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Former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon (rtd), has endorsed the way and manner the Federal Government has handled subsidy removal crisis as well as the insecurity in the country so far.

Gowon who was cornered by State House correspondents after his visit to President Goodluck Jonathan alongside former President Sheu Shagari yesterday said, the issue of security was not one that anybody could predict its ending, adding that with determination from all to give the necessary support, the result would be positive.

The former head of state who said they were in the Presidential Villa to pay their respects since the Council of State meeting had been called off, expressed optimism that Nigeria would be able to resolve it's numerous issues just like it did the civil war without external help.

'We are here to greet the President. We were to have attended the Council of State meeting that was cancelled because of the situation in the country. The former heads of state were to have met before now and advise on the most current issues: the subsidy as well as the security problem.

'The President has resolved the subsidy issue in a correct way for things to return to normal and we are grateful and we endorse what he has done and also talk generally on things for example you saw how happy the youth corps members were yesterday (Monday) when the President announced all the good things he had for them'.

Asked his advise on how Nigeria could get out of the present logjam of crisis and insecurity he said, 'I assure you that Mr. President and his team are very much on top of it. Any security issue is not something you can virtually dictate on and say this is the way it is going to finish. But with the determination to ensure security for all and for the good of the country, all that we need to do is to give the President the support for all the actions he is taking to put the situation under control. There is need for cooperation from all the people themselves. I am sure no stone would be left unturned in getting to the bottom of the problem and resolving it.'

Asked if there was hope, Gowon replied, 'My trust and belief in this country and the goodness of all Nigerians to be able to resolve their problems themselves the way we did after fighting each other for so many years. How did we do it? Was there an equivalent of the reconciliation that we were able to achieve in Nigeria anywhere in the world in the history of the world? It is only in Nigeria that impossible in fact becomes possible.'