War in the Church, Many against TB Joshua Part 1

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Archbishop Idahosa

When you are called by God and a great anointing is bestowed on you, it becomes a source of jealousy, envy and back stabbing. Many Judases rise from within and outside your own fold to destroy and to tarnish your image. But as it is often said, what people don't understand, they call names.

It all started when Archbishop Idahosa came out strongly against Prophet T.B. Joshua to the extent of questioning his

Ayo Oritejafor
calling and pronouncing a death sentence on him by saying next year by this time he T.B. Joshua would be no more. Idahosa is known very much for his verbal vituperations and curses but this time the curse rather fell on him. He met his untimely death the year he exactly gave for T.B. Joshua to pass on. Words are powerful and people must be careful in the way they speak or talk. People should refrain at all cost in pronouncing curses on others.

Another Pentecostal big wig and leader of the PFN in Nigeria, Ayo Oritejafor was less charitable, and demanded to know, 'who tutored T.B. Joshua as a pastor in the first place'. He went on further to say, 'If T.B. Joshua can show me his pastor who pastored him before he said he was called into the ministry; if T.B. Joshua can tell me when he got converted and how he got converted, then we would consider him. Anybody who is a Christian is a Christian because he received Jesus Christ at a point'.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye
This is quite laughable, does the anointing come from tutors and role models? The anointing comes from God who gives liberally. Indeed, T.B Joshua never attended a Charismatic church pastored by the likes of Ayo, Adeboye and Idahosa but was a member of the Anglican Church where he served God faithfully and The Lord bestowed on him a mighty anointing which has become a source of envy. Thank God, T.B. Joshua was not tutored by the likes of Idahosa and Ayo. They transformed Christianity in to a commercial venture, a multi- business conglomerate with worldwide subsidiaries all with the idea of lacing their pockets with billions of naira to satisfy their insatiable demand for fame and power. To them, the poor did not matter as they believed it is nonsense to remain poor in the mist of plenty. They laid the foundation of the prosperity ministry in Nigeria. Where in the bible did Jesus talk or preach about prosperity? Jesus cared about the poor, sick and the vulnerable in society and he illustrated this by the story of the Good Samaritan.

Adeboye on the other hand had this to say, 'If he T.B. Joshua wants me to

come and minister in his church, we will sit down; we will discuss the issue of salvation the way I understand it, according to the scriptures. If we agree on that and he now wants me to come and preach the same message of salvation in his church, then I will go.”

Such balderdash! Who made Adeboye an expert on salvation? Holding a doctorate does not make you an expert on

TB Joshua.... Leading By Example...
salvation. It is now becoming increasingly clear that those who criticise T.B. Joshua do so because they feel he is not one of them, he is not up to their standard, he has not go a title (Nigerians love titles Dr. Dr. etc) and they do not know where he got his anointing from. If I were them, I would ask God where he got his anointing from. But one thing is certain, they do not hear from God. They are imposters caught up in drama, shouting on top of their voices deceiving many and siphoning monies from an unsuspecting congregation, promising them 24 hour miracles from God. These self styled pastors ride in the latest and most expensive cars on the planet. And the mega rich out of them have jet planes. Where are we heading to? Those who attend their churches do so not because of the salvation of their souls but because they want to enjoy the niceties of life and to be like their pastors.

Networking has become the order of the day among pastors all with the sole idea of associating themselves with mega rich pastors in America to be given the opportunity to preach in their churches and thereby raise monies for their lavish lifestyles. A pastor friend one day said to me 'after salvation, what else?' His answer was obvious, riches!

With such mentality, how can you advance the work of God? And they have the audacity to talk about salvation and that they are educated enough talk about such topics.

In part 2 we shall write on the ex disciple of TB Joshua and the lifstyle of TB Joshua.

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