By NBF News

Managing Director of Technology Distribution,( West Africa's largest Information Technology distribution firm )Mrs. Chioma Ekeh, has expressed  commitment towards driving digital revolution in the sub-region.

She expressed the resolve at the end of the 2011 year programme organized at the company's headquarters in Lagos at the weekend to reward its varying partners and the staff for their contribution to the growth of the company in the course of the year.

Ekeh said TD has positioned itself as an IT distribution company of choice with the mandate of facilitating the acquisition of digital tools by individuals and businesses with a view to making them more efficient and effective in their daily engagements.

'We are committed to diving digital revolution in West Africa. As the leader in IT distribution in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa countries, our mandate is to ensure that everybody has access to IT tools in order to make them IT-compliant in the current knowledge economy driven by ICT,' she said.

Speaking on the company's business operations in 2011, Ekeh said the company expanded its product portfolio with latest and affordable IT products, deepened digital acquisition through different marketing efforts and partnership with local and foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

She also expressed hope that 2012 would be another year for TD to consolidate on its already achievement till data which has positioned it as the company controlling 75 per cent of the total IT distribution in the West Africa.

'We know that 2012 is going to be a promising and wonderful year as TD continues to be a distribution of choice to deliver its mandate and that mandate is to drive ICT revolution and the spirit of Africanism in the sub-region. And with our dedicated and quality staff and reliable partners, we are cock sure that next tear would be another year of growth for the company,' she said.

While speaking on the significance of the award ceremony, the TD boss, said, 'This is the eleventh of this annual award ceremony for our clients and staff since we started operation in Nigeria. The event is a major milestone in the life of TD. We have different ways of adding value our partners and I goes go beyond buying and selling. We believe that partnership should be part of the revolution, which is our mandate of ICT revolution in the country.'

She said the occasion provides the opportunity for TD and its partners to come together in relaxed atmosphere to celebrate each others after having dedicated the whole of the year to running businesses aimed at impacting in the lives of the people digitally.

'We are the pioneer distributor in this region. We are the heart of what has happened in ICT landscape in this region. We are ensuring that ICTs, be it in the form of IT solutions or in the form of basic laptops, are accessible to people in Nigeria and at an affordable prices.'

Ekeh explained that what TD 's operation goes beyond bringing the product as we also ensure that we give users of the convenience of payment so that the mandate of bringing IT solution to everybody is achieved.

'Beyond having the best product from the local and international OEMs, we also have different banquettes of services such as support services, payment services and often time pre-sales. We have almost promoted efficiency in what we do and how we deliver services to our customers with our Enterprise Resource Planner, which is the backbone of what we do and with that backbone, we are now able to unleash other IT services,' she said.

On the online purchase and payment scheme, Ekeh said, as a forward-looking firm, TD had put in place an online payment option for its customers even before the plan by the government to introduce a cashless economy in Nigeria.

'We had come up with an online purchase initiative for our IT products with a robust payment platform even before the announcement of the much talked about cashless economy to be introduced by the Central bank of Nigeria.

'Through the online payment platform, we are telling our customers that we can save them the time and cost of coming to our office to buy the product. With online purchase, you can see the products available; select the ones you want to order and pay online. We have the credibility and confidence to manage an online system in this country. It is not just in ordering but also in payment. So, we are working with the international switching agency to ensure that this is maximally achieved.'

The occasion was attended by different levels of TD's partners such as the Platinum, Royal and Value partners as well as TD's OEMs such as HP, Samsung, Cisco, APC, EPSON, Microsoft, Dell, Zinox among others with some of them carting award various TD awards of recognition for 2011.

On the partner level, Westgate Technologies Limited won Best Performer  Award in terms of revenue , Data Flex carted award TD Top Performer award in terms of growth; Epano Ventures received TD Most Loyal Partner award while TD Most Behaved Partner award was won by Tobest Computers.