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Irate customers storm aero contractors airline in's Error longer Aero!

By Tunde Adebanji
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Customers of aero airline ,one of the prominent airlines inNIgeria had been having a hell of service failures for more than two weeks,what with delays ranging from 5 to 7hours in their scheduled flights.some customers now sleep at airports ,lagos,abuja or portharcourt on account of such delays sometimes without any comforting words or apologies from the airline..on Saturday 17 December 2011, some scores of customers having been subjected to harrowing five hours delay as at 18 00hrs and received information from the loudspeaker of the lagos mm2 airport,their flight A133 had again been shifted to 21.50 hrs couldn't bear it any longer and therefore besieged the airline desk to protest .They howled and cried on the hapless and helpless airline staff who muttered different incoherent of the aggrieved customers Mr Olu Akinola shouted "this is ERROR airline,no longer Aero.I have been delayed for 7 hrs now and we are not sure of flying to Abuja concrete reason.they first talked of weather but other airlines are flying the same time and landing, then, now they don't have planes to fly ,yet they are selling tickets.They are also not refunding your money.they said it's non refundable ,so you are stuck here with them" Another angry customer Mallam Sanusi Abdullah yelled,"where is Aviation Authority or those put in charge to protect the public.Aero has been on this for quite some time and no one is checking them. I slept at lagos airport on tuesday when the 7pm flight from Abuja was shifted to 12 midnight,!They think Na fine face then dey use run Aviation?" All the regulatory bodies FAAN,NAMA despite being aware of this problem faced by Nigerian and foreigners do nothing and pretend not to see the suffering of the flying public on account corruption and ineptitude .It was learnt that the aggrieved passengers laid siege on the airline staff at the departure lounge when it was observed that the airline staff were disappearing one after the other and they finally got the aircraft to fly at midnight arriving abuja at 1.00 am

Tunde Adebanji,Bureau for public opinion research &monitoring,Ikeja lagos,eyewitness.