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Do Nigerians feel the country has never had an effective leader and governance since her independence in 1960 or that there is no effective leadership currently in the nation? Are people frustrated about the apathetic and virtual non-existence of a visionary servant-leader in contemporary Nigeria? How about the leaders not understanding what leadership is and who a true leader is? Nigeria has not progressed both economically, scientifically, industrially, socially and environmentally etc., since attaining independence. Do people think this current situation of things in the country has any bearing to none presence of effective, visionary, enthusiastic and transformational leadership? How about the overall quality of life in the country – poor quality educational standards and systems, poorest quality of health and health facilities, affordable food items for the poor masses, death trap roads, overall high cost of living, and, appalling and degrading levels of cherished and acceptable norms, commercialization of bribery and corruption in both high and low places, offices and corporations and institution of higher learning, the police, the Customs, the Army etc, armed robbery, kidnappings/demands for ransom and broad day light human sacrifice of fellow Nigerian citizens? Do these anomalies and negative sub-cultural values and practices now rampant and the “accepted norm” in the country have anything to do with the absence of effective visionary servant-leader and the effective leadership to match?

Dr. Onyema Nkwocha's latest book, Effective Leadership in Nigeria - Practical Ways to Build Effective, Inspiring, Transformational and Visionary Leadership and Governance in Nigeria, explore these questions by presenting an in depth discussion on the principles, features of who a leader is, what an effective leadership is, as well as the practices inherent in a visionary, effective, enthusiastic and transformational servant-leadership. In general, effective and excellent servant-leadership of the transformational type improves, enhances and fortifies our national and statewide institutions, while guarantying the general good of all. This book, Effective Leadership in Nigeria, examines the nature of past, current, and future leadership in Nigeria with a view to help educate the general populace to understand who a leader is, what leadership is all about, and explores the many traits and inspirational attributes of visionary and effective servant-leaders. Nkwocha explores the current leadership problems confronting Nigeria dating back from her attainment of independence in October 1960 beginning with the Azikiwe administration to the current administration of President Jonathan. This book offers a way out, a road-map and a practical guide to Nigeria's current and future leaders on building an effective leadership and governance in the country. Now that this practical guide and road map to effective leadership is available to all Nigerians, no longer will the country's current and future leaders wallow in the dark alleys of leadership in the name of blindly leading the people!

Effective Leadership in Nigeria offers practical ways and guidance on how to become an effective servant-leader. It offers various insights, samples and models, ideas, and tactical tools and everyday situations for becoming an effective and successful leader. The book easily moves from discussion of principles and lessons, to practical applications in effective leadership. This book is easy to read and comprehend and is loaded with leadership styles, scenarios, principles and philosophies as applied by various ancient and modern visionary and effective leaders known throughout the world that are aimed at improving the leadership situation in Nigeria.

In a larger perspective, Effective Leadership in Nigeria is mostly based on the current apathetic and virtual lack of effective and visionary leadership situation in contemporary Nigeria and distills the golden gems: - principles, processes, procedures and practical applications inherent in effective, inspiring, visionary and enthusiastic leadership. It attempts at instituting, building and encouraging good, effective, and visionary leadership in the nation and which is currently, virtually lacking.

From the outset, the author makes it clear that this writing is not designed to model or fit any known leadership paradigm, theory or management style. Rather, based on relevant research on leadership as it impacts the Nigerian situation, the book attempts to explore what it takes for there to be an effective and good leadership to successfully lead and change Nigeria for the better. The book is written and organized in a way that reflects and captures the contemporary experiences, frustrations, psychological emotions, aspirations and hopes of every Nigerian and perhaps of promising politicians and future leaders who are honestly touched by the virtual vacuum of real and effective leadership in the country, their concerns, questions, dreams, and the expectations that have virtually gone unmet in the past more than half a century. Properly elucidating what leadership means, and differentiating it from rulership this book couldn't have come at a better time when the Nigeria is groping in darkness to assist her leadership-struggles!

A masterpiece, Dr. Nkwocha has taken the current apathetic leadership lull and almost leadership void in the nation and set the leadership principles and processes on the cutting edge. The book is a definitive guide to anyone aspiring to the leadership of the Nigerian and is therefore in search of meaningful leadership, its principles, processes and pragmatic applications. The book is a must read!

Dr. Onyema G. Nkwocha is among a select few extra ordinary Nigerians inspired by the zeal for excellence and the commitment for better quality of life for all Nigerians – the general good of all! His dedication, commitment and contribution to preserving Igbo history and directing the Nigerian future (-all unquestionable accomplishments,) have earned him the enviable accolade of being described by his peers as "a patriot, scholar and social commentator extraordinaire" of our time! Onyema Nkwocha holds a Doctoral degree in Administration, Occupational and Adult Education from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma and a Master's degree in Human Resources, Occupational and Adult Education from the same university. He is currently working on various aspects of Nigeria's governing structure needed to be put in proper perspective and place in order to ensure proper and sustained effective leadership and governance in the country.

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Dr. Onyema Nkwocha
January 2012

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