1. The world's first Idea, Concept and Practice of various Human Families deciding to put their resources together as Members of one Nation or bigger Family originate in the Sacred Garden of MAMAAFRIKA by Children of AFRIKAMAWU known as the world's first Human Beings on Earth.

2. Like a Tree with many different branches, Children of MAMAAFRIKA realize the Universal Divine Continental Afrikan Truth that: United they Stand but Divided they Fall.

3. And because they see no need to allow themselves to fall rather than Stand Together as Members of One Great and Greater Continental Afrikan National Family, they decide to constitute their various Family Units into a Bigger Family Unit they call the world's first Spirit-created and Spirit-directed Families of Nation with a Spirit of her own to discover, understand and work with for the greater good of all who constitute her.

4. Hence, Children of MAMAAFRIKA learn to accept the Sacred Challenge and Mission of Nation-Building with all the seriousness it deserves.

5. By invoking and living daily in tune to the Spirit of the world's first Super Power Nation of Love they plan to create, they know the Various Elements they need to constitute both the Foundation and the Walls of their New Nation for her to last for Life are Self-Knowledge, Honesty, Justice, Love, Sincerity, Co-operation, Tolerance, Sharing and Accountability between the leaders and the led as Members of One Team, all playing their roles as best they can.

6. This means, to Children of Mama CONTINAFRIKA, a “Nation” born or built on blood, exploitation, theft, robbery, cheating, lies, dishonesty, corruption and selfishness is not a nation but a band of armed-robbers and looters of what belongs to all.

7. In other words, for their world's first Spirit-based Nation to be viable and beneficial to them all, Children of MAMAAFRIKA discover that only they and not any foreign power or being outside their AFRIKAMAWU can endow them with their own created Continental Afrikan Super Power Nation which they need and are entitled to by Divine Right.

8. Their Right as Human Beings to live and prosper under their own Nation instead of someone's else, are therefore, guaranteed, protected and defended against any external or internal negative force that might seek to destroy or replace their Nation.

9. Every Life needs her own Space or Environment to grow and prosper.

10. The Forest Nation or World for all Forest Beings is not only a must but capital for the survival of the Forest.

11. The Lion Nation or World for all Lions exists as their collective means of satisfying their Lion needs in Life as Lions.

12. Whether we talk of the Nation of Fish, Nation of Birds, Nation of Trees, Nation of Crops, Nation of Herbs or Animals, each is as important as the Nation of any Human Groups on Earth.

13. So, to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, their Spirit-based Human Nation is a Nation because she is based on their common Ancient Continental Afrikan Language they call KA.

14. To have their Nation or Homeland, all agree to unite to build and protect for her and their benefits.

15. Without a common Continental Afrikan Language of their own that binds them into One Strong Continental Afrikan National Family and Base, they know their KA-Nation will have no People or Base, Foundation or Life to support her for their benefits.

16. Just as the car engine needs oil to run, in the same way, their KA-Nation needs her own Universal Continental Afrikan Language to move her to the shores of Sacred Continental Afrikan Rebirth, Awakening, Unity, Co-operation and Peace.

17. Just as no Elephant can build a nest better than a bird to live in and vice versa, nobody else except Continental Afrikans can and must build for themselves their own Continental Afrikan Nation to serve their collective interests as Awakened Continental Afrikans for Life in Dignity, Freedom, Justice and Love for all.

18. Consequently, Children of MAMAAFRIKA believe, for their Divine KA-Nation to grow and prosper, she also needs the Land of her own to flourish on as she chooses and pleases.

19. Talking about a “Nation” within foreign-drawn and controlled boundaries with alien political, economic and social systems to suffocate her to death, is like building a beautiful Mansion or Castle on a beach.

20. Hence, Children of MAMAAFRIKA see it fit to own and control collectively their Divine Land for their mutual benefits. By collectively determining the boundaries of their Land upon which is built their KA-Nation, they know their Spirit-based Continental Afrikan National Identity, Citizenship, Nationality, Independence, Sovereignty, Security and General Welfare are guaranteed and protected for Life. Just as Feet without Land are no feet, in the same way, a Nation without Land Base, is no Nation but a prison-state to avoid at all cost.

21. By perpetually living in tune to the Spirit of their new Continental Afrikan Nation in Afrika, Children of MAMAAFRIKA know their KA-Nation is created to serve their individual and collective needs.

22. Their KA-Nation is therefore not the property of the few by the few and for the few but a collective political, economic and social TOOL, MEANS and INSTRUMENT of all the People of Continental Afrika by all the People of Continental Afrika and for all the People of Continental Afrika.

23. Far from seeing their KA-Nation as the means for the few to exploit, cheat, lie and keep powerless, needy and dependent the many on the few, Children of MAMAAFRIKA consider their KA-Nation as the collective will of the many to solve collectively all their daily problems in Peace and Harmony, set themselves free from any form of one-man civilian or military dictatorship, ensure their collective right to be Continental Afrikans in thoughts, words and deeds and to guarantee for themselves and their children and their children's children, the world's first Humane, Divine and Perfect Society in which there is no need or place for any seedling of negativity, crime, sin, imperfection, fear, worry, anxiety, suffering, sickness or death to grow let alone flourish for their doom.

24. As long as the Holy Spirit of their KA-Nation lives perpetually in tune to AFRIKAMAWU, the Positive Source of her Being for her Citizens too to stay in tune to, neither KADU or KANATION nor her Nationals have anything to fear from their contamination or death.

25. In this way, thanks to the Solid Sacred and Spiritual Foundation given to the KADU by her Creators, the Spirit of the world's first Nation manifesting herself as Continental Afrikan Super Power Nation-State, Kingdom and Empire that lasts for over three million seasons in Ancient terms and ten thousand seasons in modern terms Children of AFRIKAMAWU succeed in paying Eternal Tribute to the Ingenuity of the Continental Afrikan Mind when she is free to express her Creativity for the good and benefits of all.

26. The world's first Human Being who first penetrates the mysteries of Nation-Building and through whom all the Children of MAMAAFRIKA see the need to come together to build for themselves a bigger and more powerful Families of KA-Nation is called KADU.

27. Thanks to his daily Attunement to the Spirit of their KA-Nation or KADU, KADU the Mother of the Nation is able to guide and lead her children from one KA-Nation to another.

28. Hence, to live in tune to KADU is therefore to have the Divine Key for the Rebirth of another KADU on Earth in Sacred Continental Afrika.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 23, 1-28 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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