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THE WORLD'S FIRST HELL FOUR OUTSIDE AFRIKAPARADISE , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Under the able leadership of ENYEKOE'S sister ENYEKOSI as the most elderly of all children of ENYEKO and as the New Undisputable Ruler or Paramount Queen of the remnants of CHILDREN OF MOTHER ENYEKO, they set out with whatever food, water, clothes, shoes, light and material possessions they can carry with them from their collapsed paradise of Enyekoeland in search of a new Promised land they intend calling DUDUDU or DUDUKO in honour of their New Leader ENYEKOSI for her courage and foresight in saving them from death.

2. Soon, they discover the longest river that stretches from East to West with the biggest volume of water ever seen by the surviving CHILDREN OF ENYEKO.

3. Without consulting the Creator of the River and her Guiding Spirit ETSISE, ENYEKOSI and her brothers and sisters proclaim themselves the sole owners and controllers of this Mighty River they call MADUMAKU.

4. But as Spirit turned into the physical the uninitiated call a River, MAMA ETSISE now called MADUMAKU, knows, no awakened mortals in their right senses can make the fatal mistake of owning let alone controlling her.

5. But to the surviving CHILDREN OF ENYEKO, to claim and tame River MADUMAKU for their sole interests and benefits is an act of civilization, progress, development and prosperity.

6. It does not matter whether it is done and achieved in Cooperation and Harmony with the Universal Divine Laws and Principles that govern the lives of all Creation including MADUMAKU they are bent on claiming for themselves.

7. Far from learning the lesson of their past failures that no mortal can own any part of the Universe or Creation that belongs to all Creation to enjoy, all they are interested in right now is how fast, how quick and how permanent they can take over and enjoy for life the beautiful and virgin River that lies so innocently before them.

8. Most of them do not even remember where they originally came from.

9. They are not even interested in discovering the fact that they were all once members of one Continental Afrikan Family and Nation living in Peace and Harmony with themselves and their Creator AFRIKAMAWU and the Entire Universe.

10. The Few among them who remember their Continental Afrikan Link, Root, Heritage and Connection can only keep silent over it or distort the Truth as a way of saving their skin or profiting from the ignorance of their fellow men and women.

11. In the same way, most of them still do not remember why they fail in Enyekoland and ENYEKOELAND.

12. In fact, most of them are not interested in their past.

13. All they need and want now is how to deal with the present hell in which they find themselves.

14. Whether they are now in hell because of their rejection of their Original Heaven in the Holy Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, or not, hell is hell and it must be dealt with now and not yesterday. Not tomorrow. But now, Today.

15. So, to CHILDREN OF ENYEKO, what matters is now, today and not yesterday or tomorrow.

16. As long as they are concerned, going back to their Past for the answer to their present hell is a waste of time, energy and expertise that should be invested on ending with their present hell.

17. Likewise, to them, looking up or outside themselves for the solution to their present hell is like expecting water from stone.

18. All because, they consider Nature or the Supreme Being as hostile to them and is bent on depriving them of their right to make and live in the paradise or heaven of their own choice and making.

19. Hence, they too see no need to be kind, gentle, co-operative, harmonious, considerate, generous and protective vis-à-vis all the hellish and negative forces that perpetually rain torrents of fire on them in their harsh and wicked world.

20. Consequently, to the CHILDREN OF ENYEKO, to be harsh, selfish, greedy with their I-ME-MYSELF mentality, perspective and philosophy in and of life is to be wise and successful in their world of limited limitations and lack.

21. Armed with all the above limited reasoning that takes the effect for the cause, CHILDREN OF ENYEKO feel justified in settling along the fertile banks of their new-found Gold Treasure-River MADUMAKU.

22. Like her former Leaders, ENYEKO and ENYEKOE who ruled before her, ENYEKOSI proclaims herself the sole owner, controller and beneficiary of all the wealth of DUDUDU or DUDUKO in both name and reality.

23. She will not tolerate any of her brothers and sisters to challenge her authority and word which is law to be obeyed by all no matter what.

24. She makes and unmakes all the strong in the land by rewarding her yes-master faithful with power and privileges and ruthlessly punishing all her opponents.

25. In this way, all her brothers and sisters are organized to work the land, build houses, irrigate the land, fish, make clothes, shoes, build and maintain roads, streets, manufacture cars, air-planes, guns, and so on which are marketed for the sole benefits of ENYEKOSI and her elder son she calls DUDUKO.

26. Each working team is led by Dukoko's personal representative whose mission is to ensure that the people under him work, work and work all the times, day and night.

27. As long as they are productive, they are given the crumbs or left-overs of the loaves they make with their sweat and blood for their leader ENYEKOSI and her Favorite Son DUDUKO and his elite.

28. All the aged, the weak and the sick have little or no place in the kingdom of DUDUKO.

29. One is important to the DUDUKO system only when one is productive.

30. All the people considered unproductive are thrown away like a thorn or worn out shirt which one does no more need.

31. But as time goes on, their river-based paradise begins to smell hell.

32. Their over-cultivation of the land begins to affect the health of the land.

33. Their eternal desire to have and accumulate all kinds of crops as a guarantee against future food insecurity, food shortage or famine, makes them to work to squeeze the land to death.

34. Hence, all over the land, they plant crops of all kinds.

35. As soon as one is harvested, another one is planted.

36. The more they harvest crops here and there, the more they are bent on planting more.

37. And the more their compounds are packed full with tons and tons of rice, millet, corn, yams, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits of all kinds, sizes, weights and colours, the more secured they feel and become.

38. They know they cannot eat all the food they produce.

39. They know most of the food they produce can only get rotten and wasted.

40. But their in-built fear, worry and anxiety for what might happen to them tomorrow in their harsh unpredictable weather, make them think and behave only from the stand point of survival all the times.

41. Even though up till now, no snow is yet to disturb them, the thought of it scares a lot of their leaders to death.

42. They know sooner or later, the hell of endless snow can visit them again to destroy all they toil for.

43. From experience, they know that any snow that falls on them continuously for six months or more is enough a bomb to paralyze and destroy all of their present paradise and make mockery of their present scientific and technological feats, miracles and material prosperity.

44. That is why, every time, winter approaches them, they harden their minds, spirits and bodies against all thought of another Endless Devil Snow making another mockery and “table rase” of their latest civilization and wealth.

45. Hence, the more food and material possessions they are able to accumulate, the more secured they feel inside themselves that no matter how long the snow falls on them, they will always survive it.

46. This explains why their first-class weapons, roads, streets, cars, air- planes, telephone systems, fridges, televisions, radios, pipe-borne water, factories, schools, clinics, hospitals, suits, ties, shoes and so on, are all designed, perfected, manufactured and marketed with the greatest sense of urgency, mission and professionalism as their unfailing and indispensable bomb and insurance against any hell from their unpredictable weather which they never trust nor love as a friend.

47. So, the urgency and necessity of inventing and discovering all their present snow-proof basic and advanced infrastructure for the survival of their race by ENYEKO children, are done not because they are more intelligent than any other lives on Earth.

48. CHILDREN OF ENYEKO manage to endow themselves with basic and advanced infrastructure and snow-proof amenities of life because they know without them they will simply die or be wiped off from the Earth by their hellish weather conditions.

49. While other lives elsewhere can exist and do without guns, police, army, money, prisons, cars, telephones, televisions, radios, suits, ties, cement-blocks and so on, Children of ENYEKO cannot exist a day without their snow-proof civilization and technology.

50. Without what the few of them are forced by circumstances and necessity to discover, invent and create scientifically and technologically to ensure their collective survival in what they consider a hostile world, there will be no miracles to boast about.

51. But, the more they produce all kinds of crops to insure their future, the more they wear out the Land.

52. In their eagerness to produce, produce and produce as their insurance against their often bad and unpredictable weather, the more they forget that the Land too is a being with her own Cosmic Laws that govern her Physical and Spiritual Existence and Productivity on Earth.

53. By continuously forcing the Land to produce for them without giving her the time to recuperate before her next pregnancy and delivery, the entire Land of DUDUKO is forced spiritually not to yield any more anything to CHILDREN OF ENYEKO until they respect her and her Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect of Sowing and Reaping.

54. But instead of getting the message of why their Land is no more yielding anything to them as before, one of MANU's children offers them all kinds of fertilizers or manures which their Farmers begin eagerly to use to force Mother Earth to yield them anything they want whether she likes it or not.

55. This means, from the Spiritual point of view, which does not exist to most of them, ceaselessly injecting manure or fertilizer into the physically tired and exhausted body of Mother Earth for more yield that she does not normally need or want to produce is suicide.

56. But to ENYEKO children, their human invention and application of fertilizer or manure to a land they consider hostile, barren, poor, dangerous, uncooperative and infertile for refusing to give them food they need to survive, is progress and without which they believe they will all die.

57. In the same way, to solve their problem of over-production and over-abundance of food they do not need or want or which they cannot eat, NUFANU'S children offer them fridges of all sizes as well as preservatives to store and preserve their food against any prolonged future weather disturbances.

58. With their new-found ability to store and preserve any quantity of food they need and want, they know, snow or no snow, they will always have food to eat no matter what.

59. And yet, in spite of all this assurance and their daily victory over the barren land and the rottenness of their food, CHILDREN OF ENYEKO still continue to produce, produce and produce more than what they need and want as a way of constantly reminding and assuring themselves that their present material abundance and surplus in life will always come to their aid in time of endless weather break-down or emergency they all fear so much and hold themselves in readiness to overcome before it overcomes them as "a people”.

60. In this way, they can only succeed in exhausting deeper and deeper their land with the eternal greed and selfishness of their I-ME-Myself philosophy in life.

61. In the same way, they also deplete their river of all the fish she contains, young and old, small and big.

62. With their big fishing nets, they leave no stone unturned to empty their River of all she contains.

63. But because most of them do not know they are part and parcel of the River, their few fishing experts can only pride themselves in carrying out with a lot of zeal and eagerness the exploitation of the River they call development, progress and prosperity.

64. But before they are aware, their River too begins to get dry.

65. With no inhabitants to keep her inside world clean, warm, active and useful for the benefits of all Creation, their River MADUMAKU dies a natural death to the surprise and shock of most CHILDREN OF ENYEKO.

66. The few among them who caution against their principles of I-ME-MYSELF mentality, perspective and ways of life are driven out of their land, killed, imprisoned or simply ignored as crazy people.

67. With the deaths of their Land and River and all the wealth they boast of, ENYEKO children once again know their end is fast approaching.

68. And at the very moment they are busy trying to put their heads together to deal with their hellish condition and situation, lo and behold, their much-feared and much talked-about snow is here again.

69. At first, most of them hope she is going to last only for a few days or few months without causing any serious damage to their existence.

70. But as the months and seasons go by without their snow stopping, they all get the message that their end is again born for their death.

71. Seized with fear and panic, the fittest of them find their way out with whatever food and amenities they are capable of taking along with them and leaving behind their fellow brothers and sisters who are too old, too sick or too weak to make it with them in search of their next Promised land.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 51, 1-71 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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