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THE AFRIKAWOMAN AS MOTHER OF HUMANITY or BEFORE TODAY'S AFRIKAWOMAN WAS TURNED INTO THE PHOTOCOPIES OF OTHERS , By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected],

Whether our today's Foreignized Cont/Diaspora African Woman/Lady likes it or not, LONG BEFORE the advent of the White Man, the Arab and the Jew in Continental Afrika to TURN our Afrikawomen into PHOTOCOPIES of their Western, Jewish and Arab women they think are better, more superior , more holy, more beautiful, more divine and more Godly than our Continental AfrikaWoman which is a BIG LIE but which their four hundred years of Slavery and One Hundred years of Colonialism and another Sixty years of Neocolonialism have programmed MORE AND MORE OF OUR TODAY'S AFRICAN WOMEN/LADIES to believe , accept and live as their Truths to live by and for, no matter what .


In other words, nothing can replace or equal being a Reborn and Awakened , Proud , Afrikan educated and trained Afrikan Woman or Lady .

The pride, pleasure, honor and privilege of being an Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Woman/Lady in thoughts, thoughts and deeds are the envy of all non-Continental Afrikan women all over the world.

Because, it is only an Afrikan Woman who can be the world's First Virgin Mother in the World and as such the one and only Mother of all Humanity.

No other Woman in the world in today's world has that sacred honor and privilege of giving birth to Humanity.

Only the Continental Afrikan Woman called AfrikaVe or Mother Afrika or MamaAfrika could be selected and ordained by our Creator AFRIKAMAWU of all creators and creations to serve as the Mother of all Human lives.

To know this liberating Afrikacentric Truth is to know the Continental Afrikan Woman has nothing to envy others without whom there will be no other women in the first place.

This means, knowing, believing and accepting once and for all that there is nothing wrong or inferior about being Continental Afrikan Woman. Be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.

It also means recognizing the fact that the Continental Afrikan Woman is also the teacher, trainer and civilizer of the "white" woman.

And as such, whatever the "white" lady is and has today is an extension of the Continental Afrikan Womanhood at best or her deformation at worse.

Hence, the Continental Afrikan Woman is, can and must be complete, whole, civilized, modern, developed by being Continental Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds without turning herself into the Photocopies of the White Woman or the Jewish Woman or the Arab Woman but simply be HERSELF as AFRIKAN from head to toe .

That the Continental Afrikan Woman loses her place of world dignity and grace as the Mother of Humanity when she tries to be WHAT AND WHO SHE IS NOT AND CAN NEVER BE rather than being Continental Afrikan.

Secondly, by trying to be "white" instead of Continental Afrikan means AFRIKAMAWU was foolish in creating us the way we were created.

This reasoning and all behavior springing from it can only lead to doom.

Because , we know it is not by accident that Continental Afrikan Women are Continental Afrikan Women and not "white" and vice-versa.

And we also know our Divine Mother Creator AFRIKAMAWU, the all-knower and the all-perfect cannot make a mistake in creating us Afrikan instead of as Western or Jewish or Arab.

Hence , trying to make Western or Arab or Jewish Woman out of Continental Afrikan Woman is like trying to fry stone for supper and it is doomed to fail , whether we like it or .

And the more we insist on doing so, the more foolish, ignorant, useless, frustrated, bitter, revengeful, etc. we turn ourselves into .

Thirdly, being Continental Afrikan Woman in thoughts, words and deeds means being the oldest, wisest and noblest Woman on earth.

As the first Mother of Humanity and the oldest Woman on earth, all Continental Afrikan Women, no matter where they are need to take pride in living up to their heavy and sacred title of Continental Afrikan Woman.

Being Continental Afrikan Woman , therefore, means carrying out the eternal 3 million year old Flame of Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWisdom, Honesty, Devotion, Love, Sincerity, Sharing and all the Positive Values and things that Continental Afrikan Women are known to be and which have kept them together as Continental Afrikan Women for 3 million years.

Hence , there is nobility, sacredness, pride, dignity and joy and inner satisfaction and fulfillment in being Continental Afrikan Woman in thoughts, words and deeds.

There is nothing higher or lower than THE LIFEFORCE OR LIFEFORM THAT BROUGHT US to experience and enjoy and share Life as Spirit in Human Flesh .

Besides, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Women are the most in tune, the most emancipated, the most free, the most graceful, the most noble and the most powerful women on earth.

Not by European standard but by Continental Afrikan Standard.

The proof of this Truth lies in the fact that Continental Afrika is the first continent of all to produce the world first Queens.

Because traditional Continental Afrika teaches that all lives are One.

Man is part and parcel of the Woman and the Woman is part of parcel of the Man and not Separate from one another but ONE BEING EXPRESSED AS AFRIKAMAN AND AFRIKAWOMAN .

That is why our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Man knows he is nothing without his Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Women besides him to complete

Hence , a King in traditional Continental Afrika is incomplete without a Queen and vice-versa.

In the same way, an Continental Afrikan Man is nothing without a Woman and vice-versa.

This means , instead of looking at themselves with Foreign eyes as the oppressors and the oppressed, the liberated and the enslaved, Traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women see themselves as one.

Since one cannot exist or be whole without the other, they learn to live together as branches of the same tree.

Instead of division, they cultivate oneness and unity of living , supporting, prospering and sharing their wealth together and not hiding or accumulating or hoarding it from the rest

The headache of one is the headache of the other. The joy of one is the joy and pride of the other.

And since they see themselves as one, any harm done to one is a harm done to the other.

The Traditional Continental Afrikan Man will not and cannot therefore exploit, dominate, enslave, cheat, maltreat or abuse his traditional Continental Afrikan Woman/Women because he knows whatever he does to his Women will come back to him, HUNDREDFOLD.

He knows if he enslaves and exploits his Women, he is enslaving and exploiting himself.

And since he does not want to enslave and exploit himself, he does not enslave/exploit his female partners or all other lives for that matter.

Besides, even if the traditional Continental Afrikan Man wants to enslave/exploit his Continental Afrikan Women as does the "white" man, Traditional Continental Afrikan Society will not permit him to do so.

Because unlike the Western society where everyone for himself/herself is practised, encouraged and amply rewarded, Traditional Continental Afrikan Society is based on the Ancient Continental Afrikan Philosophy of One for all and All for One.

That means, everybody here watches over everybody.

Everybody in Traditional Continental Afrikan Society acts as checks and balances on each other. They look after each other.

They monitor each other's activities with the sole aim of keeping each other on the positive path of life.

In this way, there is no time for anybody to do evil.

There is no need for crime. No need for harming others. Because everybody knows what one always reaps what one sows in life.

This explains why ancient/traditional Continental Afrika is the only culture on earth without the Foreign culture based on brutal force, institutionalized violence, state monopoly of power, violence via standing army-navy, air-force, military, police and prisons.

Pre-colonial Continental Afrika does not have them because there was and is no need for standing army or prisons.

Everybody is therefore for everybody. All know it is their responsibility to support, love or advise each other to avoid going astray.

And whenever one falls down, all are there to lift him/her up.

Because everybody knows the fall of one is the fall of all and the rise of one is the rise of all.

Against this supportive and nourishing environment in which our Traditional Continental Afrikan Women live and have their being, it is ridiculous to talk of Western-conceived and Western-directed feminist ideology/movement of "liberation" and "emancipation" of the Traditional Continental Afrikan Woman who has freed herself and others since the beginning of time as the WORLD'S FIRST AND OLDEST FEMALE POWER, MOTHER OF HUMANITY AND THE WORLD'S FIRST QUEEN, VIRGIN MOTHER AND MOTHER GODDESS.

The Traditional Continental Afrikan Woman knows she has nothing to be afraid of from her Traditional Continental Afrikan Man because she knows whatever happens her interests will be taken care of and vice-versa.

So instead of distrust we have trust between the traditional Continental Afrikan Man and Woman.

Instead of seeing themselves as separate entities with separate needs and goals in life, they see themselves as complementing each other.

Instead of division, we have unity.
Instead of discord, we have harmony.
Instead of domination/enslavement/ exploitation mentality and attitudes, we have equal partners working together for the good and benefit of all.

Instead of perpetually trying to out do, out have, out achieve each other as Foreign ladies and their Afrikan lady puppets do, traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women see themselves as members of a team or chain.

Each has a unique role to play to make the family work. Each has the right to be where she/he is. No place is higher or lower than the other. No role is nobler than the other.

Consequently, the role of Traditional Continental Afrikan Women as the creators and sustainers of life is considered as important and noble as the role of the Traditional Continental Afrikan Man as the Bread Winners or Protectors of life.

Since men cannot be women and women men, Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWisdom has taught our Traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women to accept who and what they are as men and women.

Traditional Continental Afrikan Man does not try to behave like a Woman and traditional Continental Afrikan Woman does not waste her time trying to be a man or prove to herself and the man that she can do what a man can do and even better or she is the equal of the Man which she does not do because she knows the Afrikan Man came through her and without her, the AfrikaWoman, there would no be an AfrikaMan .

That is why to the Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWoman , she knows from living for 3 million years that it is useless, ridiculous and tragic for men to try to be women and women to be men because Man can only be a Man and a Woman a woman.

The present craze on the part of "liberated," "emancipated" Westernized women and their photocopies in "modern" Continental Afrika to be like men, do what men do, dress like men etc. can only lead to perpetual confusion, frustration, crisis, distrust, and discord between the sexes.

Simply because Life and living are more than one sex trying to compete, outclass, out do etc. the other in a perpetual war between men and women.

This explains why there is no need for competition or war between traditional Continental Afrikan men and women.

Unlike the Western world, traditional Continental AfrikaWorld teaches its children that Man and Woman were created and exist not to compete against each other in endless war and rivalry about who does what and why or who is who or who is better than who etc.

Rather, men and women exist to complement each other. They exist to support each other in peace, harmony and justice. There is no other way. One is not better or superior to the other.

It is only in the West that some men think they can enslave/ dominate and keep down their women without keeping themselves dowm.

This is so because, the Foreign world is still a fetus in the hands of her Mother Continental Afrika.

That is why in traditional Continental Afrika, men and women have learned long ago and benefited from the Afrikacentric Truth that Man and Woman exist to make each other whole, complete and fulfilled.

Hence every Man needs a Woman to be whole and vice-versa.

The illusion in the West that women, children and men can do without husbands, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, children, grandparents is the craziest and most tragic lie that has ever been uttered and diffused by any sensible people on earth.

And the more people believe and practice this destructive lie, the more disappointed and hurt they become. Because no one is an island.

Everybody, rich or poor, strong and weak needs each other to be whole and fulfilled in life.

Anything short of that is a doom and curse to those who practice and propagate this lie in the garment of truth.

A classical evidence in support of this elementary, simple but powerful truth lies in the fact that it is not by accident that Man is given a sacred tree and a Woman a sacred hole in life and for life.

The hole needs the tree to be a hole and the tree needs a hole to be a tree.

In other words, the hole is as indispensible to the tree as the tree to the hole. There will be no Man without a Woman and no Woman without a man.

This is a fact of life no matter what Foreign "science" or philosophy of life tells us today.

So for the hole to be a hole and the tree the tree, they need each other.

Hence they need to support, love, respect, and strengthen each other with the best each has.

There is peace, harmony and respect between traditional Continental Afrikan Man and Woman because each knows they exist for the other without whom there will be no Man and woman.

That is why ancient/traditional Continental Afrika does not believe in divorce/separation after marriage.

There is so much fighting and struggle between the Foreign Man and Woman today because they do not believe they exist to complement each other.

Because they see each other as separate, they do not believe any harm done to the other is harm done to all.

This explains why relation between Man and Woman in the West is so rough, so difficult and so complex because the perpetual war between sexes prevent Man and Woman from loving, trusting and supporting each other.

Because they do not know or see the reason why they must do so.

In the traditional Continental Afrika, on the other hand, traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women live in peace and harmony because they believe and trust that no matter what happens, their Man or Woman would not let them down nor sacrifice their interests for theirs alone.

My three mothers know and trust my father will be fair and just to them in the same way they are to him no matter what.

If he fails to do so, their parents, families, or the community as a whole will promptly intervene to make sure each member in the chain of life plays his/her role correctly, honestly and sincerely for the benefit of all.

Consequently, the few "modern" Continental Afrikan ladies who are busy throwing their sacred Continental Afrikan WomanHood for a "white" womanhood are doing so out of ignorance.

Colonialism has deprived them of the truth of what a true traditional Continental Afrikan Woman is and why she is the envy of every Woman on earth except her uprooted, Westernized, lost and confused women who call themselves "educated," "civilized," "modern," "developed," "liberated" and "emancipated."

But fortunately for Continental Afrika and the world, three-quarters, that is 70 to 80 percent of Women in Continental Afrika today remain still traditional Continental Afrikan - in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

This means, the majority of our women in the entire traditional Continental Afrika still think Continental Afrikan rather than European.

They dress Continental Afrikan rather than Western. They eat Continental Afrikan rather than Western.

They still believe in the virtue of initiation, and virginity as a sign of self-mastery, self-control and pride for oneself and one's family.

As traditional Continental Afrikan women, they have nothing to envy other women, especially the Foreign one.

They are proud of being Continental Afrikans in words, thoughts and deeds and see nothing inferior or superior in being the noble Mother of Mankind.

Even in the cities and capitals in Continental Afrika where the Westernization of Continental Afrikans is carefully planned and sustained by Foreign doers and their allies in Continental Afrika, it is heartening to report that not all "modern" African women are Foreign rather than Afrikan.

Apart from the few "modern" Afrikan women to take pride in being "white" rather than Afrikan, we have others who believe and know they can be today's and Continental Afrikan at the same time.

In other words, being today's does not mean being Western.

That is, the Foreign World has no monopoly on modernity.

That means, we as a people, need not dissolve ourselves into Foreign way of life in order to become modern.

All because Westernization means transforming a non-Western person in Western.

Modernization, on the other hand, simply means having access to the best life can offer us to improve our lives as Afrikans, Westerners, Oriental etc.

But hundred years of colonial brainwashing has programmed the "modern" Afrikan Woman into thinking and believing the colonial lie that modernization is the same as Westernization.

Because they believe everything "white" is superior and everything Afrikan is inferior, they think only the Foreign minds can offer the Continental AfrikaWorld today's amenities of life such as money, education, degrees, bungalows, electricity etc.

And the only way to have access to these essentials of today's life is to become "white" and do what the Foreign world tells us to do or dictates to us.

This explains why the majority of our Continental Afrikan ladies will do anything within and outside their power to be called or accepted as today's which they equate to having PhDs, well-paid jobs, fat salaries, big homes with swimming pools, colored television, expensive cars, dresses, telephones etc.

Fortunately, there are still intelligent "modern" Continental Afrikan women who believe in being Continental Afrikan and not Western.

They see whatever they acquire in today's today's world as the collective heritage and property of Humanity.

Because they know and the wonderful scientific and technological miracles we have today to make life better for all have their basis and origin in ancient/traditional Continental Afrika.

What we call today science, technology, and civilization and all their miracles originated in Continental Afrika. What the Westerners did was to

perfect ancient/traditional Continental Afrikan science/ technology and its today's miracles.

If anything, our ability to fly, communicate with other another, travel on the sea, live in comfortable homes, ride in car etc. are all the results of collective efforts that started 3 million years ago in Continental Afrika.

And as such they belong to all humanity. The West has no right to monopolize today's essential amenities of life.

It has no right to force Continental Afrikans into becoming Western

as a means of achieving then- modernization.
It is a myth that only Foreign science and technology can offer Continental Afrika cars, telephones, food, water etc.

All because before the invention of airplanes for example, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans had the knowledge and power to fly physically from one place to another using their mind power technology.

Before we started traveling on water through ships, ancient/traditional Continental Afrikans have been sailing around the world for 3 million years.

All this means, we need not pass through the West to get today's today's amenities to better our lives as Continental Afrikans.

We need not become Foreign in order to become modern. We can be today's and Continental Afrikan at the same time.

Just as Westerners use our Continental Afrikan science and technology to create, strengthen and promote who they are as Westerners, we Continental Afrikans too must use today's Western-perfected scientific and technological know-how and miracles to improve and strengthen our Continental Afrikan ways of life.

The Russians, the Japanese, the Chinese, "white" USA etc. have done and are still doing just that. Continental Afrikans can do the same too.

All because it is possible for a Japanese Woman or Man to be today's and Japanese at the same time without becoming Western.

Just as a Japanese will never accept to become Foreign in order to become modern, in the same way our Afrikan women in particular and Continental Afrikans in general can and must never accept to be Foreign in order to be modern.

For modernity has nothing to do with Westernization.

Anything short of that is a betrayal of the sacred name and principle of our Afrikan Womanhood as Humanity's First and Noble Mother, Queen, Governor, Accountant, Psychologist, Professor, Doctor, Nurse, Trainer, Counselor, Confidant, Midwife, etc.

And as long as the majority of our Continental Afrikan women remain Continental Afrikan in thoughts, words and deeds, the noble qualities and virtues for which Mother Continental Afrika/the ancient/ traditional Afrikan Woman and lady is known for 3 million years will continue to guide all Continental Afrikan women as the center and engine of the Continental Afrikan Woman plan, action and strategy that will liberate and emancipate the few uprooted, Westernized, confused, frustrated, "modern" Continental Afrikan women from the poison of confused Foreign women in search of disciple parrots for their lost cause.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *,

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