate, bully or control them.

It is no secret to anyone in USA or Europe today that most of the cases where marriages between Diaspora Afrikan women and men work are when their men allow their women to wear the pants in the house.

In this way and this way only will a relation take place and last between these two highly divided and antagonistic Diaspora Afrikan Man and Woman in USA and elsewhere in the Afrikan Diaspora .

And the more they are kept apart, the more the Diaspora Afrikan family and kids disintegrate to the pleasure of their dividers.

And the more they are kept fighting, blaming and shouting at each other, the more powerless, dependent and needy they become collectively on the "white" establishment .

In this way, the "white" power superiority and supremacy is carefully planted, watered and harvested for the benefits of "white" power in USA.

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