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Our arguments should not be for the beauty of argument but for the exigency at hand.

Does fuel subsidy really exist? Who are the true beneficiaries of the fuel subsidy?

Some of us would have us trust the government. In their arguments, we should not deny the government of the day the chance to succeed because successive governments and even the present one have failed in the past doesn't rule out the workability of a workable policy, such as the fuel subsidy removal and the re-introduction of toll-gates on our roads.

Looking at their submission critically, you may be tempted to see reasons with them. But this is not just about logics, for if it is, every point canvassed about the removal and otherwise of the fuel subsidy is logical and in its right, deserving of its merit.

Trusting someone does not change the person's record. Integrity, antecedent, pedigree are important in governance. When a government lacks these in its positive sense, then you know they deserve no trust from the people. Governance is not a child's play. And it is not the exclusive right of a select few. We have competent Nigerians that can navigate the ship called Nigeria through the stormy waters. Our people say “na from the smell of mess them dey know how the shit go smell”. When you say as a leader, that you would not change your policies in spite of whatever criticism; when you respond to the bombing of the UN building, saying our case is not an isolated one; when you allow the killing of innocent citizens whom you swore on oath to protect, without a decisive action from you; when you leave the Eagle Square, where other successive governments have celebrated our Independence Day, which is our national pride and go to Aso Rock (Government House) because of a threat from a group called Boko Haram; the list goes on and on. Do you expect sane minded people to trust you?

The government of Jonathan has proven it has absolutely nothing to offer the common man on the streets. It has shown it is readily available and willing to satisfy the greed of the godfathers and satanmothers. Though I do not blame Jonathan for being faithful to the pact he had with the power brokers. That makes him a man of his word, his first word, of course.

If you remove fuel subsidy, re-importation of petroleum products would thrive better than it is now. The cabal in that sector would maximize their profit without recourse to the plight of the man on the street.

Those comparing the oil sector to telecommunication sector should not forget that Nigerians can afford to live without telecommunications, but not without oil. And that the do-or-die politics of today is not a product of telecommunication but of oil. It is total absurdity to compare telecommunication to oil. We know that if the price of oil increases it would amount to the increase in the price of all other goods and services, but it would not change the basic salary of the workers. At this point, you can use your tongue to count your teeth.

(Fuel subsidy would be removed, but the timing is wrong. That in itself is a reflection of the gross incompetence of this government.)

God bless Nigeria and Nigerians!
John Miles Wanogho

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