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1. To Sacred Children of MAMAAFRIKA in the Holy Garden of AFRIKAMAWU in the world's first Divine Universe in Continental Afrika, it is not true that Human Beings are sinful by nature. It is not true that human Perfection is not possible here on Earth.

2. All because, it is a sin or a crime of ignorance for anyone to continue preaching the lie of genocide that Perfection or Holiness is only possible in heaven (above in the sky) and not on Earth.

3. To think, say or suggest so is to insult your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, who in her infinite Wisdom and Perfection creates all Forms of Life not in the imperfect or sinful image of sin, crime or devil but in the Holy and Perfect Image of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU as the Divine Expression, Manifestation, Projection or Handicraft of AFRIKAMAWU, the Universal Creator of all Creation.

4. Just as Light can only beget Light and not darkness, the Holy Creator AFRIKAMAWU as Perfection can only give birth to Perfection and not imperfection.

5. For, to live in the Light is to be free from the horrors and terrors of the Dark.

6. In the same way, the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, as Holiness and Perfection incarnated as Spirit, Human, Plant, Animal, Fish, Bird or Stone Beings cannot be imperfect, sinful or criminal in any way.

7. To think Perfection is possible only in the “sky” and not on Earth is to display a gross ignorance of what and who the Creator AFRIKAMAWU is and what, Heaven, hell and Perfection are in the first place.

8. That is why, Sacred AFRIKAMAWU Children, do not only know it is within their inner Power, Means, Right, Duty and Responsibility to choose to be Perfect or imperfect, Holy or unholy, Sinless or sinful, Crimeless or criminal, Positive or negative.

9. They also know and practise constantly the Secret Divine Continental Afrikan Truth that Perfection through and with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven on Earth is possible, feasible, a must and the only Way of Life and Being for the Positive Results it offers and guarantees them.

10. So, to them, to be Perfect in thoughts, words and deeds is to be Holy in all they do, say or think because Holiness or Perfection is one.

11. To be Holy is to be Perfect and to be Perfect is to be Holy.

12. This means, Holiness or Perfection is a Positive Way of Life and Being of a Positive Way of Thought, Word and Deed that is free from all forms of negativity of evil, crime or sin.

13. Perfection or Holiness is therefore a Sacred Divine Continental Afrikan Science, Technology and Art that is taught and which springs from within each Being, Life or Creation for acceptance or rejection.

14. Hence, to have and enjoy Perfection is to constantly live in tune to Perfection.

15. To have and enjoy Perfection is to learn to constantly sow the seedling of Perfection through the Perfect or Positive Words, Deeds and Thoughts you daily sow, nurse, water and harvest for your Blessing or curse.

16. Holiness or Perfection is therefore yours to have anytime, anywhere and for any length of time.

17. The more Perfection or Holiness you have, the more you enjoy the Sweetness of the Fruits of Holiness or Perfection within you and in all Creation.

18. In other words, you are not Perfect or Holy because you are human beings but you are Perfect or Holy because you decide or choose to be so as a Spirit-Based Human Beings.

19. The Creator AFRIKAMAWU has given all lives, including yours, the Power and the Right to choose to be in Heaven or Hell and to be Perfect or imperfect in life as you choose consciously or unconsciously in Life.

20. The reason why ninety-nine per cent of today's Human Beings are imperfect instead of Perfect, sinful instead of Holy, criminal instead of Crime-free, evil instead of Evil-free is not because it is impossible by nature for them to he Perfect in Heaven on Earth.

21. But it is simply because they do not know they have the Inner Divine Means to be Happy in Perfection in Heaven on Earth, rather than to be unhappy in imperfection in hell on Earth.

22. Consequently, being Perfect or Holy in life is not only having the Divine State of Mind but it is also a Divine Right.

23. By constantly living in tune to the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you as Total Holiness and Perfection, you get the Power to express naturally the Inner Holiness and Perfection you deserve and are entitled to by Right.

24. By living constantly in tune to your Inner Perfection, you give birth to Perfection within and outside you.

25. Your Inner Perfection or Holiness manifests herself automatically as outward or physical Perfection.

26. In the same way, by constantly living in tune to the Creator AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven within you which is also all Perfection, you acquire the Power to give birth to more Perfection.

27. If Perfection or Holiness is possible only in Heaven which we now know is Everywhere AFRIKAMAWU is, dwells and resides including your Earth, it means, to perpetually live in Heaven within you is to automatically achieve Perfection or Holiness in your Words, Thoughts and Deeds.

28. Since Heaven is within you and you know Perfection or Holiness can only be found in Heaven within you, it means, all you need to do to have and express the Heaven as the Perfection or Holiness of AFRIKAMAWU in manifestation on Earth and here after, is to know she is there and that she is yours by Right and for your Divine Claim in Divine Affirmation.

29. Until and unless you know, accept and practise this Divine Continental Afrikan Truth that both Heaven as Perfection is always within your means and reach, you shall always continue to live without Heaven and her Heavenly Fruits.

30. The greater number of today's people live in total darkness of negativity, imperfection, sin, crime and evil, not because they are imperfect by nature but because they do not know they have in their Inner Holy of Holiness within them, Divine Inner Eternal Electric Light that patiently awaits being turned on by them for their daily enjoyment.

31. Heaven or hell, Good or bad is like an Electric Light Button.

32. Anytime you turn it on, you have Positive Power, that is, Heaven or Perfection for your enjoyment.

33. Anytime you turn it off, you lament in darkness of ignorance fearing this or that which you call hell or imperfection.

34. In the same way, living perpetually in tune to Goodness within you, gives you all the Positive Power you need to become and stay Good, Perfect or Holy in Heaven within you.

35. Just as staying in tune to Heaven within you gives you the Divine Power to be Holy or Perfect in life, in the same way, living constantly in tune to Perfection or Holiness or simply Goodness within you makes you automatically and naturally Perfect or Holy in life.

36. All because, Goodness is Heaven, Goodness is Perfection and Goodness is above all Total Goodness of the very Good and Excellence of your Life and Being.

37. So, to have Perfection or Holiness is to have Goodness.

38. To have Goodness is to have the Fruits of Goodness of Kindness, Love, Sharing, Honesty, Sincerity, Knowledge, Wealth, Wisdom, Peace of Mind, Understanding, Prosperity, Justice, Harmony, Bliss, Dignity, Cooperation, Security, Unity, Togetherness, Support, Respect, Faith, Trust, Happiness and Fulfillment.

39. That is why, all the Children of MAMAAFRIKA conclude that it is better and more fruitful for them to be Holy or Perfect in Heaven on Earth than survive desperately in mediocrity in Hell on Earth as pitiful children of self-ignorance.

40. And as long as they stay in tune to the Source, the Heaven and the Perfection of AFRIKAMAWU within them, they guarantee themselves the Divine Right to be Holy or Perfect like their Creator AFRIKAMAWU no matter where and when.

41. As Perfect Creation of the Perfect Creator AFRIKAMAWU, they know they can never be imperfect Beings or Creation or Life in hell they need not choose or can avoid.

42. As the world's first Perfect or Holy Beings on Earth, Children of MAMAAFRIKA know it is simply their Birthright to be Perfect or Holy in Heaven on Earth.

43. The constant Perfection or Holiness of other Forms of Life or Creation such as the Earth, the Sky, the Air, Water, Trees, Birds, Animals, Herbs, Stones, and so on, is a constant Reminder and Encouragement to Sacred AFRIKAMAWU Children to constantly stick to their Positive Choice of Perfection in Heaven on Earth no matter what others may say or think.

44. All because, all know from within them that the Perfection or Holiness of each Form of Life or Creation begins from where her imperfection ends.

45. To say No to imperfection is to have Perfection all the days of your Life.

46. To reject evil is to have Holiness as your Eternal Faithful Companion for Life.

47. Your Heaven or hell, your Perfection or imperfection begins here with you to accept or reject as your Blessing or a curse in Life.

48. The road to imperfection is as easy to choose or follow as the Road to Perfection.

49. It is easier and more profitable to you to choose and walk daily the Glorious Path of Perfection, Holiness or Heaven here and after, than to prefer the risky and dangerous roads to imperfection, evil, crime, sin, and hell which you have the right to avoid, reject, and be free from once you know how to choose and enjoy all the time, the Blessed Inner Path to Perfection, Holiness, Love, Justice, Freedom, Righteousness, Peace, Harmony, Honesty, Sincerity, and Generosity of Total Heaven of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 34, 1-49 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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