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HELL'S FOURTH FAILURE TO CONQUER THE HEAVEN OF CONTINENTAL AFRIKA, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Children of Mother Continental Afrika, after living in Peace and Harmony as Spirit in tune to their Creator AFRIKAMAWU for countless million seasons, decide to become Ancient Continental AFRIKANS in ETOPII, NUBIA and NALA Kingdoms and Empires.

2. For two million seasons they people the universe in Continental Afrika as ETHIOPIANS.

3. Then, they become NUBIANS for a half a million seasons.

4. Then, ten thousand seasons ago, they assume the title of EDZITO People of EDZITOLAND, KINGDOM and EMPIRE of Continental Afrika.

5. From EDZITOLAND, they move up to settle in North Afrika as SAHARA PEOPLE OR Children of Upper Continental Afrika.

6. From there, they move to finally settle in West Afrika while some of them stay behind their Original Continental Afrikan Settlements starting from Central Afrika to South Afrika, back to East Afrika to the North and back to the Western Afrika.

7. In this way, for three million seasons, Children of MAMAAFRIKA Lived, Prospered and Blossomed in Peace and Harmony as ETOPII, NUBI and EDZITO Land, Kingdoms and Empires because there were no Children of ENYEKO to envy them for their Wealth.

8. By the time the Eternal Power and Glory of Children of MAMAAFRIKA reaches its world's Supreme Zenith as Sacred Children of EDZITO, Children of ENYEKO are born ready to move back in their great numbers, heavily equipped and armed to the teeth to subdue them once and for all.

9. As they cross one mountain to another, one ocean to another, they once again remember their previous bitter defeats in the hands of children of MAMAAFRIKA in their New World, hence they vow this time to have them in their pockets no matter what.

10. But this time too, instead of MAMAAFRIKA meeting or presenting herself to them as Forest People or Mountain People or Water People, children of Enyeko are surprised to come upon Continental Afrika as the world's first biggest, vastest and glamorous PIDAMI-DU or LAND ever seen by them.

11. As they move toward this Shining PIDAMIDU of Continental Afrika, Children of ENYEKO are greeted by the world's first heaviest, mightiest, tallest and biggest Pyramids ever conceived, built and maintained for countless thousand seasons by Sacred and Divine Continental Afrikan Science and Technology.

12. Surprised to note that their highest sky-scrappers of their new world are nothing but a drop of water in the ocean of these wonderful eternal Continental Afrikan Pyramids, they try to move nearer and nearer to them but soon find out that they cannot move further no matter how hard they try.

13. All of a sudden, the Leader of the Universal Spirit of the Pyramids in front of them, begins to talk to them one by one.

14. They are told all the eighty-eight Pyramids in front of them are Continental Afrikan Spirit of AFRIKAMAWU in manifestation.

15. Each comes to life at different periods and occasions of the People of EDZITO.

16. They are all spiritual creations of the Chief High Priestess of the entire EDZITO Empire.

17. Each serves as a Meditation Temple for different families.

18. The eighty-eight Continental Afrikan Pyramids before them represent the Main and Nucleus Family Heads of the children of Mother Continental Afrika.

19. Instead of communicating directly with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them as their Sacred Continental Afrikan Saints have done for many countless million seasons, children of MAMAAFRIKA begin to give birth to Sacred and Spiritual Pyramids one after the another for their individual and collective Spiritual Empowerment and Practices.

20. And the more they keep these Pyramids sacred and out of reach to the non-initiated, the more powerful they remain for use and benefit of all children of Mother Continental Afrika.

21. As they listen to all the secret information about the Pyramids, children of ENYEKO discover that they cannot go any further.

22. They see they are walking alright but they can't move.

23. As they try to reach the Sacred Pyramid land in front of them, they know their feet or bodies are getting weaker and weaker to take them to the promised Kingdom of CONTINENTAL AFRIKA PIDAMIDU.

24. Tired and exhausted, they stop worrying themselves.

25. Some clean the sweat that rains down their faces and bodies. Some drink water. Some eat while others try to remove their wet clothes.

26. As they are busy taking care of themselves and Wondering what to do next, they see fire coming from the tops of the eighty-eight Pyramids that stand majestically before them like Kings and Queens of the world.

27. And then, to their surprise, they begin to see that all the Pyramids start moving from one place to another as if talking or greeting each other.

28. MAMA EDZIZE, the biggest, the vastest, the largest and weightiest of all the Pyramids is as tall as the Sky, large as the Earth and vast as the Ocean. The stones that constitute her Sacred Walls are as big as Continental Afrika herself.

29. As they admire these world's first mighty and majestic buildings, they see Children of AFRIKAMAWU coming out one by one from the Pyramids, all dressed in pure white from heads to toes. They greet and pass each other in total silence and reverence.

30. Amidst drumming, singing and dancing appears their FIAGA, the Supreme Paramount King and Queen of the Universe carried shoulder-high by their People alongside their Chief High Priest and Priestess, followed by their Council of Chiefs, Council of Elders and People.

31. They move out amidst drumming, singing and dancing. As the People here and there sing to the praises of their Leaders, more and more Citizens of the Pyramid Empire rush to join the crowd as they move kingly and queenly from one Pyramid to another starting with MAMA EDZIZE reserved for the needs of their Supreme Paramount FIAGA and Queen of the Universe in Continental Afrikan Empire and Kingdom with their Supreme High Priest and Priestess.

32. At the entrance of each Pyramid, the procession stops for a Continental Afrikan Libation or Sacred Communion to be made between the Living and AFRIKAMAWU through Continental Afrikan Saints and the Holy Afrikan Spirit within them.

33. As they move from one Pyramid to another, they continue their merry-making with food, drink and a lot of drumming, dancing and singing.

34. Throughout their jubilation, children of Enyeko can notice from afar the division of the land of EDZITO KINGDOM and EMPIRE into two main parts by their sacred River NALA from the Central and Southern parts of continental Afrika.

35. Thanks to NALA, children of MAMAAFRIKA are daily blessed with the world's first vastest, biggest and largest fertile land ever existed anywhere in the world with the best natural yield of Food, Crops, Trees, Plants, Forests, Animals, Birds and Fruits of all kinds, sizes, colours, shapes and weights for the enjoyment of children of Mother Continental Afrika.

36. All over the Land, each well-kept and neatly decorated Home with beautiful flower gardens and clean compounds, displays mountains of harvested granaries that belong to all Members of each Family for their individual and collective use and benefits.

37. Above them, Father Sun is always there to keep fatherly eyes on their safety and happiness.

38. In the night, Father Sun becomes Mother Moon for her also to give birth to all kinds of Star Beings to keep her company for the enjoyment of all Creation.

39. As long as children of NALA or EDZITO Empire stay constantly in tune to their Divinity and Spirity, Total Peace, Riches, Prosperity, Wealth, Harmony, Perfection, Holiness, Happiness and Fulfillment are their BIRTHRIGHT to have and enjoy for life.

40. After their spiritual rounds of all their Spiritual Pyramid Temples, children of MAMAAFRIKA move to the Market Place or the Centre of the Empire.

41. As they get nearer and nearer to their Meeting Place, they notice seated in an orderly manner their brothers and sisters led by their Kings, Queens, Priests, Priestesses and well-wishers from other parts of the Continental Afrikan Land.

42. They are here from Northern, Central, Southern and WESTERN Afrikan Kingdoms to discuss with their relatives of the East, crucial matters affecting the Future Well-being of the Continental Afrikan Race.

43. As they arrive, the FIAGA of the Empire of EDZITO is lowered on the ground with his Queen while the music increases with Praise-songs in honour of the Empire, Leaders and their brave and selfless deeds in honour and glory of their People.

44. After which, the Fiaga or the Paramount King and his Queen go to meet their visiting Kings and Queens and retinue after which they warmly embrace and greet each other.

45. Then, they go back to rejoin their Sacred Continental Afrikan Throne while their visiting Kings and Queens, in their turn, rise up to greet their host King and Queen and People.

46. Libation is then poured by the Supreme High Priestess of the Empire followed by spiritual dances by each of the eighty-eight Family Chiefs in honour of their Supreme Leaders and their Divine Creator AFRIKAMAWU and for her persistent blessings to them.

47. Then, the visitors are asked the reason for their visit by the FIAGA'S TSIAMI or Spokesman on behalf of the FIAGA after thanking them for taking the trouble to visit them which to them is a sign of love and care for them.

48. The TSIAMI for the visitors and on behalf of his Leaders and People, thanks the FIAGA and his Queen and People for the warm hospitality accorded them as follows: “Our brother Fiaga and sister FIANYORNUGA and People, on behalf of our FIATORWO and FIANORWO and people, I thank you for receiving us with such an honour and dignity befitting us as children of Mother Continental Afrika.

49. We are here to warn you of the danger of alien vultures who never cease to hover around our holy Land of Continental Afrika looking for the least opening or opportunity to jump on us for their benefits.

50. We are aware that through your daily Divine Attunement to your Spirit and Divine Source of AFRIKAMAWU, you always receive the Divine Warning from within us all to stay away from organized contamination and uprootment from ENYEKO forces that are envious of our Continental Afrikan Paradise and her Untold Wealth they want for their use and benefits.

51. As you can see further down, their emissaries are there waiting to come in anytime they get the chance.

52. Thanks to our daily Spiritual Attunement to our Divine Source of AFRIKAMAWU within us, the entire Sacred Land of our Continental Afrikan Kingdoms, Empires and Paradise is spiritually sealed and protected against any unwanted penetration by any negative forces in the world.

53. That is why, children of Enyeko are not able to reach us let alone conquer, control and exploit us up till now.

54. Just as they are all driven out of our Central and Southern Afrikan kingdoms because we always stay in tune to the Power of our Divinity and Spirity, in the same way, they must be kept away from reaching you here in the East because you too always stay in tune to your Creator AFRIKAMAWU for her never-failing Protection and Blessings.

55. But this protection against external and internal invasion and contamination of the Holy and Sacred Bosom of MAMAAFRIKA can only continue to benefit all of us if we all continue to prefer our Light to the darkness of children of Snow.

56. But of late, our Priests and Priestesses begin to see and notice a general relaxation indifference or resignation on the part of some of us in the observance and application of the Divine, Spiritual and Cosmic Principles that govern our lives.

57. More and more of us are beginning to listen to the negative rather than the Positive Voice within us.

58. More and more are dreaming of the far away Kingdom or Paradise of Enyeko out of Continental Afrika.

59. Instead of concentrating on making bigger and more prosperous their Continental Afrikan Kingdoms and Empires within them, many of us are gradually allowing ourselves to be cut away from the Source of our Divinity and Spirity of AFRIKAMAWU by constantly thinking and dreaming of material kingdoms outside them.

60. And yet for countless seasons, we follow the Divine and Spiritual Road to Total Perfection, Holiness, Peace, Harmony, Security, Happiness and Fulfillment.

61. To leave this Noble and Royal Road for the negative ones is to have ourselves swallowed by and in their hell of Perpetual sin, imperfection, crime, cheating, corruption, fear, anxiety, worry, dishonesty, lies, sickness and pre-mature death.

62. As your Earthly Source, Mother and Father from whom you spring to the East, to become the world's first Supreme Glory and Wonder that you are today, we want to advise you to always live in tune to our present Continental Afrikan Heaven we know and avoid at all cost the temptation and the illusion of Living in tune to the hell of materialism we do not know but which is constantly knocking at our door.

63. To do otherwise, is to prefer hell to Heaven, servitude to Freedom, imperfection to Perfection, partial and fleeting happiness, success and fulfillment to Total and Permanent Happiness, Success and Fulfillment, surviving to Living, restlessness to Peace of Mind and Harmony, uprootment to Positive Attunement and negativity to Positivity.

64. I trust that we will all allow the Divine Voice of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU within us help and guide us to make the right and correct Choice and decision as we always do as Sacred, Holy and Perfect Spirit and Divine Children of our Divine and Spirit Mother Continental Afrika. (He is greeted warmly with a big applause by the crowd.)

65. As he sits down, a lady who introduces herself as a friend of Enyeko children says,: Whether we like it or not, it is time to be human and it is no crime or sin to be human.

66. We are tired of being sinless!
67. We are tired of being eternally safe and protected in Heaven!

68. We are tired of being told to do only good and avoid evil.

69. If it is alright to be Perfect, it should be Perfectly normal or alright for us to be imperfect too.

70. Day and night, Good and bad, Heaven and hell, Perfection and imperfection and so on are All One and same thing. (Few of the crowd applauds her as she utters what many consider as “hellish words” AND AFTER WHICH SHE SITS DOWN, AT THE DEAD SILENCE THAT GREETS HER.

71. “Nobody is saying do this or that, whether we are told or reminded or not by the SACRED and DIVINE Voice within us all or by any of our Elders, we always choose consciously or unconsciously what we think, say or do which are all like planting Positive or negative seedlings for Positive or negative results that follow as Reward or punishment, Heaven or hell, Happiness or sorrow”, another speaker adds to the open debate while their leaders keep quiet and listen.

72. “My life is my life and it is my right to do as I please; to receive anybody I want, bad or good”, says another Speaker

73. “But you are not an Island. You are part and parcel of the Whole. Anything you do, say or think, whether Positive or negative, affects not only you but everybody”, says another Speaker to the last Speaker and to which she replies:

74. “I agree with you. But the Creator of our Inner Kingdom should be able to defend her children against negative forces of evil, sin, crime, sickness, fear, worry, anxiety, unhappiness and what have you.

75. If our Supreme Omnipotent Creator AFRIKAMAWU cannot do that for us, then nobody should blame the few weak individuals like us who fail to do what a whole Supreme Being or her Earthly Representatives cannot do for the safety and security of her Creation

76. In this way, one speaker after another continues to speak for or against the issue of whether or not to let in their returning brothers and sisters of ENYEKO.

77. More and more remind themselves that Children of Enyeko are still their brothers and sisters as distant and lost Continental Afrikans.

78. Their coming back to Continental Afrika for their lost but found Continental Afrikan Mother AND PARADISE WHICH THEY CANNOT GET ELSEWHERE is no crime but should be seen as an act of repentance and desperation.

79. To others, to close their doors at them will mean their death.

80. To open for them their Holy Doors too will mean death to them as Children of Mother Continental Afrika.

81. As the debate has no yes or no answer and since no one present can force children of MAMAAFRIKA to exercise their Divine Right to choose or reject ENYEKO children, the meeting is adjourned by the FIAGA and his People after thanking them through his TSIAMI.

82. But as each leaves for home, all know sooner or later, Continental Afrika is about to be cunningly robbed of her three hundred million season old Spirit-based and directed Way of Life and Being and three million season old of Human Beingness by desperate children of ENYEKO.

83. All of a sudden, some of the children of Mother Continental Afrika, led by their new male Rebel Leader ETIMI, are seen opening Gates after Gates to children of Enyeko who are too happy to shower on them all kinds of gifts.

84. They are seen being taken home to Continental Afrika one by one while the visitors dance, kiss and embrace each other as they vanish into different parts of the Continent for the first time as conquerors of the long coveted Continental Afrikan Land and Wealth.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 71, 1-84 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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