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Of a truth, a leopard never changes its spots. Western leopards lived up to this aphorism at the 2011 Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Australia. At this forum, the Commonwealth's rich western powers erroneously resolved that to make the organisation relevant in the future, gay marriage should be legalized by all member states.

Late October 2011, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, followed up this error by vowing that UK aid pipeline will be shut to nations that don't respect gay rights.

Promptly, some incensed African nations called off his bluff. Uganda accused him of a 'bullying mentality,' declaring, that 'if they must take their money, so be it.'

President John Atta Mills noted that Ghana's 'societal norms' varied from the UK's and swore that 'I, as President, will never initiate or support any attempt to legalize homosexuality in Ghana.' His government, he assured, would not compromise morals for money. An angry Nigerian Senate passed a bill that stipulated 14-year jail term for partners in same-sex marriage whether contracted in Nigeria or overseas.

The bill also provided for a ten-year jail term for all owners and patrons of gay clubs, societies, churches and media channels. The UK is not alone in this onslaught against poor African governments; liberal minded Canadian and United States democratic administrations have similar punitive policy directed at economically hapless, helpless African and Third World countries.

Last month, Diaspora Nigerian homosexuals funded, fooled, fast-tracked and ferried by western NGOs {New Gods Overseas} tried to bully the Nigerian Senate into legalizing homosexuality. But the venture was dead before arrival as the Upper House led by its President, David Mark, rubbished and decried the inglorious habit.

Must poor African governments be forced to swallow immoral, ungodly, culturally offensive, religiously intolerant lifestyles like prostitution and homosexuality? Will Africans allow themselves to be forced to domesticate abortion on demand even to minors, bestiality, pornography, euthanasia, child molestation, compulsory use of sex toys, sex with the dead, unabashed nudity, ban on overt Christianity, marriage between humans and inanimate objects like dolls that are next on the agenda of western governments?

In the 1970s and early 1980s, Western governments, media houses and intelligence agencies wrongly lampooned African governments as largely composed of homosexuals. Today, in a revolting neoliberal cash-for-gay-support terrorism, African governments have on their necks Eurodollar bullets to make the continent, save South Africa, a homosexual haven or elseā€¦.. Does it amount to homophobia if homosexuality is not legalized but gays enjoy the same fundamental human rights as other citizens? Does gun running, armed robbery, hard drugs, euthanasia, cannibalism, copy rights infringement carry human rights in the west generally?

Does it amount to denial of fundamental human rights to those disposed to these ways of life?

The government of Lady Margaret Thatcher loudly derided the revered Nelson Mandela and denounced his African National Congress, ANC. The Madiba, the Iron Lady swore, was degenerate and threatened that 'that terrorist organisation called the ANC will never rule South Africa.' The then American President Ronald Reagan, her conservative soul-mate pursued a similar objective.

Now, for correctly forgiving his apartheid tormentors and wrongly legalizing homosexuality, Mandela's former westerner traducers have deified him. Post-Madiba South Africa will reveal this to be the only and last mistake of the world's most worthy and exemplary statesman. This is good news for smart Nigerians who will now declare themselves gays, cry persecution and apply for asylum! Some Nigerian churches dependent on overseas finances also preach heresy.

This is my way out of the homosexuality logjam. Daily, hundreds of migrant Africans, especially prostitutes are repatriated as 'illegals' from the West, sometimes with just the shirts on their backs. I suggest that the West should open its embassies and high commissions to millions {as their unverified claims allege} of willing African homosexuals to go to a tolerant haven in the West that their gay propaganda portrays. My head wants Africa's homosexual 'illegals' deported to the West, but my heart wants them to receive, here in Africa, the engrafted word of God, which is able to save them!

The word of God says that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin, homosexuality inclusive, is a reproach to any people - PROV. 14:34. The wicked men of Sodom and Gomorrah suffered blindness, brimstone and destruction for their homosexuality - GEN. 19:1-25. God still condemns homosexuality - 1 COR. 5:9, 11, 6:9. All are advised to flee from it - 1 COR. 6:18. It is not a thing to be found in the body of Christ - 1 COR. 6:13. Homosexuals exchange the truth of God with the lie of the devil - ROM. 1:25.