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CHARACTERISTICS OF OUR CONTAFRIKASCIENCE &TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL CONT/DIASPORA AFRIKANS , By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors * Emails: [email protected],

Since today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans have been kept Dependent on, Enslaved by and Addicted to CRUMBS FROM WESTERN CONTROLLED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY , it stands to reason that only Continental Afrikan and not Foreign-controlled Science and Technology can discover, encourage, teach and train our today's Continental/Diaspora AfrikaScience and Technology Geniuses who are presently scattered all over the continent without any support, recognition, honor and glory for them to become again, the world's First great scientific and technological Inventors, Discoverers, Designers, Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs for the benefits of their people.

Hence, only Afrikacentric and not Euro—Centric Science and Technology has the Continental Afrikan Scientific and Technological Agenda, Interest and Means to teach, motivate, and reward our presently neglected and financially impoverished Afrikan geniuses on the top secrets of designing and manufacturing their own Made-in-Continental Afrika cars, computers, radios, airplanes, ships, and TV5 the Continental AfrikaWay for use and benefit of all Continental Afrikans and the world.

In other words, our Continental AfrikaScience and Technology is Made in Continental AfrikaScience and Technology and exists to serve not Foreign but Continental Afrikan Scientific and Technological needs, wants, interests, and cause.

It is as old as the world. It is the oldest Science and Technology in the world and Mother of today's various forms or versions of Science and Technology in the world.

This means, what we erroneously call today Western or Anglo-USA, French, British, German, Japanese or Chinese Science and Technology is nothing but a version, a duplicate or photocopy of the world's first original, unique and authentic Continental AfrikaScience and Technology in Afrika as the Cradle of Humanity.

Hence, Continental AfrikaScience and Technology is not and can never be neo-colonial but Afrikacentric Science and Technology which is Continental Afrikan-created, based, oriented, directed and controlled Science and Technology.

It is Ancient in origin, Continental Afrikan in scope and traditional Afrikan in dimension.

While neo-colonial Science and Technology in today's Afrika is Foreign-money-based and controlled, Afrikacentric Science and Technology is Spirit and Inner-based, inner-directed and oriented Science and Technology.

While neo-colonial Science and Technology lives for material things, our Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaScience and Technology exists for the satisfaction of people's needs first and profit second.

This means, Continental AfrikaScience and Technology is not a

limited, partial and short-lived Western laboratory-based and oriented scientific and technological knowledge, information, theory, truth or facts.

But rather, it is total, Wholistic, and Continental Afrikan Scientific and Technological knowledge, information, truth, theories and facts that made our great Ancestral Continental Afrikan Scientists and Technocrats to consider and treat All knowledge as Science and Inner inspired, revealed and directed as Authentic, Original and Unique Continental Afrikan Brain and Mind Power Science and Technology used by our great Ancestral Continental Afrikan scientific and technological Geniuses to build for Afrika and the world, Humanity's first greatest scientific wonders called the Afrikan Pyramids in Ancient Afrikan Egypt and Central America.

Constantly in tune to this limitless inner-based and oriented Scientific and Technological Power, our great Continental Afrikan scientific Geniuses were able to leave for our eternal admiration, Great scientific and technological Wonders and Miracles whose Secrets no Western Science and Technology has been able to penetrate let alone duplicate or excel.

With this Inner-based and directed Continental Afrikan Science and Technology, we as Ancient Afrikan Egyptians or Afrikan Mayas in Central America, were able to invent, perfect, master and use the world's first Science and Technology with which we built over TWO hundred Afrikan scientific and technological Pyramids that are TEN thousand years old and still standing and the only surviving Seven Great Wonders of the World .

This means, when our great Continental Afrikan Scientists and Technocrats were giving birth to these eternal two hundred scientific and technological wonders of the Ancient and today's world, there was no Europe, no Jew, no Japan, no China and their today's Science and Technology for us to rely on or beg for assistance and which proves that is a LIE to think let alone believe that today's Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld Afrika cannot do anything ON ITS OWN WITHOUT CONSTANT/PERPETUAL HELP from the outside world and confirms the Truth that ALL THE GREAT UNSURPASSED SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL FEATS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES which we performed in the Past when we Relied on our Inner GENUISES AND POWER, we can REPEAT THEM WHEN WE BREAK FREE FROM OUR TODAY'S MENTAL CHAINS OF PREFERRING THE CRUMBS OF OTHERS TO MAKING OUR OWN CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN LOAF IN ALL SPHERES OF HUMAN ENDEAVOR .

Through their masterly and daily use of the Eternal Laws and Principles of our Inner-based Continental Afrikan Science and Technology, our great Ancestral Continental Afrikan Scientists and Technocrats were able to build over TWO hundred AfrikaPyramids that are 300ft tall with stones that weigh millions and millions of Tones.

Thanks to their Continental AfrikaMind Power, they were able to lift, arrange and fix millions of Tones of stones to a height of 300ft with all the mathematical precision required without the use of any of today's cumbersome Western building equipment or gadgets.

Our Continental Afrikan Pyramids are not only the world's First Greatest Scientific and Technological Masterpieces of the great Continental Afrikan Scientific and Technological Mind.

They also constitute the Eternal Living Evidence or Proof of our Continental Afrikan Ancestors' Total Mastery of the world's first Science and Technology born in Afrika as Authentic Continental Afrikan Science and Technology, Afrikan Physics, Afrikan Chemistry, Afrikan Astronomy, Afrikan Agriculture, Afrikan Geometry, Afrikan Geology, and the likes.

And without which none of our TWO hundred Afrikan Pyramids would have been built by our great Continental Afrikan Scientists, Technocrats, Engineers, Mathematicians, Surveyors, Architects, Physicists and Agriculturists.

This is why, they still proudly stand today on their feet for TEN thousand years without the least sign of fatigue or decay. The longest any of our today's Western Science and Technology-built monuments, houses, roads and others can last is about one hundred years after which they desperately need and cry for repairs, renovation or replacement.

But 10, 000 year old Great Immortal Continental Afrikan Science and Technology-built Monuments of Continental Afrikan Pyramids can only laugh at the menace of earthquakes, storms, billows and bad weather which can only scratch but not destroy these great Continental Afrikan scientific and technological Marvels of all times.

But because we of today's Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld and People do not know we built in the past, several greatest works of Science and Technology in the world, we allow others to uproot us from the knowledge, power and wonders of our TEN thousand year old Continental AfrikaScience and Technology and without which we are zero no matter how fast and serious we enslave ourselves to the crumbs/leftovers of Western Science and Technology.

Besides, Continental AfrikaScience and Technology is also CONTINENTAL APRIKAN SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION AND TRAINING SYSTEM , AGENDA AND STRATEGY which enabled our Ancestors to invent the world's first education, school, college, university, alphabet, paper and writing through which they became the world's first educated and literate beings on earth.

This means, when Ancient Continental Afrikans were writing and documenting their lives or history on the world's first papyrus, scrolls, rocks, caves , tombs and on the sacred Walls of our various Afrikan Pyramid Walls , Ten Million Years ago, there was nothing like Europe, no white man, no Japanese, no Chinese and any of their writings today we call the beginning and the end of writing in the world.

In addition, Continental AfrikaScience and Technology also includes Authentic Continental AfrikaReligion as a Continental Afrikan Science, and Technology and Art through which our Ancient Continental Afrikans became the inventors of the world's first religion, the world's first concept of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, inventors of the world's first religious doctrine, faith, author of the world's first Continental Afrikan Holy Bible from which today's Jewish Bible, Christian Bible and Arab Bible are derived.

This means, without Ancient Continental AfrikaReligion as a Science and Technology there will be no Jewish Religion, no Christian Religion, no Arab Religion or no Eastern Religion today in the world which we are programmed to see as the “world” or “universal” religions for today's Afrikan.

Furthermore, Continental AfrikaScience and Technology also means Continental AfrikaPolitical Science and Technology through which our Ancient Continental AfrikaPolitical Scientists were able to invent in Afrika the world's first Human Family, Clan, Community, Nation, State, Kingdom, Empire, Democracy, Leadership, Government, Law and Order, Constitution, Moral Code of Conduct, and the likes.

This means, without Continental AfrikaPolitical Science and Technology as the Mother of today's political science, there will be no French, no British, no German, no Chinese and no Japanese and other societies and nation-states as we know them today.

In the same way, our Continental AfrikaScience and Technology manifests itself to us as Continental AfrikaSocial Science and Technology that enabled our ancestors to reign supreme for seven thousand years as the world's first social scientists ever produced anywhere in the Universe.

It also enables them to teach Continental AfrikaPhilosophy to Aristotle, Plato, Afrikan Maths to Pythagoras, and others.

Likewise, our Continental AfrikaScience and Technology also includes Continental Afrikan Spirit Science, Technology, Art and Power with which our Ancient Continental Afrikan Spirit scientists have been able to perform incredible, unbelievable and humanly impossible Spirit Feats that no Western Science and Technology can dream of let alone accomplish.

They include the power or ability of our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Spirit Scientists to:

(1) invent and use Continental Afrikan mental Phones to talk to each other from any distance anywhere and anytime without the use of today's Western-made telephones,

(2) move and travel Spiritly or mentally or invisibly on ground, in the air or over water without the use of today's Western-made cars, buses, ships or airplanes,

(3) cause rain to fall in time of drought and stop it when it is too much,

(4) appear and disappear Spiritly any time and from anywhere,

(5) immunize themselves against gun bullets, cuts and blows of any kind,

6) talk and communicate with the Spirit of what mortals call Herbs, Plants, Animals, Birds, Stars, Moon, Sun, the Dead, and the Creator AFRIKAMAWU face to face for any secret they need and want and for answers to any questions bothering them , individually or collectively ,

7) heal the sick without the use of medicine,
8) live in peace and harmony in the Heaven of AFRIKAMAWU within them and in all Creation,

(9) lead naturally a Sickness free life, Stress-free life, Crime-free life, Tension-free life, Evil-free life, Poverty or lack-free Life as perfect and holy Manifestation of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU on earth.

Likewise, Continental AfrikaScience and Technology is also characterized by the world's First Continental Afrikan Economic, Financial, Monetary and Business Science and Technology that produced the world's first great Ancient Continental Afrikan Economists, Financiers, Entrepreneurs and Business Tycoons.

Through the knowledge and mastery of the power of Ancient Continental AfrikaEconomic Science and Technology, our Ancestors in Ancient Ethiopia, Nubia, Egypt, Libya, Berber, Ghana, Mali, Zimbabwe and so on, were able to equip themselves with the power to:

1) produce in Continental Afrikan Way, all the Continental Afrikan Goods and Services they need and want,

(2) provide consistent incentives and motivation to all workers to boost and guarantee their top qualitative and quantitative productivity for domestic needs first and external needs second.

As the world's first and top-class Economists, Ancient Continental Afrikans were able to trade or do business among themselves for Service first and Profit second.

Theirs was not Money or Profit-at-all-cost Society or Excessive Selfishness, Greed and Corruption based on I-Me-Myself philosophy.

Theirs was not Materialism or Things based and oriented Culture.

To them, the Continental AfrikaEconomic Empowerment, Liberation, Development and Prosperity for all Continental Afrikans means Powerful Continental AfrikaEconomic World Order without Foreign Control and Exploitation.

It also means, Food for all and not Food for the Few and Hunger, Malnutrition for the Many; Shelter for all, Good Health for all, Peace and Happiness for all and not only for the Few.

In other words, today's uprooted and fragmented Continental/Diaspora

Afrikans are no more performing any of the above Continental Afrikan Scientific and technological Miracles because we have allowed others with limited Science and Technology to uproot us from the Knowledge, Power, Glory, and Benefits of our TEN thousand year-old Great Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWorld Order, Root, Source, Personality, Identity, Nationality, Citizenship, Leadership, Democracy, Government, Language, Law and Order, Religion, Education, Ideology, Philosophy, Science and Technology, Culture and Values.

Our Continental Afrikan Political, Economic and Social Gold of Science and Technology is no more shining for our Glory and Pride because it is covered with all kinds of French Weeds, British Dirts, Arab Rugs, Japanese and Chinese Left-avers or Jewish Thrash, which we tragically call “development, progress, civilization or modernization”.

Hence, to recover, develop, master, liberate and use daily the knowledge, the technical know-how, principles, laws and Truth of our forgotten Continental AfrikaScience and Technology is to be free forever from the Genocide of today's Western controlled Science and Technology that keeps the best of the world's GOODS AND SERVICES THAT BELONG TO ALL HUMANITY TO ENJOY AND DESTROY/POISON/PARALYZE US WITH THEIR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CRUMBS AND LEFTOVERS WHICH CAN NEVER GIVE US THE MEANS WE NEED TO BE FREE FROM THEIR CONTROL AND HELL .

Through the perfection and modernization (and not Westernization) of our great and glorious Continental Afrikan Science and Technology, we shall regain our former glory and pride as the Cradle of Humanity and Mother of today's world civilizations that include today's Western, Jewish and Arab Civilizations.

That is why today's colonially created and neo-colonially controlled state prisons all over our Continental Afrika today have been deliberately created and kept alive to lack our Glorious Mighty Continental AfrikaPower, Will, Means, Courage and determination to recover let alone develop and use the enormous power and benefits of our forgotten Ancient Continental AfrikaScience and Technology in all it totality, purity, might and glory.

But with the establishment of our Future Continental Afrikan Super Power Nation-state, Government and Democracy of all Continental Afrikans by all Continental Afrikans and for all Continental Afrikans, we shall be able to endow ourselves with the might of our Continental AfrikaPower to transform today's Western machine-based and controlled world into the world's first Spirit-based-and-led world.

This, we shall achieve by making available to all, the free, safe and scientific use and benefit of our Continental AfrikaSpirit telephone, Continental AfrikaSpirit car, bus, airplane and ship, Continental AfrikaSpirit computer, Continental AfrikaSpirit radio and television, Continental AfrikaSpirit Reading and Writing, Continental AfrikaSpirit Channels, Seers, Visionaries, Diviners, Prophets and Prophetesses, High Priests and Priestesses, Afrikan Continental Spirit Medicine and Doctors, Continental Afrikan Spirit Warming, cooking and eating, Continental AfrikaSpirit Inventors, Designers, Scientists, Technocrats, Thinkers, Scholars, Discoverers, and Protectors who are bound to reduce today's Western machine led scientific and technological wonders into zero for life.

In other words, all that we are programmed to adore today as Western Science and Technology is not the beginning or the end of Science and Technology.

Today's Western let scientific and technological wonders are nothing but a drop of water in the mighty ocean of the wonders of our Continental AfrikaScience and Technology to COME .

Western Science and Technology is therefore not the end of the world. Long before today's world was born in Continental Afrika, three million years ago, Humanity lived and prospered without today's wonders of the Western Science and Technology.

As free Continental Afrikans, we invented the world's first Science and Technology and built great scientific and technological wonders without today's Western Science and Technology and we can do it again once we learn how to do so Continentally and for the benefits of all.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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