I’ve always been called silky skin - Rita Dominic

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Rita is one actress who has not stopped to amaze us with her steady rise up the success ladder.

She explains a few things to STELLA DIMOKO-KORKUS and explains that she has her parents to thank for her bright skin.enjoy the interview and show some love !..lol

-What have you been up to lately Rita?

....Long time Stella, It has been quite a while. I feel like you've grown up with Nollywood. I am still doing what I do best, Acting.

- Do you want to tell us about your face of nokia deal and for how long it runs?....

Well, I'm a proud ambassador for the stylish new Nokia N97 phone. Contractually, I cannot discuss the specifics of the deal but I am happy to be associated with a company like Nokia. I'm humbled that they would find me worthy of promoting such a technical sound and user friendly product like the N97.

-You have become a household name rita,one actress that is certainly here to stay, how does this make you feel?

..That's a very nice compliment.I really don't know how I feel because I don't dwell or think about it like that.I think it would be extemely vain of me to just sit and think of myself as being a household name. I am still an actor trying to make a name and to get better at my craft.

-Do you think you have paid your dues as an actress?

...I believe I have,and I still continue to pay my dues.I am in my eleventh year in Nollywood,but I keep working hard to prove to the people that I deserve to be here. It has not been an easy road but God has been extremely kind to me and I sing his praises all the time.

-People refer to you as a very nice actress,is this a correct assessment of your person?

..If you say so.I can't be the one to answer that question.The problem is that when you are in the public eye,you meet thousands of people and answer thousands of telephone calls, and each person expects you to be perfect every time. One thing is that I try my best to be courteous and respectful to people but I will also defend myself when someone wants to be disrespectful to me.

- As a glo ambassador raking in millions and as one of the A-list actresses,has the money changed your lifestyle in anyway?

.. From your mouth to God's ears with respect to the millions you are calling. I am just comfortable with my life and I thank God for good health.That's all I can say.

- I like the movie 'reloaded'. how easy was it shooting with other divas like stephanie okereke, ini edo, uche jumbo et al.

..It was a fun and quite interesting set.Stephanie had finished filming her bit before I came on set and we only got to work together during the dance scene. But I did have fun with Uche Jombo and Ini Edo, a smile comes to my face even as I think of it. Girls Cot set is the one that was explosive but I guess that's a story for another day. This our industry is filled with very interesting people and I learn everyday. I am no longer the naive person I was years ago, believing that everybody was good and truthful.

-What has been your most challenging movie to date as an actress.

....It's always challenging to play characters that are not you so I say all my movies are challenging in their own way. Just recently, I had to play a woman whose child was stolen during a robbery in movie'be not afraid'. I worked myself into such a frenzy that I actually started choking on set. That movie was hard. There are many others but we don't have time to talk about all of them.

-How busy is your schedule and how do you find time to relax.

...The past year has been hectic. In addition to adding endorsements duties to my calendar, I am also co-writing a book about my journey in life so far.However, no matter what,I always get time on my calendar to take it easy.This year, I have taken 4 weeks for my vacation so I am happy
-What is the secret of your bright skin?

...Bright skin? (Laughs) Stella, I've always been called silky skin and you even used to call me that.I thank my parents for my skin.I've been using the same cream for about five years now. Two years ago,I added a few things to my beauty regiment,and that is exercise,going to the spa more frequently to detox,steam,get body scrubs and massages. What people don't realize and I used to think like that too is that exercise is very good not only for your body but for your skin as well. I drink about 13 glasses of water a day and I stay away from the sun when I can.

-Are you involved in any humanitarian project?

...Every official trip i make now, I always add a humanitarian side to it as a way of giving back to the society. Running an NGO is not an easy thing to do so I am glad to identify good Ngos to help with their programs especially those that involve children.

-Any special message for your fans?

..Thank you from the depths of my heart for supporting my career. I am not a perfect person so sometimes I may falter. When I do, I hope my fans will stand by me through the hard times . I love them all. My fans

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