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SACRED AFRIKAORACLE WARNING AGAINST AYEVU OR DOING BUSINESS WITH AYEVU OF THE SNOW WORLD, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. To Holy Children of Mother Afrika, living in total Peace and Harmony with themselves and the rest of Creation in the Blessed Holy Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, the Sacred Continental Afrikan Oracle Voice of AFRIKAMAWU within them, never ceases to remind them to beware of desperate and envious CHILDREN OF ENYEKO who are moving Heaven and Earth to flock back to conquer and punish them from the land of the cursed, the land of the desperate, the land of the snow, the land of the greedy and the land of the selfish.

2. Avoid them from heads to toes as messengers of greed, desperation, selfishness and aggression.

3. Ceaselessly they will knock at the Sacred Door of your Continental Afrikan Heaven of AFRIKAMAWU calling themselves explorers and discoverers of all your untold continental Afrikan wealth they can find and lay their hands on for their Kings and Queens who sent them.

4. They will be sent to spy on you and on all your weaknesses and strengths to enable them conquer you for your Wealth they desperately need, want and envy you for.

5. They are ready to sacrifice their lives, money, time and expertise on reaching your Holy Continental Afrikan Shores they call the Heaven of limitless Abundance and Freedom.

6. Many of them will die on the way to your Wealth they will soon call their own if you let them in.

7. But the more they die, the more determined they will be to penetrate your Holy Continental Afrikan Bosom with the poison of their greed.

8. To many of these explorers, discoverers and spies of selfishness, they have nothing to lose if they die or fail but have everything to gain if they succeed in opening up your Continental Afrika's virgin Treasures for their organized rapes and lootings.

9. But the more you live in tune to me your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, the more you will guarantee yourselves total Protection and Immunity against their poisoned gifts.

10. They will come to you as the naked offering you clothes they do not have.

11. While you open them your Doors of your Hospitality, giving them the best of your Food, the best of your Drink and the best of your World as your Continental Afrikan Custom rightly demands and expects of you, the more they will be busy mapping out your Land and Wealth for their future conquest and control.

12. While you naively show them all the Treasures of your Land, World and Home, they will secretly record all they see for their future looting of your Treasures with your active support and collaboration.

13. While you give them with pride the Best of your World to help them, they will secretly dream of ways and means of robbing you of your ablest Brains and Hands to work not for you but for them elsewhere.

14. While you graciously allow them twenty-four hour access to your most beautiful children, they will be plotting on how best to sell them for their profit.

15. They will come in the name of progress that is no progress.

16. They will promise you heaven they do not know or have.

17. They will give you poisoned gifts they call civilization or progress.

18. They are neither STUDENTS, EXPLORERS nor DISCOVERERS but AYEVU or “CUNNING DOGS” which you MUST AVOID and BEWARE OF no matter what.

19. They are masters of logic but ignorant of their Spirity and Divinity.

20. They are Flesh-based-and-oriented people rather than Spirit-based.

21. They will promise you your own Sun that they do not have and envy you for.

22. They will pretend they are students for you to initiate them into the Secrets of your Mysteries.

23. They will flock back to Continental Afrika, not because you are hell but the Heaven they desperately need and miss in their perpetual hell.

24. They will leave their Land or World for yours because they want to escape from their hell to your Heaven.

25. That is why, they will do everything within their power to present to you their hell as your heaven to accept and die for and your Heaven as your hell to hate, reject and break away from.

26. By perpetually keeping you totally or partially ignorant of your Heaven, they will ensure their perpetual control of your Wealth and Riches they cannot do without.

27. Through false reports of distorted information and half-baked truths, their false explorers and greedy discoverers will give false picture of your Continental Afrika to their home Governments for a justified conquest and organized looting of the Wealth of your Motherland in the name of false civilization.

28. My Sacred Continental Afrikan Children, Beware of human wolves who are bent on flocking back to you in different forms, shapes, colours and weights to soil the Sacred Soil and Land of your Holy Mother Continental Afrika.

29. No matter the good intention of some of them, messengers of greed and selfishness in Continental Afrika they are and can only be your curse rather than your blessing.

30. For, without their explorers and the likes risking it all to venture into Continental Afrika and showing the way to Continental Afrika's untold Wealth, foreign control and looting of Mother Continental Afrika's Treasures will still be unheard of.

31. To shake hands with foreign explorers in any part of your Holy and Sacred Land of Continental Afrika is to shake hands with death.

32. To open to them your Doors is to end up sleeping sooner or later with perpetual servitude, rape and looting.

33. To stay away from them is to live forever in Peace, Harmony and Dignity with yourselves and others.

34. So, the more children of MAMAAFRIKA tune themselves to their daily Divine Inner Oracle Advice within them, the more they remain conscious, united, strong, and invincible against outside forces which desperately try to conquer them for their untold Wealth.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 56, 1-34 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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